LOCO Mary Bell Tactics Guide

Land Of Chaos Online Mary Bell Tactics Guide by Bozzy

Tactic 1

NOTE: This requires you to have these skills:

Climax of Ruin

Shadow Illusion


Teleport/Total Illusion

Maximum Catharis


Vampire Brooch/Vampire Potion

Scenario: If you have enough Mana and all skills are useable and there’s a large group of enemies:

1.Turn invisible
2.Activate total illusion to avoid attacks or teleport forward
3.Activate Climax of Ruin and Shadow Illusion (Use vampite brooch now or when you cast Maxiumum Catharis
4.Activate Maximum Catharis

With this, your enemies take massive damage, while you remain fairly unharmed. I’ve used this multiple times and killed entire teams in one go, coming out with full HP.

Tactic 2:

Same skills as Tactic 1

Immunity Potion
Vampire Brooch
Health/Mana potions (If required)
Switch Knives with Staff

Scenario: 1 vs 1 (If the enemy runs, let them, you won’t win if you give chase)

1v1 is extremely hard for Mary Bell and is not recommended, however she can still come out on top, depending on who she’s against…(At the moment, Minity and Kilmor seem to be Over Powered so fighting those 1v1 isn’t recommended.

1. Target your enemy

2. Activate Invisiblity and approach them

3. Use total illusion

4. Use Climax of Ruin and Shadow Illusion

5. Use Vampire Brooch and Immunity Potion and then attack with the staff

6. If they die they die if they run, no biggie, just recover your mana and find someone else.

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