Immortal King Renascence Heroes Mistake

Immortal King Renascence Heroes Mistake by johnnytran

Ingame Name: JuliaCeaser
Zone              :  Zues 01
Acc.                : Johnnytran

Hi all,
I just want to share one of my big mistake experience that i move to difference (relocated) city when i am at level 60 temple.
I am recommend on all players in IK that before you move to a new location when you are at level 60 please be sure that your Heroes are RENASCENCE and high level before you move or you will lose a lot.  Recommendation that you have to had at least 3 RENASCENCE HEROES.

Your question is “what is RENASCENCE Hero?”

RENASCENCE is when your hero reach level 51 you can renascence and your hero will go back to level 1 but the troops hero are at level 30-35 depending on what level of renascence you did.

Where = Training Ground Building => Evolution => top right hand corner => Renascence Require level 51

Renascence Hero at level 51 = troop level 30
Renascence Hero at level 52-3 = troop level 31
Renascence Hero at level 53-4 = troop level 32
Renascence Hero at level 54-5 = troop level 33
Renascence Hero at level 55-6 = troop level 34
Renascence Hero at level 57-8 = troop level 35

When you renascence your hero it make him or her stronger.  Why did i Recommendation that you have to had at least 3 RENASCENCE HEROES before relocate to new location, here are the advantage and disadvantage.

Level up your temple for other benefits
Collect more silver when you go to mine battle because the higher the temple the higher you can gather the silver

Can’t farm for crops
Can’t mine for silver because the level of them are very strong (level 70)
Can’t do good on daily quest (losing silvers)
Can’t attack other player because of the restriction level (only few player with high level and stronger because they renascence their hero)
Can’t expedition much because starting mid of troy II are very hard AI (i stuck with HELEN like 15 order or more for trying to pass)
Basically, you lose lots of income from silvers, crops, and prestige from many difference sources.

The penalty for my mistake is that i become stuck and useless for 1 week because i have to wait for my 3 renascence heroes to level up and loss lot of income from many difference sources.

My average income from Monday to Tues. is 120 000 silvers a day         (average loss 80 000 a day)x2=160k
My average income from Wed. to Fri. 150 000 – 200 000 silvers a day    (average loss 120 000 a day)x2=240k
My average income from Sat. to Sun. 150 000 – 240 000 silvers a day    (average loss 150 000 a day)x2=300k
Total 1 week loss = 700k of silver
I am so SAD  and helpless

I advice to many players in IK please dont make the same mistake that i did already. thanks for reading my forum hope for the best to you all.



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