Immortal King Silver Battle Strategy Guide

Immortal King Silver Battle Strategy Guide by Toymachine

Every summer at 20:30 to 21:30 server time,Silver Battle will be held. Every one must join this to earn a lot of silver. The higher city hall you upgrade, the more silver you extract from mine.

Flag                Faction
Red flag       – Hell (top)
Green Flag   – Heaven (left)
Blue Flag      – Ocean (right)

blitz: increase army dmg by 10%
bulwark: increase def by 10%
prolong: increase winning streak
abide: increase winning streak

How to get tons of silver:

1. Before the Silver Battle start,Volunteer/Draft to make your reserves full. Buy some grains on the black market when the price is 0.5.

2.As the Silver Battle start. Rush to the front line mine.There is no point camping at the back. Remember you have 2min harvest cd and the only way to reduce it is to attack other kingdom mine.

3. Watch closely your harvest and move cd. When your move cd is below 10s. There is no point attacking just attack after you harvest.

4. Check if the mine is crowded. Move to a mine that is abundant or normal.

5. If your kingdom is winning just maintain the borders. Dont occupy all the mines in the map because it will cause the other 2 kingdom ally.

6. Say your coordinates and if you are booted back to camp, shout to the kingdom chat who booted you and what is his location.

7. If you can see x2 output mine. Just move to the mine when you are about to harvest. Don’t camp at that mine because many bully cardwill be thrown to you.

Conclusion: Team work is the key for success.

PS: If you see something wrong. Please tell me

Additional Info

There are 2 others function in the silver mine battle
1. Strike (bottom left corner)
2. Disturb (bottom left corner)

1. To get the Strike Function is u have to attack a lot (i dont know how many attack you need to get it because i was so concentration on getting silver and having fun battle too)
2. To get the Disturb Function is u have to defense a lot

The Strike function is when you try to attack use that so u have a chance to attack first.

The Disturb function is when u see the mine that occupy by the enemies (like 2xmine) use the Disturb function.  It will increase time for all in mining, battle, waiting time, increase by 30 seconds.

Time is very important in the mine battle because TIME IS MONEY

The key to make lots of silver without many problem is you move in the mine that you want  and MINE it then move right out and if you see the enemies move back dont try to fight if you are a low level.  Try to get the silver without any distract because when you are move or in battle mode at the mine it will accumulate the time. CD CD CD

Julia Ceaser

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