Destiny Online Area Boss Guide

Destiny Online Area Boss Guide by mac

BossLevelMap LevelAreaEXP Reward
Guard’s Man3010~19Bluestone Coast20,000
Carnivorous Grazer4020~24Skyline Grassland80,000
Guard’s Phantom4025~29Skyline Grassland80,000
Sloppy Gardener4530~34Ancient Wasteland140,000
Confused Flower Spirit5035~39Ancient Wasteland200,000
Runaway Bobi6040~44Death Valley300,000
Naughty Bobo6045~49Death Valley300,000
Charming Ape6550~54Lost Hill400,000
Phoenix Wannabe6555~59Lost Hill400,000
Soul Seeker7060~64Lost Hill600,000
Pseudo-Lord-of-Valley7065~69Lost Hill600,000
Bold-eye Wolf8070~74Blue Dragon Swamp800,000
Showoff Zombie8075~79Blue Dragon Swamp800,000
Drowning Fish9080~84Blue Dragon Swamp900,000
Hydrophobia Sprite9085~89Blue Dragon Swamp900,000
Praying Cat9590~94Plume Forest1,000,000
Feather Broom10095~99Plume Forest1,200,000

1. There are 17 Map Bosses of different level in the game.
2. Each Map Boss will spawn in a random map of its corresponding area.
4. The new Map Boss will appear 60 to 70 minutes after the previous one is killed.
5. Once the server is up, all the 17 monsters will spawn simultaneously in the game.
5. If nobody kills the boss, it will linger in the map until the server reboots.

Combat AI
No map bosses mount an active on players but once attacked, it will be awakened and start attacking a random player within its sight.

1. EXP
Every boss gives you a fixed amount of EXP no matter what level you are at. If you’re in a team, the EXP will be distributed as the team mode. E.g. If you’re in a 5-person team, everyone will get 20,000 x 60% = 12,000 EXP.
2. Drops
When a Map Boss is killed, there is a small chance that it will drop some equipment (of same level as the boss’), items or decorations.

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