Immortal King Recommended Development Guide

Immortal King Recommended Development Guide by darkraiha83

Account: darkraiha83
Server: Zeus
Ingame name: Raiha

I wanted to start off this guide with a BANG!!

So let me answer the question, which is better heaven, hell, ocean?

Answer: Actually all factions is equal in strength but it will depend on how you build your nation and how to maximize the potential of your chosen hero.  Don’t like my answer? Fine, I will let you see glimpse of the future. You can decide which GOD you want to ally with!

Clash of the Gods!
God of the Heaven, Zeus … 984cf3b〈=pt
God of the Underworld, Hades … 6dd83d8〈=pt
God of the Ocean, Posiedon … b804e14〈=pt

Now who is the best faction for you?

The Path of Development
In the “IK”, the initial development is very important. Below, we will talked about some basic information that could help you be successful in this game.

Temple – This is your level in the game. However your level doesn’t determine how strong you are instead your strength will be measured by your Technology, Building Progress and your strategy on how you could maximize the potential of your heroes. Each upgrade will allow you to gain an order which could be use in engaging battles with elite heroes through expedition or attack other enemy factions. Note: Building levels, Hero Level or Item purchases cannot exceed the temple level.
Training Camp – This is where your heroes train to become heroes. Players can choose different modes of 24 hour training which are payable by gold or silvers.   Players can also choose to enhance the training speed of their heroes to 120% by paying gold or up to 150%, 200% or 250% depending on the VIP level. Fast Track functions helps speeds up leveling which consumes honor and can be obtained by winning expedition battles. Pay attention to the level of hero does not overcome the Temple. Note: The higher the level of your Training camp the better exp it provides.
Academy – This building essential for you to stay strong, this is where you improve your technology learn different formation to ensure victory over your foes. Before moving to a new area it’s advisable to align the level of this 3 building so you could stay strong. How do a level 30 beat a level 50 player easily here is your answer.
Cottage – Special mention  to this building people have a tendency to ignore this building because they use up all their silvers upgrading their temple that is so wrong. By consistently leveling this building it will allow you to keep the silvers flowing. Remember Money is power!

Forge equipment
In the lowland areas, the forge has 100% chance of success, while in other areas the success rate may lead to unstable failure. During the earlier stages of the game this plays a vital role to survive battles and you the much wanted victory over your opponents. In addition, the equipment also has ranks (white, blue, green, yellow, red and purple,). Different color means different better stats.

Expedition / Special Orders
This is the main attraction of the game. On the bottom right of your screen you can click the sword icon to bring up the map of the expedition. You could win honor points, recruit heroes and obtain rare equipments from winning these battles. Pay attention to the function “Order” at the top of the page and the cooling period shown. Every expedition battle has cooling period, the greater the number of attacks, the greater the degree of fatigue and the longer the cooling period. Note: One battle is equivalent to 1 order which you could get per hour.

Every day at 8:30, 12:30 and 19:00, the players receive the following special orders, “Expedition, Farm Attack, Silver Mine, Attack and Colonized which will depend on the Temples level. This will help you perform the indicated action without consuming your order points. Note: If unused the special order doesn’t stack.

You could impose taxes from your citizens which could help you get more silvers in the game. You could collect up to 12 times a day. 15 times in the summer. The system will determine the amount you will be getting by the number and level of your cottages, area prosperity, league tax system and your tax office. You also have a change to get 10 gold which could be improved by upgrading Mint level.

Primary Mission: The primary mission is to guide players to familiarize themselves with the game and its functions step by step. This is an important way of obtaining silver coins in the initial period. At first, there are always quest to upgrade the buildings, so pay you may need to attention if you want to maximize the silvers you could earn. After completing the tasks, get the prizes. And enjoy upgrading your buildings.

Daily Mission: Once you get to Lv. 40 daily quests you can accept. It can be concluded up to 6 daily quests every day. The higher the level of a mission, the more rewards you get after finishing it. You can use the gold to update the list of missions in search of better daily missions. If you do not have time, you can spend 10 gold to complete a mission once daily.

Evolution of the Hero
Click the troop icon below and choose evolution, for which there are three ways: strengthening arising from the consumption of Honor is relatively small. The most economical is the use of two gold coins, which can sometimes greatly increase a unit capacity. Spending 50 gold pieces can achieve the maximum strengthening in accordance with each of the current capabilities of the hero, being preferred by members of the players.

Reincarnation is when the hero has reached the required level and then gets reborn and be level 1 again. If your hero is already at the required level go to Evolution → Training → Reincarnation and click (Reincarnate). The more reincarnations the stronger your hero will be because increase the level of the initial value of the Hero by 5-9 stars, depending on the level of the Temple. The reincarnated hero can lead more troops which could be a difference in close battles. No need to buy low level equipments.

When the level of the Temple is not enough, the number of stars will be decrease. That is, if the Hero is at level 51 and the Temple is at 52, when the hero gets reincarnated the troops will only receive 1 star. So reincarnation is not worth it.

I really appreciate the time you spent in reading the guide.

Please join me in the underworld as I create a league called “Nemesis“.

Lets all enjoy this game.


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