Seal Online Blue Eye Dungeon Guide

Seal Online Blue Eye Dungeon Guide by Summers

Hello Guys!We are sure you are all excited to explore the new addition to our beloved game, and this is the Blue Eye Dungeon!This party dungeon is for high levels where champions can hunt for new exotic, and unique items. The level requirement for this dungeon is 200+. Battle the evil vampire, Jikael and obtain the secrets of the Blue Eye!Here is the step by step guide to help you on your new adventure!! Have FUN!!

[How to enter Blue Eye]
1. Found Blue Eye
2. Wounded Man
3. Tiphareth’s Crest
4. Enter Blue Eye

NPC: Fortress of Blue Eye
Condition: Flag: [Searching for Samael] (Flag number : 417)
Explanation:Located south of Southern Poibus.
Rewards:Flag [Found Blue Eye] Obtained (Flag Number: 771)

II. Wounded Man
NPC: Wounded Man
Condition: Flag: [Blue Eye] (Flag Number: 771)
Explanation: Found wounded man who wears a Balie uniform. Looks shabby, must have escaped from somewhere. He told me that he is looking for Tiphareth.
Rewards: Item [Wounded Man] (Item Number: 13013)

III. Tiphareth’s Crest]
NPC: Sabin
Condition: Flag: [Blue Eye] (Flag Number: 771)
Item: [Wounded] (Item Number : 13013)
Explanation: After receiving the mail, let’s visit Sabin. You will meet Sabin who is anxious. Afterwards, tell her about the wounded man and Blue Eye. Sabin will send you to Tiphareth. Tiphareth will let you into the Fortress of Blue Eye.
Rewards: Flag [Tiphareth’s Crest] Obtained (Flag Number: 772)


[1st Floor Basement]
1. Basement level 1
2. Heap of Stones / Pick piece of rock
3. Room of Ohm
4. Unstable Ohm
5. Entrance of level 2

I.Heap of Stones
Explanation: Heap of stones that was blocking the path. Upon trying to destroy the stones to get through, an elf appears and teleports people to the other side.
Rewards:Flag [Heap of Stones] Obtained (Flag Number: 773)

II.Piece of Rock Obtained
NPC: Boss Balie (Monster : 4 units)
Explanation: While hunting in the basement of level 1, you will face a Boss Balie. Sometimes, Boss gives you pieces of rock, so let’s keep two pieces of rock.
Rewards: Item [Piece of rock1] Obtained (Item Number: 130011)
Item [Piece of rock2] Obtained (Item Number: 130012)

III.Unstable Ohm
NPC:Room of Ohm
Condition: Item [Piece of rock1] (Item Number : 130011)
Item [Piece of rock2] (Item Number : 130012)
Explanation: After passing the heap of stones, the room of Ohm can be found. However, the door is destroyed; only 2 holes can be found. After placing a piece of rock into each hole, the seal disappeared and the door is opened.
Rewards:Flag [Room of Ohm] Obtained (Flag Number: 774)

IV: Heap of Stones
NPC: Unstable Ohm (Monster) Coordinate
Explanation: If you enter the room of Ohm, Unstable Ohm is there. After defeating Ohm, you’re able to enter the 2nd floor of basement.
Rewards: Flag [Kill the Unstable Ohm] Obtained (Flag Number: 775)


[2nd Floor Basement]
1. Enter 2nd floor
2. Suspicious Balie
3. Balie member in well
4. Tarantaros
5. Entrance of 3nd floor

I.Suspicious Baile
NPC: Suspicious Balie
Explanation:Inside the 2nd floor, there is a well. There is a Balie carrying water, but when approached the Balie is shocked and said that he is not Balie but is actually a human. He says to enter the well if you want to know more.
Rewards:Flag [Talk with well Balie] Obtained (Flag Number: 779)

II.Member of Balie Church in well
NPC:Inside the well
Condition:Flag [Talk with Well Balie] (Flag Number: 779)
Explanation: Inside the well, there is clear water which leads outside. In this area, there are some people. Among these people, the one named Seraph explains his miserable situation and requests to have Tarantaros destroyed. Upon acceptance, he will provide transport to Tarantaros’ Nest through a secret passage.
Rewards:Flag [Enter the room of Tarantaros] Obtained (Flag Number: 780)

III. Tarantaros
Condition: Flag [Talk with Well Balie] (Flag Number: 779)
Explanation: With Seraph’s guidance, enter Tarantaros’ nest and defeat Tarantaros to access the 3rd floor. Seraph has disappeared without a trace from his prior location if checked Be able to enter 3th floor.
Rewards:Flag [Kill Tarantaros] Obtained (Flag Number: 777)

[3rd Floor Basement]
1. Enter 3nd floor
2. Stone wall of prophecy
3. Temple of Jikael

I.Stone Wall of Prophecy
NPC: Stone wall of prophecy Coordinate
Explanation: After cross the board road on 3th floor, we approach a green lighted stone wall. While reading prophecy, members of followed after us, Duran and Arus appeared. Let’s go inside room of Jikael with Duran and Arus.
Rewards:Flag [Read stone wall] Obtained (Flag Number: 778)

II.Temple of Jikael
NPC: Temple of Jikael
Explanation: When approaching the door, a voice can be heard. The voice introduces himself as the representative of Jikael, seems like he is waiting. Enter the door where the voice is from. After defeating the representative, Jikael appears. When Jikael is almost defeated, Seraph’s group appears and takes the soul of Jikael to their land.
Rewards:Flag [Enter Temple of Jikael] Obtained (Flag Number: 782)
Flag [Kill Jikael] Obtained (Flag Number: 781)

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