Prison Tale Magician Guide

Prison Tale Magician Guide by Finnhitz

1. Spending your stat points

2. Magician’s skills

3. Different Builds
3.1 Stat builds
3.1.1 Normal “Pure” Mage
3.1.2 Blaze Shield Mage
3.1.3 Higher Shield Mage
3.1.4 Real Pure mage
3.2 Skill builds
3.2.1 Builds before Tier 4
3.2.2 Damage build
3.2.3 Tanking build
3.3 Low vs. high Diastrophism

4. Leveling and gear
4.1 Leveling areas
4.2 Magician’s gear
4.3 Orb vs. Shield
4.4 Wand vs. Staff
4.5 To raise agility or not?
4.6 Spirit vs Health

5. Playing a mage

1. Spending your stat points

Strenght: You don’t need any strenght until level 70 if you stick with wands and orbs only. Unless you want to be a shield mage or use staffs aswell, then you’re gonna need some. I’ll explain this later on different builds. Anyhow, never invest more than minimum needed for your gear!

Spirit: It’s magician’s strenght. A lot is needed for wands/staffs and robes and even more should be added to gain more damage and larger mana pool. Invest as much as possible for higher damage and quicker leveling. Spirit should be divideable by 8 because of skill damage formulas (dmg formulas are XX(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) – YY(+Wp/4+max Wand AP) ).

Talent: Needed to wear robes and wield weapons. Otherwise it’s almost useless, again: never invest more than minimum needed for your gear!

Agility: Required for wearing boots, gloves and armlets. Most mages leave this alone until very high lvl tn you can get much more abs and def from 8x equipment. I suggest leaving it alone and pump some health instead for survival.

Health: You’re gonna need a fair bit of this. Adds stamina and hp. You need both to use skills and especially health for tanking and making mana by agony. Invest all extra points here, if you feel weak in the field, invest more.

2. Magician’s skills

Tier 1: Magician

Agony: The mage’s way to replenish mana. Consumes hp to create mp. May sound idiotic, but hp pots can be bought cheap from a shop while mana is much more expensive. Should be leveled slowly according to your hp, mp and build.

Fire Bolt: Your first offensive skill. You can use it before you get the fireball skill, but don’t add points to it. Useless after gaining fireball at level 17.

Zenith: Makes you more resistant to magic. But the skill itself is almost useless, I suggest not putting any points to it.

Fire Ball: Your first AOE (Area Of Effect) skill. That means you’re going to hit all enemies where the ball explodes. Train the speed to 100% and cast away on large mobs, low lvl monsters will fall quickly. Use it as your main spell until you get Watornado at level 26.

Tier 2: Wizard

Mental Mastery: Increases mana reserve. Not very useful on lower levels when you don’t have much mana yet, because it adds mana in percents depending on your amount of maximum mp. However, later when you have 1000+ mp, every 3% more per MM LV adds up nicely and is useful when your Energy Shield and Agony are draining mana fast.

Watornado: Magician’s new main spell at level 26. Does more damage than Fireball and should be leveled as high as possible before you move on to Tier 3.

Enchant Weapon: Does a neat looking effect on your or your friend’s weapon. That’s pretty much it.

Death Ray: A new spell with nice effect, but hits only one enemy. Perhaps the best damage on 1on1 and it does poison damage which hits some enemies (like headcutters) more. Usually kept at LV 1, but trained to 100% speed. Useful on Tier 4 rank up quest Skillmaster battle even on LV 1.

Tier 3: Royal Wizard

Energy Shield: Keeping mages alive. Converts certain percent of damage taken from hp to mp. Result: you lose mana, but save health. Do not level too much or it will consume all your mana in battle. However, when using Diastrophism, you have to go close combat with monsters, you’re going to need this skill to tank. Last 2 LVs add only 1% more to the skill, so it might be wise to leave it at 7 or 8.

Diastrophism: Mage’s main tool of destruction. Creates an earthquake around you and stopping the enemies attacking you for a moment and makes nice damage. Has slow delay, especially on higher levels. LV 10 has 4 seconds delay, but more power and wider range. LV1 is fast so monsters are hitting you less as the get hit , but it has less damage. LV 5 is an usual compromise of these qualities. If you use high level Dia, energy shield and mana reserve should be higher to absorb the hits you take while recharging the skill. The delay time is the same on some LVs, so you should choose the higher LV of same delay time but more damage, such as LV 1, 2, 5, 8 or 10. Each Dia hits twice.

