Golden Age Basic Game Guide

Golden Age Basic Game Guide by electro

Welcome to Golden Age!

We are sure you will find that Golden Age offers one of the most advanced strategy experiences available for a web game. However, with so much to do – there is a lot to learn. This is a basic intro guide to get you started, For an in depth game guide, please read here

The First Step

The very first thing you need to do is create your Sire. This will be your avatar in the game, and you cannot delete or remake them, so choose carefully!

Each faction has their own personal perk:
Ibero Alliance: Can increase their cities defense against attackers
Rhine Commerce Guild: Can boost the resource output of their cities.
Templars: Can increase the amount of soldiers they recruit each week.

The Golden Age

There are two main phases of Golden Age: Sire Mode, and City Mode.

In sire mode, you can complete quests and speak with NPC’s to raise your sire into a king of legends. In City mode, you raise your town and conquer resources to make a kingdom fit for your king!

In order to switch between the two modes click on the Icons displayed below.(You do not have a city right away, you must first complete the introductory quests.)

A.) City Mode: Once you are given a city, you can click on the icon here to view that city in city mode.

B.) VIP: If this icon is lit yellow, you have VIP status. VIP status means you get more daily allowance, more resources, more hero quests, more tarot deviations and many other perks! In order to become a VIP player, you must purchase a VIP card from the item mall.

C.) Sanctum City: Press this button to warp back to Sanctum City in sire mode if you are in city mode or looking at the battlefield.

D.) The Battlefield: Here you can see the world map, you cities, your armies, and all the nearby wilderness location’s. This is where you control your armies and conquer new lands.

E.) Divination: Every day you can receive 1 Tarot card, which will give you 2 temporary buffs. You can click on these icons at any time to visit Pythia and play the tarot game again.

F.) Status Bar: For a quick look at all your affairs, you can click on the status bar icons to see how long it will take for the following: Building completion, troop movement, battle completion, and fortification.

Sire Mode

Here is the basic Layout of the Sire Mode Screen

1.) Mail: Click here to see incoming messages from players and the game. If you want to send mail, however, you will need to find the Postman NPC in Sanctum City.

2.) Quest Log: This useful window will show you all your quests, including Sire Quests, Hero Quests, Alliance Quests, Daily Quests and Castle quests. There are always more quests to complete, so check this often!

3.) Army: In this window you can keep tabs on all your armies, as well as edit them (provided they are stationed in a castle)

4.) Hero: Here you can check on all your hired heroes. You can also edit their stats if they have leveled, equip any hero gear from your bag, or dismiss them from your army.

5.) Bag: Here is your inventory. You loot is divided up into three categories: Sire, Hero, and Treasure. This is so you don’t confuse Sire equipment with Hero equipment.

6.) Alliance: This is where you access your Alliance window. If you are not yet in an Alliance, this window will not open. If you are, you can access all your alliance functions here.

7.) Land: Here you can keep tabs on all your owned/occupied property.

8.) Rank: Here you can access the game leader boards, and see who is the mightiest in the land!

9.) Friends List: Here you can access your friends list in order to reach those you wish to play with. You can add friends here, and also block players you don’t want to hear from.

10.) Daily Update: This window will provide you with up to date news on the game. You can find out which daily quests are available, as well as see who the top players for the day are.

11.) The Help Window: This opens your in game help guide. We strongly recommend you take a look at this, as it contains a lot of useful knowledge all players should know.

12.) System: Here you can access system options, such as turning off the sound.

13.) Mall: This will take you to the item mall, where you can purchase many items that will make the game more convenient for you. In order to purchase items from the item mall, you will need crowns. To learn more about the item mall, and how you can convert your Aeria Points into crowns, please click

14.) NPC List: Click here to see a list of every NPC in sire mode, and what they do. Furthermore, you can click on their names and you will automatically run to them. The list even tells you which NPCs have quests for you. (Look for yellow exclamations for a new quest, and yellow question marks for a complete quests you can turn in.) We strongly recommend using this list.

Here is a quick list of NPCs we think you should talk to you play Golden Age. Of course, this is just the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the game, you should get to know every NPC so you don’t miss out on any features of the game – there are a lot of them!

A.) Bernard: The Governor. Speak with this man to progress your main quest and access the instance battle map.

B.) Demetrius: Royal Treasurer Be sure to talk to this man every day you log in! He will give you your daily allowance. This does not roll over, so if you forget to visit him, you lose your free money.

C.) Newbie Instructor Foster: This NPC can activate tutorials that will teach you vital actions you need to know.

City Mode

Once you are given your own town, you can begin building your kingdom. At first, your city will look like this:

1.) City Overview: Here you can see how much of each resource you have, as well as how quickly your city is producing resources. You can also see your gold total and your overall city happiness.

2.) Potential Building: This grey building is not yet built, it is a placeholder. Click on it to bring up your build options. If you can have more than one of the building (such as residence or resource buildings), another placeholder will appear once you build the first.

3.) Admin Hall: This is your Administration Hall, the main hub of your city. The more you upgrade this building, the more types of buildings will be available to you, and the more money you will receive as your allowance.

4.) Overview Icons: Here you can keep an eye on your city. Click on these icons to see an overview of all your buildings, resources, and armies.

5.) Boost Bar: These are your city boosters. Clicking on these will open up an item mall window where you can pick special packages that will boost the resource output of your city, or allow you to build more buildings at any given time. If you want to ramp up fast and become competitive, these are very helpful.

A good idea is to press the L key and check the “NAME” tab for a list of castle quests. Start from the top and complete these quests to get yourself started and also to earn some resources to help you out along the way.

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