Destiny Online Pet Farm Guide

Destiny Online Pet Farm Guide by mac

Introduction Lesson: What is Pet Farm?

Pet Farm is based in a land where you can set to work and raise the monsters you capture, some of whom, if taken good care of according to the Pet Tome, will evolve into your Guardian Spirit by living inside a pet doll and making it a Soul item with extraordinary powers. In other words, it is where you can get equipment with stat bonuses.

* The 5 different colors stand for the 5 elements, Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Metal.

Lesson 1: Building the Pet Farm

To establish the Pet Farm, you need to reach Level 10, then find the Pet Farm Handler in Golden Plume City. After paying her 1000 Silver as a start-up fee, you will get an empty plot to work on. Running the Pet Farm is a heavy consumer of time and money. Don’t rush the activation if you’re not prepared yet.

Lesson 2: Meet your Assistants

You are now free to teleport into your Pet Farm from the Handler. 3 young ladies, the Pet Farm Manager, Worker Pet Specialist and Pet Trainer, are waiting patiently for you to arrive.

Pet Farm Manager
Provides you with all the must-know guides and carries out the daily maintenance at the cost of 1 Security Point. Your Worker Pets will attempt to escape once Security drops low.
Worker Pet Specialist
Supervises the Worker Pets and pays their wages
Pet Trainer
Tames the Trainee Pets according to the Pet Tome

Lesson 3: Meet the Worker Pets
Worker Pets are the important workforce of the Pet Farm. To cultivate a wild pet into a loyal guardian spirit, you will need to feed them with five kinds of Element Energy, produced only by Worker Pets.

How to Obtain a Worker Pet
To get a Worker Pet, you need to buy a Cyan or Rose Snare Kit from the Grocer first.

Cyan Snare Kit
A modernized hunting setup that can hold up to 100 monsters of the same species
Rose Snare Kit
A modernized hunting setup that can hold up to 500 monsters of the same species

The usage of the Snare Kit is similar to that of Fairy Rope: select a pet and then right click the Snare Kit to capture it. A Snare Kit can only accommodate a limited number of monsters of the same species and once put in, they cannot be taken out again.

Start Working
Press G to give Worker Pet Specialist your Snare Kit with the captured monsters inside, and she will tame the wild monsters inside into diligent Worker Pets. Don’t forget to deposit some Silver with the Worker Pet Specialist as their wages, or they will slack off in their work.

* Press G to give the Snare Kit containing captured monsters to the Worker Pet Specialist

Lesson 4: Meet the Trainee Pet
Taming and evolving pets is a work of delicacy and skill. There are numerous ways to cultivate a single pet and therefore you need to follow step by step, the Pet Tome. This is a record of briefs and practices concerned with communications with the spirit world developed by ancient Shamans. Once you have obtained a Pet Tome, you can easily tell what pet you need from its description. eg. If you have a Bobi Halo Tome, you will need to capture a Bobi to be your Trainee Pet first.

Obtaining the Trainee Pet
Simply use Fairy Ropes to capture any monsters that you wish to cultivate as a Trainee Pet and then go to Pet Trainer to start
the exciting project.

Trainee Pet Status

Lesson 5: Evolution
Above is an introduction to the overall structure of Pet Farm. Now, let’s move onto the taming and evolution part.

Step 1. Read the Pet Tome
You will get a free Pet Tome from the Pet Farm Manager for the first time. Then it will be dropped after you kill a monster.
If we get a “Bobi Knapsack Tome”

From this description, we can tell that this tome is about how to have a Bobi Spirit possessing a Bobi Doll so we need to capture a lovely Bobi as our Trainee Pet (It doesn’t need to be a Babe Pet. An ordinary Bobi will do.)

Step 2. Obtain a Trainee Pet
Use a Fairy Rope to capture a Bobi, and then go back to the Pet Farm to talk to Pet Trainee choosing “Put in/Take out Trainee Pets”

* Put in Bobi

You will find that your Bobi appears in the in the center of the Pet Farm. Left click on it to interact.

Step 3. Equip with the Tome
After you put in the Trainee Pet, talk to Pet Trainer to “Check Trainee Pet Status” and equip it with the corresponding tome.

And the status panel will show the essentials the Trainee Pet needs according to the tome.

From the before and after screenshots, we can see that:
1. The Trainee Pet needs to be fed 10 times before its ultimate evolution.
2. The minimum intake every time is 10 points/Element
3. The total intake of every Element is different as follows in this example:


Step 4. Work Out the Unit Intake

With the information we get, we have to work out how many Element points to feed the Trainee Pet, because to successfully evolve into the Spirit, the Trainee Pet needs to eat the exact amount of elements that the tome requires after being fed 10 times.

