Karos Online Pet System Guide

Karos Online Pet System Guide by Dainn

The Pet needs to be equipped first with the aid of Melisa before it could gain experience as you slay monsters (party kills don’t count). As soon as the Pet Capsule EXP bar is full, you need to go back to Melisa for the 24-hour incubation period before it hatches into a Youngling (Logging-out of the game stops the 24-hour timer and would resume as soon as you log back in).

The Pet Food that you need to purchase would depend on the Grade of the Pet.

Youngling – Canned Snappy for Pets

Expert – Invigorating Apple Pie

Master – Special Spicy-Sauce Takoyaki

Alignment Abilities – There are 3 Pet Alignments as a Pet reaches Level 4. [Warning: Clicking an Alignment Icon automatically grants your Pet the Ability for that Alignment, so choose wisely]

1. Enchantment – Grants a bonus to Attack Power and M.Attack Power

2. Luck – Grants a bonus to chance-based stats such as the item drop rate and Critical Hit

3. Support or Selling – Have an ability to sell unwanted items to stores. Pet would be unavailable for 30 minutes while it sells your items to an NPC.

Basic Abilities

Regenerate HP/MP when not in combat – The Basic ability of Pets

Looting Pet – Attainable when your pet reaches level 4 and after you select a certain Alignment Ability

Alignment Ability Table:


Youngling: 1% P.Attack and M.Attack increase
Expert: 4% P.Attack and M.Attack increase
Master: 8% P.Attack and M.Attack increase


Youngling: 3.0% Drop Rate 4.0 Critical Chance
Expert: 8.0% Drop Rate 8.0 Critical Chance
Master: 13.0 %Drop Rate 12.0 Critical Chance


Youngling: Enable to sell 6 items
Expert: Enable to sell 12 items
Master: Enable to sell 18 items

Pet Training – [The “Train” button will only be accessible by certain levels] this will upgrade the Alignment Ability of your pet.

Training Levels

(Level 3 with full PET EXP Bar turning to Level 4) The System will give you a message informing that your pet has grown.

Level 4 – Unlock the abilty to loot the item, Increase your Pet Grade to Expert

(Level 6 with full PET EXP Bar turning to Level 7)

Level 7 – Alignment Skill Upgrade

(Level 9 with full PET EXP Bar turning to Level 10) The System will give you a message informing that your pet has grown.

Level 10 – Alignment Skill Upgrade, Pet Evolution and Increases your Pet Grade to Master

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