Spirit Elemental: Damage buff to all skills. That really is all about it, but needless to say, it should be maxed asap.

Dancing Sword: An ethereal sword above your head striking enemies. Looks nice, but the damage is very low.

Tier 4: Archmage

Fire Elemental: Neat summon, too bad he is too weak to tank or make damage. Can be used but don’t add points.

Flame Wave: Nice fire attack, long and wide area is covered in fire. Biggest downsides of this skill are fire resistant monsters like Figon and Stygian. A good skill to put points on, but Meteor should be maxed before Fire Wave. Each Fire Wave hits twice.

Distortion: An awesome skill if you want to be a tankmage. Slows and weakens enemies around you, perfect when using Dia and tanking a huge mob. Effect is kinda cool too and the skill is also useful in BC. Too bad you have to make choice between this and Meteor…

Meteorite: The best AOE skill in the game. Hits trice, huge damage, good range but huge delay too. Well, you can cast Dia, Fire Wave and Distortion while waiting for unleashing another set of awesome flaming rocks from the sky. The damage is not fire based, so it hits Figons and other fireproof monsters too. Most mages max this first in Tier 4 on lvl 88.

3. Different Builds

3.1. Stat builds

3.1.1. Normal “Pure” Mage

Strenght: None or enough for a wand/staff
Spirit: As high as possible
Talent: Minimum needed for robe
Agility: None
Health: Enough for tanking

This is the usual build. You use normal spellcaster items and have a little more abs than shield mage, but lack their blocking ability. Nevertheless, those points shield mages spend on strenght, you can use on spirit and health, making you a little bit more powerful, but a little more fragile.

3.1.2. Blaze Shield Mage

Strenght: 62 for lowest str AS Blaze Shield
Spirit: As high as possible
Talent: Minimum needed for robe
Agility: None
Health: Enough for tanking

Another common build. Useful for leveling from late 4x or early 5x to 7x. Some people use it even beyond 8x. Blaze shield has the best block rating compared to strenght needed. I myself went back to orbs after lvl 75, orbs get so much more abs on those levels.

3.1.3. Higher Shield Mage

Strenght: Enough for your shield
Spirit: All you can spare
Talent: Minimum needed for robe
Agility: None
Health: Some points, you dont need that much because of your high shield.

A little bit rarer build. Some mages do go for higher shields. Looks nice and protects well, but the downside is that you’re going to need a lot of strenght to use a nice shield. Many people go for 79 str to wield a minimum str AS Great Shield, some go for even higher. Obiviously you cant get that much health, but you won’t need it because of your better shield.

3.1.4 Real Pure mage (without talent, not tested by me)

Strenght: None
Spirit: High
Talent: None or very little
Agility: None
Health: High

A rare build. I haven’t tested this myself, but I’d imagine you would need a lot of health to survive. Another downside is wearing low lvl robes and weapons, those should be aged as high as possible to get more protection. Distortion is highly recommended with this build. I don’t think this build would be very efficient for leveling and it would consume a lot of potions. As a PvP build it could work though… I’m hoping to hear results if anyone has ever used this kind of build.

3.2 Skill builds

3.2.1 Builds before Tier 4

My suggestions/ideas for leveling and doing rank-up quests.

Tier 1 Build (lvl 20):
Fireball 3, rest 1. For Fireball damage, you’re gonna need it when doing the rank-up.

Tier 2 Build (lvl 40):
Agony 4, Watornado 6. For spamming WT in D1, D2 and later U1.

Tier 3 Build (lvl 60):
Agony 6, Energy Shield 5, Dia 2, Spirit Elemental 6 (+ Death Ray 1 but 100% speed). DR is needed in Skillmaster battle, Dia damage in leveling and first parts of the quest. It’s good to have some Energy Shield to protect aswell.

3.2.2 Damage build:

Agony: 5-10 according to your level and need of mana
Mental Mastery: Some levels or even maxed later, if you have extra points and/or need more mana.
Energy Shield: 4-7 or according to your mana reserves.
Diastrophism: 5, 8 or even 10 for damage and range.
Spirit elemental: 10 or as high as possible for damage buff.
Fire Wave: 3 and then as high as possible after maxed Meteor
Meteorite: 10 at level 88, before that as high as possible.

