Immortal King Battle Strategy Guide

Immortal King Battle Strategy Guide by lord_vampire

there is three type of attack pandor
skill – magic – ordinary attack
mage tend to weak for ordinary attack
soldier tend to weak for magic attack
skill attack soldier have a weakness that need alot of moralizing shout that military band have or support of pandora nymph dance. they also too depend on their skill attack user and the battle could be considered end when it lose
mage have better attack and they doesnt get affected by your equpment status but can be reduced by gem or holy shield at academy. they have  a weakness is their often missable attack mostly of them are for individual attack
ordinary attack have better variety of area attack that can penetrate enemies line disregard of enemy frontline and the best percentage of succeded attack but they dont have great damage compare other

for mage the title arcmage considered upgrade of non
for skill attack pick the most lethal damage and area it affected

make use of them for certain status boost or just expploting enemy array formation weakneses

keep increasing this technology certain status that suit your strategy. and it will ad new technolgy at 5 level upgrade

mage not need sword but it will increase their soldier a bit
skill attack and ordinary attack user dont need book but it will increase ther soldier bit

mage has book as their main weapon
skill attack user has mount as their main weapon
ordinary attack has blade as their main weapon

my opinion if u want to for strong army with less gold pick skill coz they little need treatment in army instead focusing in their skill attack user
if u like frontal attack that use great damage as brute strength pick mage
if u like more variety of strategies army pick ordinary attack

surely u could combine the each advantage of the clan

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