Iron Grip Marauders Frequently Asked Questions

Iron Grip Marauders Frequently Asked Questions by Layla

Technical Questions

Q: What are the System Requirements to play IGM?

Requirements for Windows:

– Windows XP/2000/Vista/7

– Pentium 4 (Core 2 Duo or later recommended)

– 1GB RAM for XP/2000, 2GB for Vista/7 (2GB+ recommended)

– Graphics Card with Shader Model 2.0 (Nvidia / ATI cards recommended)

– Internet Connection

– Unity Plugin

Requirements for Mac:

– OS X Tiger (Snow Leopard recommended)

– Intel Mac (Core 2 Duo or later recommended)

– 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)

– Graphics Card with Shader Model 2.0 (Nvidia / ATI cards recommended)

– Internet Connection

– Unity Plugin

Q: I get the following error loading the game: “Failed with error=Invalid Unity Web File ?.”. How can I fix this?
A: This means that your Unity plugin’s cache has been corrupted and you’ll need to clear it. You have to go to and clear the cache with the entry name “IronGrip”.

Q: Why does my game have the color all messed up?
A: There is a bug with specific graphics’ cards when running under windows that can cause this issue. It means that you cannot have screen effects turned on.
To get around this issue, go to Menu -> Video Settings and turn off screen effects.

Q: Why do the textures of the game look horrible?
A: There is a bug with specific graphics’ cards when running under windows that can cause this issue. It means that you cannot have high resolution shadows.
To get around this issue, go to Menu -> Video Settings and change the Quality to Good.
It will require you to close the browser window and reopen it to fix the textures.

Q: Is there PvP in this game?
A: Not at the moment. It has been removed so that the system can be improved. It will return sometime soon.

Q: How to get more energy?
A: Energy can be replenished for gems in the Wheelhouse Bar. Click the green ‘+’ button under the energy meter to get there. Also, energy regenerates at a rate of 1 per hour.

Q: How to get gems?
A: Small amount of gems are rewarded when you level up and when you receive a medal. Alternatively, you can purchase gem packages from the The Vault:

Q: Does the maximum amount of energy increases when you level up?
A: No, the maximum amount of energy is 24 and it does not change with levels. You can accumulate more than 24 energy if you purchase a refill in the Wheelhouse Bar, but energy will not regenerate above 24.

Other Useful Information

– What is Corsair ? – It is a ship upgrade that adds more upgrade slots. Throughout the game there are about 5 or so ship upgrades. At the maximum capacity you can have 30 upgrade slots.
– Save up 14 gems for the last 2 ship upgrades, 1 of them costs 4 and the other one 10.
– Engineering and training upgrades not only reduce the time it takes to produce units but also the cost.
– Research upgrades only reduce the time they take.
– If your licensed unit display for example 2/2 but you have just lost some of them in a battle wait a few minutes. When you check back in later it will properly displayed the units lost like for example 0/2.
– Raid energy cost is: 1-3 = 3 /// 4-6 = 4 /// 7-9 = 5 /// 10-12 = 6 /// 13-15 = 7 /// 16-18 = 8 /// 19 = 9
– Raid rewards scale up with player level.
– A boss battle energy cost is half the boss level, the player level is irrelevant.
– Smuggle missions energy cost is 1 point for each shield.
– Smuggle mission rewards do not scale up with player level.
– Enemy AI does not have fog of war. That is why you get shoot by artillery or other arc fire units without him spotting you with a scout.
– To find a friend to add him to your friends list type in any chat room @xxxxxx where “xxxxx” is your friend’s name.
– Mystery boxes are awarded every 2 levels and there is no other way to get them. I suggest you open them at a level between 7 and 12, the reward from this region are decent and will help you a lot.
– The rankings page is updated every 24 hours. It happens at 4:00 or 5:00 AM CET time, not sure which one exactly.
– The skeleton avatar is given when you don’t chose a sex when starting a new account. There is no way to get him after you have made your choice.
– There are 3 heroes present in the game, you get the third one from one of the trader missions.
– You receive 24 point of energy when you level up. Take note that the pool cannot grow over 24 energy so when you are close to a new level try to spend all your energy.
– When you buy an energy drink there is no need to spend all your energy before because the pool will grow over 24.
– The deploy size of your army is affected by your hero level. If you use a hero with a higher level you will have a bigger deploy pool. This is why it is best to focus and level up faster your “war” hero.
– At level 5 the heroes get a secondary ability.
– Harald hero does not have any weapon, he is a smuggling truck hero.
– If you do not end a battle without a limited time it will count as a loss. I am not sure but i think it is 48 hours.
– Each smuggle mission lasts 6 hours and when you are attacked the time stops. The time will resume after you have completed the battle.
– You can receive only 1 attack during a smuggling mission.
– Bosses start attacking players over lvl 5
– The boss system uses so-called attack-me-points to keep track of who to attack. You start getting them at level 4, they reset to 0 when you are added to a boss party, and you start getting them again 72 hours after your latest boss died. Only if you have 5 or more attack-me-points, will bosses be able to spawn for you.
– The trades mission are spread each for 1 player level up to level 10. In case you have locked ones level your player up to get them. For example trader mission #7 requires a level 7 player.
– The old shield system is back. 1 shield means enemy will be 1-2 levels lower than you, 2 shields is the same level as you and 3 shields is 1-2 levels above you.

Unit names abbreviations:
– TD = Tank Destroyer
– ED = Elite Destroyer
– ET = Elite Trooper
– MB = Mounted Bomber
– CMD = Command Destroyer
– Arty = Artillery
– HM = Heavy Machine ( gunner )
– Prop = Propaganda truck
– Bombs = Bombardiers
– Grans = Grenadiers
– Tri’s = Tri Scout
– RA Royal Artillery
– Archos = Archos Assault Vehicle
– Devs = Ddevastators
– TW = Terror Walker
– WOD = Wheel of Doom

To come soon.
– PVP will be reintroduced again in the game.
– A second anchor point is expected in the next big update.
– A fourth hero will be introduced in the next big update, it is an ambulance hero.

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