Immortal King Creating a Good Army Guide

Immortal King Creating a Good Army Guide by moldavo

Server:02 Poseidon and 01 Zeus
Ingame name: Ghoul


All you know that to get better armies you must up highter lvl of equipment or to get new skills..
Remember that, before up grade of an item, look with type of attack has the hero.

A skilled hero(Heracles for example) Need highter horse lvl, cuz it makes him to hit better and more accuratly. Also a good lvl weapon its very useffull for him.

A mage hero, to be a good one, you should up him faster you can to lvl 17, because at this lvl you can wear A book.Horse or weapon isn’t necessarily to up.

A hero like Alice, need to get better defence suits and better weapon.

The items that you up for each hero, makes the difference when you just started to play.
My personal recommendation, is to up your items to lvl 15 and to up your hero’s most important items to 10 lvl more than the others.

The torso and the cloack are items that all heros need.

It’s better to centrate in 1 hero than in all four at the same time, so in training method, up your hero to a high lvl and then train others.Mages min lvl is 17.

To make easier for mages, you must up your your academy to lvl 30 to get special ability to hit highter.

Attacking NPCs

Before attack any NPC creatures, look at Check the battle reports button, so you can make a strategy before and don’t lose time and unit.

If the NPC has Mages, then try to use an array that gets 2 units space, where you put 1 mage and 1 mele unit(Alice) in front of the mage units.

If the NPC has catapults or any other type of units who hit more than 1 unit at same time (Catapults, Burning Gold…) then to use the same strategy like with mages.

If there are mages who attacks all at same time, dont worry about them, they have poor chance to hit, so concentrate on other units before them.

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