ElementTotal /Feed TimesUnit Intake

Step 5. Collect Worker Pets
Based on the Unit Intake we deduced, we can now get down to collecting Worker Pets. Every pet produces different amount of different element. What we need here is 10 Ugly Ducklings, 30 Bobos, 10 Grey Mice, 15 Bobis and 20 Chipmunks (For more info about monster’s element and their productivity, please refer to theWorker Pet Encyclopaedia)

Simply use Snare Kits to capture the monsters and give them to Worker Pet Specialist.
Don’t forget to put some Silver at Worker Pet Specialist to be Worker Pets’ wages. They will be on strike if not getting paid in time.

Step 6. Increase Health and Pleasure
Besides Element Energy and Unit Intake, there are two more indexes of great important to the evolution of the Trainee Pet—-Health and Happiness. Both of them gradually diminish as the time being but you can help the Trainee Pet increase them by chatting or finishing its quest such as puzzles and item request.

Step 7. Evolve
To successfully evolve the Trainee Pet, the following conditions need to be reached simultaneously.
1. The times the trainee pet has been fed consist with what the Tome required.
2. The amounts of the 5 Elements the Trainee Pet has eaten consist with what the Tome required when all the feeds are completed. No more, no less.
3. Trainee Pet’s Health and Happiness reach what the Tome requires. (The higher the level the pet is, the more Health and Pleasure it will need.)
4. There is a corresponding Monster Doll in your backpack. For example, what we need here is a “Bobi Doll”

* Yay, I got a Bobi Knapsack. How cute!

Lesson 6: Review
Do you have a clear picture about how Pet Farm works? Let’s go over some key points in the tutorial.

1Find the “Pet Farm Handler” in Golden Plume City to establish your own Pet Farm when you reach Level 10.
2Enter the Pet Farm and talk to the “Pet Farm Manager” to learn the basic Intake.
3Check the Pet Tomes you have in your backpack and decide which one to use.
4Use a Fairy Rope to capture a pet to be your Trainee Pet
5Give the Trainee Pet to Pet Trainer
6Open the panel of Trainee Pet Status and equip it with the Tome
7Calculate how many Element points the Trainee Pet needs to eat every time
8Use Blue or Pink Snare Kits to capture pets of different elements to be your Worker Pets
9Give Snare Kits to Worker Pet Specialist
10Collect Worker Pets and pay some advance wages
11Start Training
12Interact with the Trainee Pet to increase its Health and Pleasure
13Evolve the Trainee Pet after all the feeds are completed
14Successful evolution = having correct Feed Times, Total Elements and a corresponding Monster Doll
15Donate at Pet Farm Manager to increase Security to prevent Worker Pets’ escape from Pet Farm

Worker Pet Encyclopedia

1Ugly DucklingWater1
4Grey MouseEarth1
6Rain ElfWater2
7Sunny ElfFire2
9Rolling ChickEarth2
10Wild CalfAir2
11Grassland GuardWater3
12Guard CaptainFire3
13Onion HeadMetal3
14Vivid FlowerEarth3
15Blue RabbitAir3
16Heart FlowerWater4
17Mystic ChestFire4
19Mini TurtleEarth4
20Colored TurtleAir4
21Tomb ApeWater5
22Charming BeeFire5
23Soul BirdMetal5
24Swift DragonEarth5
26Yellow StonemanWater6
27Wild BullFire6
28Blue StonemanMetal6
29Bloody WolfEarth6
30Wind Chime BirdAir6
32Blue CrabFire7
33Demon ManMetal7
34Deity PenEarth7
36Enchanted GhostWater8
37Fortune KittyFire8
38Sky EagleMetal8
39White Polar BearEarth8
41Magic FishWater9
42Happy FrogFire9
45Skeleton SoldierAir9
46Evil MantisWater10
47Crown BirdFire10
48Golden StatueMetal10
49Fire BirdEarth10
50Spider BullAir10
51Wraith BatWater11
52Demon DragonFire11
53Headless SwordmanMetal11
54Skeleton GeneralEarth11
55Iron SpiderAir11
56Sword GuardianWater12
58Jade FairyMetal12
59Tornado HorseEarth12
60Ancient GiantAir

