Astro Empires So You’re Occupied, Now What?

Astro Empires So You’re Occupied, Now What? by maiden

before you start thinking its pointless and there is no way i can get out of it, so i might aswell quit

simple strategy guide to follow, when your bases are occupied.

trick is to make your enemy lose more money then they can make from you.

first. more money you have they more your opponent will pilage. always keep it low. if you have more money than you can spend. start building stuff that takes a long time then cancel when money is needed.

bring command centers to lvl10 on all planets under occupation.

start building fighters untill all small ships are destroyed. with command centers you will kill more then you lose.

once you get to the point when your occupier is down to Heavy cruisers.

start building heavy bombers. 10 HB will take out 1 HC. once you have 10/20/30 HBs, build 1 fighter 1 bomber. you will do more damage since a turn is lost for your enemy while they kill a single figthter and bomber.

use the same method for all of your large production units.

use 24 hour time frames. calculate how many units you need to make so they come in 24hour period. if you on alot you can cut that down.

if you see recyclers come to your bases, cancel your production. start building fighters 5 at a time. and start attacking, they will go down easy.

best defence is to have all your bases near each other. i preffer having everything in a single grid.

durring occupation your production/cunstruction/research time doubles
so you ll have money left over while you killing small ships. so make sure you have it spend building something. once you have enough money saved up in construction cancel your constructions and start researching.

research even if takes twice aslong will benefit you way after your enemy leaves.

when you see an attack coming move your fleet out. your 30k fleet is much better at dealing with occupation few days after your planets are taken over. your attacker will move on with the rest of their fleet leaving only a minimal occupation force. usualy around 10-15k. your 30k fleet will have no problem cleanning that up, speacialy if you command centers around lvl10

last thing to remember, your enemy will eventualy leave, if you make it clear to them that occupying your bases just makes them lose money.

if they offer you a deal. think about it. dont go crazy giving them 1 week occupations and trade routes, at that point they want to get out of this occupation as much as you do. so give them a deal of your own!

anyways thats all i can think of

give it a try for a week before you remove your AE bookmark, once your used to it you ll have the times down and it will become a 2nd nature.

all my tips are taken from my own under occupation times

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  1. zena says:

    what if all 6 of your bases are occupied and you only have 4040 fleet left? everyone occupying me is at least 5 levels higher than me and i only have heavy cruisers. but close to fleet carriers and battleships

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