Iron Grip Marauders Armor, Damage and HP Guide

Iron Grip Marauders Armor, Damage and HP Guide by Finalgenesis


The game does not introduce you to the damage and armor system at all, the fact that damage and armor type stat can ONLY be seen in a battle does not help, resulting in many players not having an understanding on how it works.

During battle, when you mouse over a unit, you can see their Damage type and armor type. For easier reference the list of these attributes for each unit is as follow:…hl=en_US#gid=0
There might be missing unit types and holes, if so you can help fill them in.

Damage Type

There are 3 damage types:
Bullet (Bu)- Symbol is a bullet…
Explosive (Ex) – Symbol is an explosion
Shell (Sh)- Symbol is a shell…

I’ve even seen a few veterans who did not know this or think there’s only 2 damage type.

Other then mousing over to see unit stats, each unit will also have a banner on top of them (attached to HP display) with a damage type symbol on it also.

Each unit deals a specific damage type, and there are some surprises. For example, Bazooka deals Shell Dmg. Others include Savar, which deals Ex dmg, contrary to Tank destroyer (TD) and elite destroyer (ED), which deals Sh Dmg.

Technically there’s a 4th damage type, melee, which is used by mortts. I’m sure no one cares.

Armor Type

Each unit has a specific resistance (armor) against each of the 3 type of Dmg, in battle when mousing over a unit, you will see something like this:

Mounted Bomber (MB)
Bullet – – Explosive + +

What the symbols mean (for completeness sake):
Craptastic armor: – –
Poor armor: –
Good armor: +
Excellent armor: + +

You will notice that each unit will display only 2 of its 3 resistance, Mounted bomber is missing Shell armor for example. Each unit will only display 2 armor stat, a 3rd will always be hidden (Don’t ask why).

In this case, we see that MB has excellent armor vs Explosion and craptastic armor vs bullets. for the hidden armor, If you test it you’ll also find that it has + + Shell resistance also. So it’s full 3 armor value is:
Bullet – – Explosive + + Shell + +

Advance notes for armor

The armor type indicator is only a ROUGH estimate, the actual resistance of the armor should be thought of as % armor. An example unit:

Armored Troll
Bullet: ++
Explosion: ++
Shell: ++

may have the following armor value:

Armored Troll
Bullet: 90%
Explosion: 70%
Shell: 75%

So if the Armored troll takes 100 bullet Dmg, followed by 100 Ex and then finally 100 Sh Dmg, it will actually take 10, 30 and 25 damage.

I’ll repeat, two different units with the same ++ armor for a given dmg type does not always have the same Armor %!

Figures in an infantry unit (and how it is related to HP)

The HP listed for infantry is its total HP, if a trooper has 400 HP, then each of the 4 figure (Trooper has 4 figures…) in the unit has 100 HP.

The damage listed for the unit is its total damage, eg. if a max HP trooper displays 100-200 damage, each of the 4 figure does 25-50 damage. If you lose 1 of the 4 figures, the damage display will change to 75-150 damage.

Incidentally, For units that fire twice in a single attack this is the same, say if Cosper had 100-200 damage displayed, it will do 50-100 damage per shot (since it fires 2 rockets per attack).

Finally, note that the damage display on the world map only shows you the average. It might say Damage = 100, however, in battle the unit will have a range, eg. 50-150 damage.


The stat display in game is severely lacking, making conclusions on unit performance based on what is displayed can lead to bad conclusions.

Knowledge is power, knowing exactly what each unit’s real stat is will allow you to maximize the unit’s potential.

For example, if you ask in channel, much of the time people will say ED > Savar even after factoring for the 45 DP vs 35 DP. But what many do not know is that:
A) Savar does explosion damage, ED does Shell.
B) Savar has around 85% bullet armor, ED only has around 60%. Eg, Savar takes less then half the bullet damage then ED even if they all have + + bullet armor.
C) Savar has better Explosive armor then ED (still not great), but less shell armor.
D) Savar gains 3 AP attack eventually. (We can ignore this, too high lvl for most ppl to be relevant)

I’ll leave you to do the math on where Savar can be superior…

Basically, if you can maneuver in such a way as to expose/bait the best possible armor to soak up the corresponding enemy Dmg type while applying the best damage type to the enemy armor weakness, you have a golden formula.

A specific example, using MB to soak up Explosive damage from Cosper / Bethes while avoiding bullets is the basic to cruising through early levels with ease. It helps that if MB is in range, AI always aims for them with Cosper & Co…

Additional notes on damage (Optional reading)

For Damage, note that 2 units with the same Dmg type may have different penetration values! Eg. Militia and Trooper both use bullet type, however on average Trooper’s bullet with pierce through an extra 10-15% enemy bullet armor compared to Militia. A given unit may have 70% bullet armor against militia, but a trooper can penetrate 15% of that resulting in a 55% bullet armor for the enemy. You can think of units as using different ammunition (Bullets: Shotgun, Armor Piercing, Hollow Point …etc) for easier visualization. Certain match up can result in negative penetration, most noticeably with say Atavar’s shotgun attack versus certain units.

To clarify, penetration bonus/penalty is not fixed, Atavar might get -10% penalty penetration against armored troll, but it might get +10% penetration bonus against naked troll. Again, Ammo type visualization is the easiest way to think of it, basically a sub-dmg type. For all intents and purposes you can ignore this, as the penetration modifier in many cases are small (with rare exceptions). there is no need for ultra-precise numbers.

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