A build for leveling. Can’t be used on very high area, but lower lvl mobs fall quickly. You can use staff to make even more damage or wand + orb/shield to tank better according to situation. High spirit is recommended to gain even more attack power and mana.

3.2.3 Tanking build:

Agony: 5-10 according to your level and need of mana
Mental Mastery: Some levels or even maxed later, if you have extra points and/or need more mana.
Energy Shield: 4-10, 7 is a nice compromise, again, dont put too much or it will drain your mana.
Diastrophism: 1 for fast casting and stopping mobs hitting you more often.
Spirit Elemental: 10 or as high as possible for damage buff.
Fire Wave: 1, but it is still useful.
Distortion: 10 for slowing and weakening mobs.
Meteor: Rest of EP points for damage dealing.

For tanking. Damage is lower, but you can tank higher monsters. Useful for special bosses because Distortion makes them hit less and less often. Leveling can be slower though because of lower damage output. High Distortion helps your clanmates in BC and when hunting high monsters or bosses.

3.3 Low vs. high Diastrophism

Basically the situation is this:

Low Dia:
+Faster, flinches monsters often stopping their attacks.
+Free skillpoints, you can get higher ES, SE and MM.
-Much clicking

High Dia:
+High range, you can hit melees further and low range ranged mobs without moving. (a must if specialized in SoD)
+Less clicking.
+More damage/hit to mobs, that’s good against high abs monsters. You propably need higher ES
-Less monster flinching, you get hit more

Damage and delay on each level (from…ian_skills.htm)

LV 1: 20(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -56(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 1.66

LV 2: 27(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -64(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 2.00

LV 3: 34(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -72(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 2.50

LV 4 41(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -80(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 2.50

LV 5: 48(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -88(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 2.50

LV 6 55(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -96(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 3.30

LV 7: 62(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -104(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 3.30

LV 8: LV 1: 69(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -112(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 3.30

LV 9: 69(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -112(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 4.00

LV 10: 83(+Wp/8+min Wand AP) -128(+Wp/4+max Wand AP)
Delay: 4.00

The damage difference between 1 and 2 is min 7 and max 8, 0.33 secs more delay makes it worse in damage/time. Lvl 3 and 4 are also useless, because 5 has more damage and same delay. Same with levels 6, 7 and 9.

Quoting myself from Suba forums:
We did a test with a clannie who has 10 dia and I have 1 dia. He killed a typhoon using dia, fw and meteor in about 52 secs and I did it in about 1 min. The difference is that he is a couple levels higher and a power mage with much more spirit, so our conclusion was that damage/time was about the same with 1 and 10 dia. So it really is a choice between stopping the monsters more often and 9 free skillpoints or high range instead.

Choosing the dia lvl for you
Below 6x you don’t have many skillpoints to spare. You should keep dia 1, because you’re going to need them more on other skills like agony, ES and SE. Later you can choose higher dia and make other skills slightly lower if you wish. Sod mages and those who use hit&run; tactics need higher range and should go for maxed out Dia. Tankers should go for 1 obiviously. Those who want to be average or something in between should go for 5 or 8.

4 Leveling and gear

4.1 Leveling areas

My suggestions:

1-5 Road to the Wind in party/solo
4-8 Valley of Tranquility in party/solo
8-14 Forest of Twilight in party/solo
14-20 Forest of the Spirits/Ruinen Village in party

Do the first rank-up, get WT on lvl 26 and 100% speed on it and cast away. Some levels of agony will give you mana to splash a lot of water on monsters. Keep maxing out damage your number one priority and mana reserve as your second, especially when training in party your absorb and defence don’t matter much, you’re not gonna tank anyway.

20-30 Ruinen Village in party or Forest of Spirits solo (if you got a fast AoE skill)
30-35 Cursed Land in party or Forest of Spirits solo (if you got a fast AoE skill)

Areas before Forgotten are pretty straightforward. Move on when you feel like the current area is easy. You will be leveling quick anyway, it doesn’t really matter where you train. Choose one that feels nice to you. Pump spirit and some health aswell, but don’t forget talent requirements. A good Dryad wand at lvl 22 is also a must.

Forest of Spirits HS on the very southern point of the maps has plenty of monsters for mages with a good AoE skill. Just spam away and enjoy the exp.

35-40 Forgotten Land in party/solo (or still even Forest of Spirits solo (if you got a fast AoE skill))

Before 43 I suggest FL HS in party. Alternatively you can solo with hit&run;, but you’re gonna need 100% speed WT for that. Gather a large group of monsters in a tight pack and spam WT till they die. Use agony to fill mana and repeat.

