Prison Tale Pikeman Guide

Prison Tale Pikeman Guide by aznthn

Ok, I was thought maybe I should made a guide for fun and i hope it wil help you out ; by the way if i did made a mistake, please feel free to message and tell me what is the problem or wrong i had given, OK here we go, guys ENJOY?!

Pikeman Class Contribution :

What does Pikeman use?
They use weapon called Scythe (Reaper or Spear) ?
Click here to see Weapon Images

What is for Pikeman Stats?

Strength : All stats goes to this, every level must added (Most Needed)
Spirit : 64 MIN.Requirement, “Murky” (Perfect Stats? Below)
Talent : 90 MIN.Requirement for Level 80 D Item Armor & Weapon
Agility : 72 MIN.Requirement for Level 80 D Item Boot?
Health : 25 Current Base

Pikeman Skill Tree ?

Name of the Skills Appearance In Order.
TIER IPikeman
Pike Wind: Level 1
Ice Attribute :Level 1
Critical Hit:Level 1
Jumping Crash:Level 1
TIER IICombatant
Ground Pike: Level 1
Tornado: Level 5
Weapon DEF Mastery:Level 10
Expansion: Level 1
Venom Sphere: Level 1
Vanish: Level 10
Critical Mastery: Level 10
Chain Lancer: Level 6
TIER IVLancelot
Assassin’s Eye : Level 10 or 1
Charging Strike: Level 10
Vague:Level 10 or 1
Shadow Master: Level 0

(My Tip? or Maybe…)
[Say, if you want to kill fast then must get Assassin’s Eye skill like this Common Combo.
“Vanish + Assassin’s Eye + Charging Strike” = Mass of Given Damage.
However if you want to be tank a bit better then must get Vague skill, better give in percentage of evasion to avoid enemies attacks

E T C ?

Sheltom ?
Level 50
Spirits : Min.REQ is 64 & Max.REQ is 68
H P Regen : 0.9 + 0.3 (Pikeman Spec)
M P Regen : 0.9 + 0.9 (Pikeman Spec)

Rings ?
H P Recovery : 0.1 – 0.4 (Pikeman Spec)

M P Recovery : 0.5 (Pikeman Spec)

Currently I have a Pikeman which he is level 7x so far and this is my plan for futurian of my pikeman or anyone can do same? well Basically everyone does similar skill related xD


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