LOCO Octavian Guide

Land Of Chaos Online Octavian In Depth Guide by Wetoret

this guide is wrong made to collect info from high ranked players cause there is little to no info on how to use Octavian (altough he’s considered A tier), this bad made guide will provoke players to rage at me and brag about their tactics, thus giving me info on how to play him.

on the other side, I consider this wrong written because I made it from my 5 day CBT experience with him, some things may be right, others may need to be polished but after all ,I really need some more info.

conclusion: this guide comes from my experience playing him.

What role is Octavian’s?

He is a supporter that can be built into tank, I don’t know who’s the best tank out there but he can realyl handle a lot of damage. he has a bunch of support skills, 3 “attack” skills and 2 healing skills. These are:

– Holy tears: support gives 10/17/20/25/30% defense on allies and 5/7/9/11% skill damage reduction
– God’s anger: attack adds 10/20/30/40/50% damage onto HIMSELF
– Holy Fire: attack. AoE skill that deals 120/240/360 damage onto an area, needs 3 seconds channeling
– Divine protection: support gives skill immunity to HIMSELF
– Purify: healing removes poison/magic DoT by a chance and heals for 100/150/200/250 HP to himself and allies every 5 seconds.
– Twilight Legion : support gives extra 5%/10%/15%/20% HP to allies
– Divine crash: attack deals 100/200/300 damage onto one enemy and slows him down fro 50/75/100 mov speed for 8/9/10 seconds
– Holy revival : healing heals for 20/40/60 HP every second for 15 secs to HIMSELF
– Untouchable: paladin bubble. makes him invulnerable for 10/15 secs to any kind of damage
– Resurrection: Enters into praying mode to give allies 6/8 secs immunity to al ldamage but reducing their damage by 50%, you cannot do anything while in this stance.

What to do with octavian?

you may start upgrading the training camp for 1000 gold, it’s worthy the effort since the training camp upgraded gives a very big advantatge to your team. I felt that Octavian improves a lot better by upgrading the training camp than other character does.

Do not forget to regularly build up the training site if nobody in your team does, you’ll end up using 6000 gold and no one will be thankful but you’ll feel better with yourself.

YOU ARE A FULL MELEE you can switch between 1H sword+shield to…. 2h sword so don’t expect to be farming a lot nor harrashing the enemy a lot, you’rem ostl ikely to not stand aany chance against any kind of ranged char out there.

YOU DON’T HAVE STUNS you cannot safely get close to a ranged liek kilmor or Atin does, you only have a ranged slow spell altough it reduces the mov speed a lot.

YOU ARE A TANK/SUPPORT so never go alone out there, always go with someone, you alone are cake for the enemy, you cannot even stand a lady fox alone, you’ll DIE (see what I mean by raging top players?)

>The skill build:
1 – holy revival
2- divine protection
3-divine crash
4- Purify
5- Holy revival
6- Untouchable
7- Divine protection
8- Divine crash
9- purify
10- Holy revival
11- Divine protection
12- Divine crash
13- Untouchable
14- Purify
15- Purify
16- Divine protection
17- 4000 gold
18- nothing
19- nothing
20- nothing

divine crash is argueable, it might be better to get god’s anger instead, but the slot for this skill must be an attack one

Item build:
– Ultimate guardian brooch
– Vital iron water bracelet
– Vital guardian bracelet
– Stamina crown OR constitution crown
– if you still have some spare gold, start building bloody reaper claws


1- Holy shout
2- wait until lvl 3
3- Purify and twilight legion
4- Holy shout
5- Twilight legion
6- Resurrection
7- Purify
8- Holy shout
9- Twilight legion
10- from now on, master all the 3 support skills then choose between divine crash or god’s anger and level resurrection at lvl 13

Item build:

– ultimate guardian brooch
– wisdom crown
– Burning reaper water
-either bloody/blazing spiritual eyes brooch


follow the following (funny) skill build:
1- Divine Protection
2- God’s anger
3- I mean the skills you get doesn’t really matter the order, but you must get these:
Divine Protection
God’s anger
Divine crash
holy fire/holy revival (they say holy revival is useless end game, but I find it a good support for when you’re trying to heal with these large HP potions, also, in 3 seconds of channeling holy fire I can kill all the minions with the greatsword)

item build:
– Bloody reaper claws
– the 2 mufflers
– bloody reaper bracelet/ strenght crown

TOTAL GOLD NEEDED: 15250/17050 G


For Tanks:
The tanks philosophy is the following:
I won’t kill anybody cause my damage is NOT over 9000, altough I’ll be constantly attacking
I will take all the necesary damage and I will get out of the enemy’s ultimate AoE cause it’s silly to tank THAT.
I will make enemies attack me and will try to make the DPS to survive as much as possible (every second of a DPS life is a huge amount of damage)
When tanking:
Always go in group, activate divine protection, holy revival, purify and press Q (block with shield) you will move slower but you will receive less damage. When going with Q your only function is to aggro all NPC mobs to attack you, this includes VMB’s clones, minions, turrets, guardians, etc…
To start off, you will have difficulties farming, so you need babysitting from a better early game character (VMB/minity)
What to tank?
– single target ultimates (e.g. Randy’s break point)
– minions
– towers/base points/monsters
. enemy commander
– VMB’s clones
What to avoid?
– AoE, it damages all the team so it’s useless
As you see there is little to avoidm your role is big

For supports:
– I must stand back and buff my allies as much as possible
– I will never engage an enemy
– I wil never go alone
– I will be of a great help for the team
Always go in groups, when you engage into teamfights, activate all support skills, if your team can’t hold use ultimate, you’re not to tank, so forget about going on first line.
To farm: babysitting again, you must hit-and-run tactic to the lowHP minions, KS your lanemate as muc has possible (he/she might rage at you)
Always go in the back line, remember you will face any enemy naked, wihout damage and without defense, so never go alone

For DPS:
– I entered in a random room with afkers and leavers
– I must go alone cause no one talks, no one coordinates and everyone does what they want
– I do a huge amount of damage for being melee
– I am useless for the team, and I will rage to others because they suck and I own because I have 9 kills 0 deaths and they have 1 kill 5 deaths without thinking that maybe they’re supports and need me to go with them and help them.
– I can take down turrets, bases, buildings and even the enemy commander I will dominate but I won’t have any friends for all the eternity
this might be the funniest way to play octavian, but not of any usefulness for the team
Switch to greatsword always
when enganging activate god’s anger and use a divine crash on the enemy
you HP will go down very fast, use untouchable and finish the enemy off
Your average damage should be around 200 per hit with a speed of 1,2 secs
If you chain 3 regular atacks you will do a slightly more powerful attack that can deal as much as 400 DMG (when octavian jumps on the enemy with the sword)

This concludes for now the guide

I wil ladd things once everybody starts raging at me and correcting my tactics and builds with what they think

remember tough: what you think is of no importance to the entire world, this is something everybody must learn

You may not reproduce or copy any part of this guide without my permission, to ask me, simply send an email to jordichen6@gmail.com
Of course, If I see this guide copied somewhere prepare for the consequences.

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