40-50 Forgotten Land/Oasis/Ancient Dungeon Fl.1 in party, after lvl 43 Forgotten solo

Don’t do the tier 3 rank-up until lvl 43! You’re gonna want to reset your skills to get ES and Dia, but it’s a waste of time doing that at lvl 40, because you would have to train them to 100% again and at 43 you’re gonna use only dia anyway. So wait until lvl 43. Then reset, get Dia and ES and start soloing in Forgotten. In my opinion it is the fastest way to exp on 43-50. Now would be nice time to get some more health, a better robe and a better orb for moving on to Oasis later. Quest staff is also very useful, use it until it disappears.

50-55 Oasis, HS solo (or Ancient Dungeon Fl.1 HC Room solo/duo)

If you want to be a shield mage, now it’s the time to wield your Blaze. It helps tanking in Oasis a lot on 5x. Get some levels of ES too, but remember that it drains mana a lot on higher lvls. It’s gonna cost a lot of potions, but it’s fast exp. Don’t forget to use Phil/Ric/Nav and Union Cores to get to repot/sell and back quicker, it’s a long way to Oasis by foot. Ancient Dungeon Fl.2 doesn’t have any good spawns, it’s useless for fast leveling. Oh, and a new wand finally for only wand users! ^^

55-65 Battlefield of the Ancient/Beehive Cave solo, Forbidden Land/Beehive Cave HS in party

Time to move on, you are pretty bored of Oasis now, aren’t you? You can propably solo/duo in BoA or Beehive cave, or if you feel like a challence, head on to Forbidden Land HS to fight some harder monsters! It’s your choice, test them and pick your favourite.

65-70 Forbidden Land/Dark Sanctuary, HS solo

A new area again, but FL HS is still a good option if you like to solo. Smaller spawns in DS are nice xp also and Wiches drop a lot of mana too (like you need it anyway…).

70-80 Dark Sanctuary, HS or Middle spawn solo

Some new, but unfortunately very hard areas open again. Powerlevelers stick to DS and solo middle or east spawns for the fastest xp.

80-85 Dark Sanctuary HS or mid solo/Cursed Temple Fl.1 corners solo

DS is still an option, but if you can and feel like tanking or hit&running; in S1 or even S2 (or CT1/2 for non-oldschool) you can try. Tankers can use Cursed Temple easily, pure spirit mages stick with DS.

Alternative option for lvl 60+: Ancient Dungeon Fl.3 Throne (HS) in party/duo

This spawn is the propably the largest in the game. It can give you awesome exp, but at least one partner is needed. The basic strategy is a mage in the middle and someone running around killing webs and figons. If you are alone in the middle, some monsters stay near the walls and don’t attack you. The runner should do circles to activate monsters come a little closer so they can “spot” the mage in the middle. An awesome place to help your friends level.

4.2 Magician’s gear

Some gear you should get.

Lvl 1-21: Use whatever you can find/obtain, low damage weapons have really little effect on your performance and you’re going to level quickly anyway. You can use a low lvl shield whch doesn’t need any str to gain some block, because low lvl orbs are almost useless. Find good pair of MGS Long Armlets and MGS Elven Boots (or any spec Steel Boots if you raise str, there are no MGS Steel Boots), because you’re gonna use them for a long time. Also if you’re not planning on getting any str, get the best possible MGS Leather Half Gloves.

Lvl 22-39: A good MGS Dryad Wand is a must. The next wand is Faith Wand at lvl 50, so this one should be as close as possible to perfect (9-12 dmg and 0.6 mp recovery) and perferably aged or mixed for more damage. Get the best robe you can afford, but you can still level with a pretty bad robe too, because you don’t have to tank with WT.

Lvl 40-49: From 43 on use the quest staff, because it has some nice regen bonuses and nice damage. Your orb/shield isn’t very useful on these levels afterall. After the staff is gone in 5 days go back to Dryad unless you are already lvl 50. When using Dia you have to go to as close as melee characters, so getting a good robe and orb/shield is highly recommended. Mix/age them too to get some extra abs and def. Mage staff works on later levels aswell if you survive with it and have the strenght for it, because wand has low damage. Most mages skip strenght and use wand only though. If you have the strenght, get Holy Gauntlets at lvl 44 because they are the only sensible str requrement gloves for a mage, most use them until they raise agility for 8x gear if not forever.