Pet Tome

Mutant Pet
TomeProductivityScreenshotStatsPet Doll
Grassland Guard TomeMutant Grassland Guard130130Grassland Guard Doll
Guard Captain TomeMutant Guard Captain130130Guard Captain Doll
Onion Head TomeMutant Onion Head130130Onion Head Doll
Mystic Chest TomeMutant Mystic Chest130130Mystic Chest Doll
Scarecrow TomeMutant Scarecrow130130Scarecrow Doll
Mini Turtle TomeMutant Mini Turtle130130Mini Turtle Doll
Colored Turtle TomeMutant Colored Turtle130130Colored Turtle Doll
Soul Bird TomeMutant Soul Bird130130Soul Bird Doll
Yellow Stoneman TomeMutant Yellow Stoneman130130Yellow Stoneman Doll
Wild Bull TomeMutant Wild Bull130130Wild Bull Doll
Blue Stoneman TomeMutant Blue Stoneman130130Blue Stoneman Doll
Wind Bhime Bird TomeMutant Wind Bhime Bird130130Wind Bhime Bird Doll
Condor TomeMutant Condor130130Condor Doll
Magic Fish TomeMutant Magic Fish130130Magic Fish Doll
Happy Frog TomeMutant Happy Frog130130Happy Frog Doll

Notice of Pet Farm and some FAQs

Since Pet Farm was released, we received numerous questions from our excited players about how Pet Farm works or why they couldn’t get the desired items. We’d like to share with you some must-know points and frequently asked questions here. Hopefully they will help you get the hang of Pet Farm soon.

1. Once you get a Pet Tome, please read the description carefully to learn the targeted product and what Trainee Pet you need, before you get started.

# Product: Rabbit Ears; Required Trainee Pet: Blue Rabbit

2. Make sure you equip your Trainee Pet with a corresponding Pet Tome before starting to tame it.
If you put in a Trainee Pet and start taming without a Pet Tome, you will end up receiving a corresponding Monster Card.

# If you start taming Blue Rabbit without equipping it with Rabbit Ears Tome, you will only get a Blue Rabbit card.

3. When all the feeds are finished, if the actual total intake doesn’t consist with what the pet requires, you will get a Tome of Experience instead of what the tome reads.

FAQ about Pet Farm:
Q: What can I get from Pet Farm?
A: In the basic Pet Farm (what has been released as far), you can cultivate a pet into a mutant pet or monster-related avatar items. More functions will be added in the future.

Q: Where can I get Pet Tomes?
A: Pet Tomes are dropped by the corresponding monsters. Eg. Scarecrows drop Mutant Scarecrow Tomes and Sunny Elves drop Sunny Elf Knapsack Tome. Pet Farm Manager will give you a Bobi Halo Tome for free after you listen to all her introductions to Pet Farm.

Q: Where can I get Pet Dolls?
A: Similar to Pet Tomes, Pet Dolls are dropped by their corresponding monsters. Eg. Heart Flowers drop Heart Flower Dolls and Blue Rabbits drop Blue Rabbit Dolls. Some dolls are available at Merchant Anouska’s lucky draw as well.

Q: How do I feed my Trainee Pet?
A: Once you click “Start Taming” at Pet Trainer, the Worker Pets will start produce Elements to feed the Trainee Pet automatically. Make sure you put enough Silver at Worker Pet Specialist as their wages, or they will be on strike.

Q: How do I increase my Trainee Pet’s Health and Happiness?
A: To increase its Health and Happiness, you need to talk to your Trainee Pet from time to time and meet its demands.

Trainee Pet’s Request

To increase your Trainee Pet’s Health and Happiness, you need to fulfill its numerous weird demands; otherwise he will lose its temper and refuse to evolve.

Talk to the Trainee Pet from time to time, and he will give you the following quest randomly:

1. Bottomless Pit
– “Master, I’m soooo hungry. Can you give me a XXX, please? You don’t want to starve, do you?”
Press G to give your Trainee Pet what he wants within 10 minutes, and its Health will increase by 5 points.

2. Bad Temper
– “Hum!!”
Keep talking to the Trainee Pet in the next 10 minutes until it says “Can you please chat with me from time to time, master? Or I will pretend to be angry again” and its Happiness will increase by 5 points.

3. Gashapon Grab
– “Master, can you play Gashapon Grab with me? #56The first one who makes it to 21 will be the winner.”
Click on Yes to start playing Gashapon Grab with the Trainee Pet.

4. Quiz
– “I’m the Doctor of Pet Farm. You don’t believe me? Can you take my challenge? “
The Trainee Pet will ask you 5 questions about Pet Farm. For every correct answer, its Happiness will increase by 3 points.

5. The Lost Toy
– “Master, bad news! My toy went missing!”
A ball will appear at a random spot of your Pet Farm. Please find it and press G to give it back to the Trainee Pet within 20 minutes, and its Health will increase by 10 points.

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