Iron Grip Marauders Must Read Guide for Beginners

Iron Grip Marauders Must Read Guide for Beginners by FarEye

Army Composition:
-Minimum of one MB or triscout for scouting, 2 MB or 1 triscout 1 MB ideally.
-Always bring an ambulance if half or more of your army is infantry, vice versa for vehicle.
-NO Bethes or any units with DP higher than 50 until your DP is at least 465.
-mix of anti infantry and anti tanks that are HARD COUNTERS.
1.Hard infantry counter: Troopers, Atavar, HMG, Emilia, Rocket Arty
2. Hard tank counters: Tank Destroyers, MB, bombardiers, mortars, ED
-. These units are hard counters because they deal disproportionally large damage and have the ability to dish out that damage every turn.
3.If using pure infantry army, bring two ambulances, vice versa for tank
4. If using mixed force, only bring one healer for the predominant group.
5. EX: 6 troopers, 2 TD and one rocket, deploy Ambulances because troopers are front line troopers while TD and rocket shoot from afar and shouldn’t take damages.
6.Wheel of Doom is not hard counter against infantry because it moves too slow and can almost never get a shot off the first turn. savars, bazookas, and militias, are all too mediocre, militias have no splash. Just because they get two shots does not mean the enemies are guaranteed to die.
7. Assault Achos are not hard counter against infantry because their HP and defense is too low.
8. Slow moving units with short range and high AP cost are generally bad for offense, no matter how much damage or HP they have. Unless you intend them to be meatshields. These are: wheel of doom, wreckers, devestators are meh, megatons are meh

-move 4 AP forward, if detects enemy, move 4 AP back, if not move forward 2 AP more and STOP. This is not real time strategy, so slow and smooth is better than rushing forward. You don’t have to spend all 8 AP.
-Tried and True Hint: if you spend all 8 AP for the mb to arrive atop of a hill for example, then it is certainly to die. Intead move it near the bottom of the hill, and move it up the next turn
– Always scout first then plan your battle
– Fighting,
-do not assault heavily entrenched enemy position uphill, or anywhere.
– Pick a place to set up your battle line in a line CONCAVE toward the enemy, the battle line should evenly spread out your antitank and anti infantry fire. Ideally, the line should be far enough so the AI will spend all 8 AP to dash right into your concave (trust me, they do that, especially if you have buildings for cover).
1. Deploy HMG BEHIND the concave line, HMG deployed in front of the line will be died very fast. the HMG serves as backup, Emilia serves as the first-strike unit.
2. Deploy TD and rocket arty next to the HMG, espeacially if you are not bringing repair trucks.
3. deploy the healers behind the HMG and the rocket arty and make them stay there.
4. injured units (below 60% hp) falls back to the healer, not the healer coming up.
5. spread out units to minimize splash damage
6. Fall back the entire line to avoid artillery fire, or let a couple of unit linger there to absorb fire while the rest regroup. You use one turn to retreat, while it take the AI 3 turns or more to reposition and fire. Repositioned arty might be closer for your horses to take out.
– to make the AI dash towards you, send your MB to lure the enemies away. When the MB sight radius includes an enemy unit, then that unit and maybe more AI are going to chase it. If not, take a long ranged unit and shoot at an AI and then lure them back.
– The AI is guaranteed to chase the MB if you do it right, takes practice, but it is 100% guaranteed.
– after your MB taking fire, it is imperative to move it back to an ambulance for heal.
– when enemies come with the concave line, kill the units that propose the most threat first, this part requires judgement. If two units poses equal threat, kill off the closest one.
EX: My army composes of 5 troopers, 3 Elite Destroyers, and 3 Bombardiers, and the enemy charged into my concave line with 2 Atavar, 3 ED, and 3 troopers. The unit that poses the most threat to the most # of my line is the Atavar, thus focus fire and makesure they are DIED. The 2nd threat are the troopers, however they are infantry, thus weakening them is suffecient, if they have 1 hp left, do not waste 5 AP from a trooper to kill it off.
– If more than half your entire army sustain heavy damage, then pull back entire line, even the healthy ones, and form a new concave. Remember, your HMG deployed behind should still provide some fire while you are retreating.
– while your concave is dealing witht he bulk of enemies, send your MB to kill the artillery. Retreating also serves the bring your units out of arty range as the AI often deploys arty from the furthest range possible, retreating effectively wastes enemy arty for 3 turns while you only waste 1 (you waste none if your units are healed along the way).
– utilize covers such as buildings and trees to block enemy line of fire, some trees are not thick enough to prevent fire, and the alley way between buildings CAN be fired through. Wheel of Doom fires in 360 degrees, thus their bullets are rather unpredictable as to what covers are effective.
– If you are down to 40% of your troopers, while 70% or more of the enemies are still alive and within firing distance, then forfeit the battle.

You have unlimited turns. I once won a battle after 197 turns.
The AI have a better starting army and starting position, but patient scouting and retreating combined with crafty manipulation of the battlefield allows the human player to deal the first crashing blow and win.

Army compositions that are fun to play with but sucks:
– Full MB
– World War 1: WoD, Royal Arty, Militia, MB, and HMG
– Full militia (russian red tide)

My army Compositions:
– Flatland warfare: 4 Elite troopers, 1 HMG, Emilia, 3 ED (can be substituted with TD, 1 ambulance, 1 triscout, and 3 bombardiers (can be substituted with mortar
– Urban/forest/Cliff Warfare: 5 ET, 1 HMG, Emilia, 6 bombardiers (or mortars), 1 triscout, and 2 Ambulances. Pure infantry.

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