Karos Online Grinding Guide for Every Class

Karos Online Grinding Guide for Every Class by compSky

1. Introduction
2. The Bowmistress
3. The Blader
4. The Mystic
5. The Rogue
6. The Sorceress
8. Areas to Grind + Levels

the Introduction

This guide will cover the essentials for creating a character with High Fletta Points and a strong Skill Set. It will take you through the different options and suggestions as to where you should put your Fletta points and where to invest your Skill points. Finally, it will give you certain monsters that you should train on to achieve the maximum amount of Fletta points while still gaining maximum EXP. Hopefully, it will meet all of your needs and anything that isn’t answered will be added at a later date or included in the FAQ section.

Your probably wondering, why am I writing this, how do you know that I’m not just writing verbal diarrhea that hasn’t been tested and doesn’t actually work. Well, you’ll have to trust me when I say that I have four level 20+’s one of each class the only class I have not tried yet is the Sorceress.

You may also be wondering, did he actually follow this guide when he was training his accounts. The fact is, I have made this account to test every part of the guide and I’ll be posting what I have found through the test characters.

NOTE: This way of leveling will require you to take breaks or have potions on hand when leveling. Although the bonus is that you will never have to rely on a quest to level. Also, you will have a much larger amount of Fletta points compared to a person who uses repeat quests to level.

the Bowmistress

the Overview

From my point of view, the Bowmistress is a long distance, physical damage dealer. She may have a few Area of Effect skills but is much more effective when it comes to One on One battles. The Bowmistress is most effective in parties when they are Boss Hunting because she can deal mass damage to the single target.

the Job Changes

As a Bowmistress you can become either an Archer or a Ranger. An Archer gains more Area of Effect skills and more Passive increase skills. In my opinion, the Archer seems like the choice you would choose if you are going to be in a party more frequently. A Ranger gains close-combat skills and single target skills. In my opinion, the Ranger is a choice for Boss Hunting and One on One’s.

the Blader

the Overview

From my point of view, the Blader is a strong tank with low damage or an average tank with medium damage. He has few good Area of Effect skills but gets his first at Level 4 which can be used to Aggrovate lots of monsters surrounding him so that his cleric only has to focus on healing him. The Blader is effective in any type of party but isn’t as effective when leveling on his own.

the Mystic

the Overview

From my point of view, the Mystic is a strong healer with low damage or a long distance, magical damage dealer. She has strong healing capabilities and strong damage dealing capabilities, depending on what job you choose. The Mystic is effective in a party no matter what job. If the Mystic is a healer then she is very effective outside of a party. If the Mystic is a damage dealer then she is also very effective outside of her party.

the Rogue

the Overview

From my perspective, the Rogue is a close range, physical damage dealer. He has strong one on one skills and a few Area of Effect skills. The Rogue is the fastest solo training class, in my opinion. In a party, the Rogue’s job would be to finish the mobs, otherwise, the Rogue is not as effective in a party.

the Sorceress

the Overview

From my perspective, the Sorceress is a medium tank with medium to high magical damage. She has powerful skills that can debuff any enemy and quick magic spells perfect for depleting HP. In a party, the Sorceress would be extremely helpful against a Boss. Otherwise, the Sorceress is much more effective solo’ing than being in a party.

Areas to Grind + Levels

I have tested these with every class available to make sure that it is possible, effective and safe to level there with each type of character.

RC = Recommended

Levels 1 to 4 : Chonchon’s (RC) or Greenmouths
Levels 4 to 5 : Little GCsidae’s (RC) or Chonchon’s
Levels 5 to 7 : Hornboar’s (RC) or Little GCsidae’s
Levels 7 to 8 : Rageboar’s (RC) or Hornboar’s
Levels 8 to 10 : Clay Beaks (RC) or Rageboar’s

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