Lord of Ages How to Build your City Guide

Lord of Ages How to Build your City Guide by laojingneo

Starting Out and the Basics
You will most likely notice that most of this will be similar to the game information of admin, but not exactly.

Here I’m going to show you two main things about getting the most out of beginner’s protection. One is how to build your city at a better sequence, another is how to get familiar with this game as soon as possible.

How to build your city

I’m going to tell you the function of different building and which level you need at the beginning.

Town Hall
Town Hall can help increase the speed of building upgrading or new construction. From Lv.1 to Lv.5, it speeds up the construction from 2% to 10%. After Lv.5, it adds 5% every level. You need lv.6 or 7 at the beginning to finish the routine quest.

Secret Warehouse
When under attack, Secret Warehouse can protect some of your resources inside the Warehouse from being plundered. It’s not very useful at the beginning. Just upgrade it to what routine quests require.

It’s the place to recruit your solders. The higher level, the faster. You need level 5 at the beginning.

Warehouse is used to store resources. The higher its level, the more resources can be stored. It’s not very important at the beginning, because you should never leave so many resources during this period. And you also have the Expansion Tool. Lv.6 is already enough.

Cottage offers shelter to your people. You need people when you build and recruit troops. Lv.6 or 7 is quite enough.

Academy is the place for scientific research on essential technologies for your army. The higher its level, the more research you can conduct. You need Lv.5 at the beginning.

Embassy is where diplomatic matters are conducted. By owning an embassy, you can form or join an alliance and perform joint operations with your allies. Lv.3 is enough for you. Join an alliance as soon as possible. No doubt!

Wall is where you enhance fortifications for the city. There are altogether five fortified units in Wall to build. Different fortified unit is strong in different aspect so that you can choose them strategically. The higher its level is, the more fortified units you can build to protect your city from damage. Upgrade it and build the fortification as the routine quest require. Build the traps to finish the quest because it’s the cheapest.

Expansion Bureau
Expansion Bureau is the prerequisite for building another town. The higher its level, the more towns you can build to expand your kingdom. You need just Lv.1. Do not build more than 2 cities at the beginning, because you will not have enough resources to support them.

Civic Department
Civic department is responsible for the construction of the city. The higher its level, the faster your can recruit soldiers, construct buildings and fortifications. Build Lv.1 to finish the routine quest.

Rally Spot
Rally Spot is the place for military assembly, where you can check your army’s status, conduct a military order. The higher its level, the more troops you can dispatch at a time. It’s not very important at the beginning. Lv.5 is enough.

Lumber Yard
Lumber Yard helps increase the rate of lumber production. Starting at 10%, and add 2% every level. All including lumber yard, stone workshop, stone workshop, iron workshop and food workshop require Lv.5 academy.

Stone Workshop
Stone Workshop helps increase the rate of Stone production. Starting at 10%, and add 2% every level.

Iron Workshop
Iron Workshop helps increase the rate of Iron production. Starting at 10%, and add 2% every level.

Food Workshop
Food Workshop helps increase the rate of Food production. Starting at 10%, and add 2% every level.

Sawmill, iron mine, farm and quarry
The place to produce resources. They are very important! This is the net production of different level.
Level …………Net production (per hour)
1 ………………100
2 ………………120
3 ………………150
4 ………………180
5 ………………240
6 ………………300
7 ………………400
8 ………………500
9 ………………700
10 ………………1000
11 ………………1500
12 ………………2000
13 ………………2500
14 ………………3000
15 ………………4000
16 ………………6000
17 ………………8000

From the data above we can know that the higher the level is the greater increase when you upgrade your building. But of course it takes more resource to building!
You need Lv.10 at the beginning. After Lv.10, it requires academy of Lv.10.
Sawmill and iron mine are the most important during this period. You need a lot of wood and iron to build your city. Upgrade them at your preference.

Building Your Army

You are now at the point where you need to be building up you army so that
you can fight others and have a better chance of winning. Here is some knowledge and tips about starting your army for the first time.

The Roots Of A Good Army

Ok like I stated earlier you need to be building your army at this time and there are three kind of troops you need to build the most of and that would be:

Worker: Can carry large amount of resources, but weak in attack and defense. It’s the cheapest but most useless. It can carry 1000 resources. Even though it’s faster, the transporter carry 10 times more than worker.

Transporter: Carry much larger amount of resources and stronger than workers. Each can take 10000 resource

Scout: Scout on enemies. They have very high speed, but their combat strength is very weak. Not useful at the beginning.

Militiaman: Exploring and conquering open lands to build more towns to expand your kingdom. It’s very expensive.

Pikeman: They are strong in defense and effective against Paladin and Archer. This is the most useful solder, because it’s cheap but strong. It may be the main force of your army. It costs 1400 recourses but 0 coins!

Archer: Good at assault from long distance and effective against Paladin and Artillery. Use it together with pikeman! It costs 1400 recourses and 15 coins!

Cavalry: They are light-armored, fast, flexible with good attack and defense. Both cavalry and cataphract are expensive arms of services, but it’s twice faster than pikeman. It costs 1500 recourses and 15 coins!

Cataphract: They are heavy-armored, fast and flexible with excellent attack and defense. It costs 1500 recourses and 20 coins!

Paladin: Paladins are excellent in speed and flexibility. They are good at evading attack. It’s extremely useless, because it’s very easy to die. It’s not good at defense but always go the fastest. It costs 1580 recourses and 15 coins!

Artillery: They are strong in destroying enemies’ fortifications from long distance.
Use it together with pikeman! It has a weak life but strong attack. It costs 1580 recourses and 20 coins!

Catapult: They are the most effective units to destroy others’ fortifications from long distance. It’s the most expensive troop but not very useful and the beginning. It costs 1600 recourses and 25 coins!

Find an Alliances
Here is the basics of getting into a alliance and some of the benefits.

Finding a good alliance
Now during this time you should have came out with a good chunk of
prestige, so that means it’s time to join an alliance. All I can really say is talk
to the host before you join. Find out about the members and how active
they are. Also ask how many other alliances their in war with. In this way you can determine if they’re a “baby alliance” or not.
On the other hand, joining an alliance can get free resources everyday and exchange the gems into resources and coins. What’s more, you can increase the attack and defense of your troops if the alliance is good enough!

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