Lord of Ultima Small Builders Guide

Lord of Ultima Small Builders Guide by NR2B

Hi. I’m the NR2B. In humans I’m encoded by the GRIN2B gene. Here is my new city:

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=923cd01aaf5362...fd38c8040c]

With the help of a modified version of KingOfTyops city builder, I’d like to design the crap out of it and share my thoughts, may it inspire less fortunate.

Now look at this awesome patch of wood there in the right upper quadrant. Can you feel the urge to place a woodcutter in there? Atomic Bomberman style? I certainly do. And for the beginning this is fine. Little investment (50 wood) and it produces 60 wood per hour right from the start! The question is (for me, at least), how much wood can this patch produce once my city reached the building cap and I will have to optimize? So from now on, all buildings are maxed out:

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=7e704f7edb9ac3...07056ea9c0]

So we placed this one guy and it will produce 1050/h at level 10, with building slots limited to 100, thats a nice ratio. But lets pimp him. Boni from adjecent buildings are added per bonus category. For now, 8 times wood with 25% makes nice 200% additional base production. In other terms: 100% base + 200% base by surrounding woods. Thats 3 x 350 woods per hour, 1050/h. Now we add a sawmill. Sawmill, mason, foundry increase the overall production by an additional 10% base production per level. With one wood removed, the calculation now goes:

(350/h base + 350/h base * (7 * 25% wood)) * (100% + 10%/lvl sawmill (only one allowed!))
= 962,5 * 200% = 1925/h

To make things a bit more challenging, cottages can increase the production too. Their bonus of 5% per level is included before the sawmill/foundry/mason bonus, but can stack as often as you can place a cottage next to the production building. So to get rid of those distracting squirrels, we cut down the woods and plant a nice suburb of cottages.

(350/h + 350/h*0*25% wood + 350/h*7 cottages * 5%/lvl) * (100% + 10%/lvl sawmill)
= 1575/h * 200% = 3150/h

In general:

(Basevalue + (Basevalue * Number or resources * 25% resource bonus)
+ (Basevalue * Cottage Level * 5%)) * (1 + (max. 1 of) Sawmill/Foundry/Mason Level*10%)

Of course, this is total nonsense. The ratio of building/produced good is now down to 350/building slot used. But it shows the synergy of the boni. So what could one actually do with this wood donut?

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=6c4bb759129403...41f4b2a27f]

Easy. Lets cut it down. (4) and (5) both now have a similar performance.
But (4) starts to suck, once you add an additional layer to harvest the few trees left even more:

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=e345c9e366b8db...74d336562c]

Now thats quite a difference. And when we swith the sawmill in the middle for another woodcutter (5d), or even far better another cottage (5e). Just by placing the sawmill in step (2), we could actually lose 2800 wood/stone/iron per hour, for all eternity.

But to be honest – said forest does actually not exist. I’d like to start with this cute Tetris-design 4-block forest near the harbour. But not today. Stupid tutorial.

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