Lvl 50-59: Finally a new wand! Lvl 50 is a good time to move to Blaze shield and start soloing oasis if you want to use shields. On lvl 55 you gain access to new areas, prepare with the best possible robe and orb/shield. Age/mix them aswell.

Lvl 60 onwards:Get a new wand/staff whenever you gain enough levels to use them. More damage equals to more xp. Most mages use orbs, or stick with Blaze Shields, some even go for higher shield. Almost everyone uses wands only, until lvl 75 and 80 you can use some very nice damage staffs and you’re gonna need some strenght to use 70+ wands anyway. Mixing items is cheaper and doesn’t raise requirements, but aging makes items a little more powerful eventually. If you want, you can mix with devines to gain some HP instead of raising health to get a more HP.

4.3 Orb vs. Shield

A shield on a magician may sound weird, but it’s a considerable option. Orbs until 7x are very weak especially when not aged and they don’t give and block at all. I really recommend going for a Blaze Shield, because AS Blaze only needs 62-70 strenght and has 18% block, the next shield which has higher block is Great Shield at lvl 55 and it needs ~20 more str. Claw and Wing Shields at lvls 44 and 50 don’t add much more abs or defence and Claw has even less block! Most people also consider Blaze being better looking than those two.

I’ve listed some up- and downsides of shields on mages and after that I’ll tell you how I did it myself.

+ Block, this is the most important one
+ More abs and def even without specs before 6x orbs (Blaze), or more at all levels (higher shields).
+ Can use staffs too, because you have some strenght
+ Higher weight limit because of strenght levels
(+ better looks?)
– Strenght requirements, it means less spirit and health
– At 7x high aged orbs get much more abs and def (Blaze)
– There are no MGS shields, you gain no spec bonuses
– No bonus MP

Afterall I’ve come up with a verdict:

When fighting huge mobs of lower lvl monsters (leveling) you get a lot of low hits, therefore high absorb is better. You absorb more of every hit and lose less hp in total. Use a high aged orb.

When fighting high hitting opponents (hunting, pvp) you get fewer hits, but one hit does more damage, then you need to completely clock some hits. Blocking 1 of 4 200hp hits is better than absorbing 10 more out of every hit.

I myself leveled from 50 to 77 using my trusty Blaze shield (62 str requirement, 3.3 abs, 78 def, 18block, murky mixed to 23% block). At 77 I finally considered an aged orb to be better than my old shield. It really helps especially at 5x because abs is higher than any orb’s normal and spec combined. And of course you get the lovely block and enough strenght to use Holy Gauntlets for some extra abs and def.

When using shield you have 3 options to do with your shield. First you may think of is to age your shield. Each aging lvl gets you +0.2 abs and +0.5% block. That’s nice if you age it to +8 or +10, but another cheaper option is to mix it to +5% block. It only consumes 5 fadeos, 5 trans and 1 murky, so it’s cheaper than aging to 5 or higher. You don’t gain any abs, but you won’t have to mature it either. Third option is to mix it with devines for more HP, which is expensive, but a considerable option if you can afford it.

At 70+ lvl I suggest moving back to Orbs, because you should be able to age them at least +6. They gain +0.5 abs and +10% def per every aging, high defence makes up for the lost block and absorb makes you take less damage. Also, you can reset to a little lower strenght.

4.4 Wand vs. Staff

95% of magicians use only wands until 7x. That’s because most don’t want to raise required strenght to use wands and the damage isn’t that much better. The only staff everybody should use is the quest wand from Tier 3 Rank-up, because it has no str requirement, has great damage and some nice regen bonuses.

On 75 and especially 80+ lvls staffs become much more powerful and you can tank with high ES and aged robe. In DS and other lower areas the extra damage is nice and you should be able to survive with a staff. More damage equals again to faster leveling. A staff can cost quite a lot though and you would have to age it to gain maximum performance. Another possible place to use staff instead of wand is in early SOD rounds to 1 hit enemies better and in parties where you don’t have to tank.

You can of course switch between wand+orb and staff quickly by pressing “W”, so you can chance your staff to wand+orb when a hard hitting monster comes close and when it’s dead chance back to staff for higher damage to kill easy monsters.

