Destiny Online Level Up Fast Guide

Destiny Online Level Up Fast Guide by opoyo

I think, this article can help you to level up fast as you are newbie in this game or low level (and want to level up) Let’s do this!

  • Mining Quest
    Well, mining quest as we know, that’s a quest from Tribe (Minimum level 2 of the tribe can have this quest)
    And be sure, your char is minimum level 10 or above. And let’s join a tribe (which the tribe is level 2 or above. But, I have a request, level 3 or above, because you can accept this quest many times )
    Apply a tribe at NPC’s tribe Manager (In GPC -> Golden Plume City). Choose Apply a tribe, then choose your tribe (Which you’ll join the tribe) and click Apply on the tribe List Pop Up.
    If your apply have accepted or you have had a tribe? Go to your tribe camp (Talk to NPC’s Tribe Manager and choose Back to Tribe camp). So, go to NPC’s Material manager in your tribe camp. But, you must pay 50k silver first to learn the skill (a skill for can do mining quest ) And enjoy to find many sapphires and Ribies
  • Bounty Hunter
    Go To your NPC’s Finance Manager – mandhulika. Talk to him. And click Bounty Hunter. Wel,, he’ll give you 3 kinds of Bounty Hunter, there are: Easy (more than 200 monsters, you must kill them), Normal (You must kill more than 300 monsters), and Difficult (You’ll kill more than 400 monsters). Well,, hope you’ll accept difficult. Why? Ya, because fo you (Level low than level 55, just can accept this quest 1 time, and level 56 or above, can accept this quest 3 times. Ya, this quest have the limit time )
  • Do Your Scroll
    Go to your NPC’s Class Mentor’s Aide or Grocer. Look, they sell 3 kinds of scroll, like: Training scroll (500 silver), Golden Training Scroll (1,500 silver), and Bluesky Training Scroll (3,000 silver) What’s different? Ya, you’ll kill more than 40 monsters in your map level. ya, same. But, the different is how much will you get the exp? Ya, that’s fluctuate suitable your level. So, I hope you’ll buy bluesky training scroll as your scroll. Why? because you’ll get much exp than other scroll of course although that’s so expensive
  • Join Other Events!
    Events? What’s Event? Ya, like: IQ Test (system will pop up on your game when the event begin, and you just answer the ask), Bunhill Event (This event on NPC’s Bunyamin, look the time of the event), WS (Wild-spawn Spectre -> It’ll will spawn in GPC when the time begin), Shadow-land (You must team up with your master or your apprentice and bring many POs. The Go to NPC’s Resident Kailash), Labyrinth (You’ll get much silver, many items, and nice EXP, just go to NPC’s Ulrika. And your mission just find an elite every map and a captain every map of level 5, 13, and 21), and finally, Dungeon Event ( an event which you must team up with your same level map, but don’t forget to bring 1 moon gem every join 1 dungeon. the limit can join is 5 times)

Hope, you can level up fast as you want in this game. but, don’t forget with your skill okay? Cure your skill too.
Enjoy explore in the game!

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