Immortal King Legion Management Guide

Immortal King Legion Management Guide by Toymachine

Server: 01 Zeus
Ingame name: Toymachine

It is important to join a strong,helpful and active League as it will benefit you in many ways.

You will be able to enjoy all the bonus given by alliance’s researches, get help from teammates for alliance battle, seek for advice when you are in lost and the last, but not least, ask high level player to take revenge for you when you get bullied by enemy kingdom

So how to make a legion successful? Here are some tricks:

· Set lowest requirement for member application: This is to ensure that most of the members are active and eager to help the legion to grow. For example, since the game has started few weeks already, our lowest requirement now are players who possess level 30, own 2nd title and donation at least 20k.

· Make sure everyone donates to the league research daily:Why? It is because the researches are bonus that can shared by your league mates, included: increase legion member limit, tax revenue and farm output,prestige gained by percentage, and lengthen farm occupation time. Therefore, it can be an indicator to show how active a legion is.

· Farm/Mine/Subject issues: Well, as the game goes on,these will always be issues, some members feel unfair that why the highest output farm always snatched by others, this is unavoidable since everyone hopes to get the best for himself/herself. However, we will try to make peace on both sides since it is not worth a rally to fight over them. Therefore, try not to steal farm/mine/subject. Respect others to be respected as well

· Farm  Battle: Another indicator for a alliance’s strength. Leader can bid for legion battle each day and harvest the grain if you defeat the enemy, however only 50 members can join this battle. Hence, it is not only depends on number of member you have, but also quality of members you got.Note that members who participate the battle will gain extra legion donation,depends on how well you perform in the war. So, make sure you can get as many members as you can to join the battle.

· Set up a forum or a group: This is the place where Q&A;, discussion and guides found. It is necessary because it helps the member to understand this game better, share their experience and coordinate each other.

·Kick the Inactive!!-Lastly, the members of a alliance that can have is LIMITED,you can only expand it by upgrading legion level or spending gold, hence it is necessary for the officers to take note which members are inactive, sent warning letter to him and ask leader to dismiss him out of the legion if he doesn’t take immediate action.

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