4.5 To raise agility or not?

Most mages keep agility at 14 forever or until they are high 8x or 9x. I suggest this myself, because the defence and abs gained from better boots, gloves and armlets isn’t that great on 1-75 lvl gear. Use the same amount in health, you will tank better on lower levels. The usual gear is Long Armlets lv/1 (tho lv/1 isn’t necessary, since your skills never miss), Elven/Steel boots and Holy Gauntlets. Holy gaunts need minimum of 45 strenght, but so do the higher wands and staffs and if you’re a shieldmage, that’s no problem.

If you do however raise agility, holy boots are a good option, because they only require a minimum of 44 agility. You could use Giant Gauntlets and Magic Armlets with them, especially if you have the strenght to use Great Shield. I wouldn’t suggest this however.

For 80c/d equipment later on, you would need 7x strenght and agility, remember thats around 80 skillspoints away from health and spirit. The abs and def gain is huge though, you should consider it when nearing 9x.

4.6 Spirit vs Health

On early levels before 70 I recommend favouring spirit to increase mana and damage. Don’t forget the health completely anyhow, otherwise you will die very easily, unless you have very good (preferably dev mixed for more hp) gear.

Some mages try to get as high as possible spirit for high damage. That would mean having less than 100 spirit at 8x and even base at 9x. On these builds hp mixed gear is recommended and you have to be more careful when training. With a skilled player a nice build for leveling.

The other end of the scale is high health mages. Spirit doesn’t affect skill damage very much, so you can quite safely add a lot of points to health, even leaving you just enough spirit to wear your robe! With high health comes better survivability on high maps.

My tankish way of doing it: See what the required spirit for your robe is (or for an upcoming robe) and select the next divideable by 8 number for your spirit. For example, a 80d robe needs 222-242 spirit, so you would choose either 224, 232, 240 or 248 spirit, depending on the requirement in your robe. Rest goes to health. That will leave you with 400’ish base health (without rings, amulets or dev mixed items) at lvl 80 and 550’ish base health on lvl 90.

5. Playing a mage

Some basic strategies:

Skill patterns
Use your skills effectively. Tier 4 skills have higher delay time, but they are more powerful. Always use them as soon as they are ready. Create patterns which you can repeat, for example: Meteor, Dia, Dia, Fire Wave, Dia, Agony Dia, FW, Dia, Dia, and start again Meteor, Dia, Dia… And so on. It will be easier to use your skills more effectively. Make the patterns keeping FW and Meteor as first priority to be casted as soon as they are reloaded.

Alternatively you can just check when FW and Meteor are almost ready and then cast them immediately. Use Agony when mana has gone down enough so one agony can make it full.

Hit & Run
Effective with higher mobs and you get hit less. Gather a mob by running around and herd it to a tight pack. Unleash your FW and Meteor on it. After that you can go near to Dia it or soften it up with more ranged spells if the mob or boss is really hard. Remember to start with full mana. Also useful earlier when using Watornado or Fireball.

Other tips
Stay in the middle of the spawn when soloing for the most effective luring. Mobs will find you if they are near, you don’t have to go to them. A good example is DS HS, when standing in exactly middle everything is coming to you eventually, just use Dia and kill witches with FW and Meteor.

Keep your mana as full as possible in easy situation, you never know when that huge mob or boss is going to show up! Especially in S2 where Incubuses steal your mana fast.

Measure your xp/hour in different areas/spawns by taking note of your xp on certain moment and then again after 15, 30 or 60 mins to know how much you have gained. Use the fastest possible place to level faster. When soloing you can write the current xp in party chat and check from there later.

Use “/camera_wave_off” command to chat to disable rocking camera while casting Dia and Meteor. Easiest is to bind it to ctrl+f1 hotkey for example, that can be done in settings before you start the game. To make the effect back on, use “/camera_wave_on”.

Training Dia to full speed is slow (lvl 5 took me about 1h 30min to train to 100%), don’t do it every level. If you’re gonna go for Dia 5 for example as soon as possible, save skillpoints and buy points from 1 to 5 at once. You’re gonna save time by not training 2, 3 and 4 to 100%, you can use that time to gain exp effectively!

Thank you for reading if you got this far. I want to thank people in Awell server and my old clan EveRDie/Phoenix and current clannies in Avengerz, especially other magicians to help me analyze skills and stats. Thanks also to maarty7658, Pray and Mr.Ken in Suba forums for feedback. Also Suba forum users in other topics for interesting themes.


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