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Cross Fire Frequently Asked Questions by Simrock

A CrossFire FAQ:
Well, I want to clear few things out, because many people are only requesting/talking about the same thing, again and again. You might get some good news/infos by the same time also! Let’s get started!


Why bother suggesting in this forum, Z8/G4 don’t even care about our suggestion?
It’s completely false. In facts: DSR-1, Winchester-S, P90 Camo are the most known weapons that has been suggested from our forum. G4 only suggest to the Dev the idea that are the most accurate. But, the Dev have the final word on anything, they decide, not G4, deal with it. Also, if you don’t try, you will never know if it could have been accepted (You never know what you can do until you try) Just keep trying and the fact that you want it, doesn’t mean that the others want it. If alot of people want it, they will most likely (not 100% sure) get it. See want FallenAngel tried to do? He made few nice suggestions, players replied with their thought, but wasn’t enough for the Dev apparently, atleast he tried and still try occasionnaly. On a side note: CrossFire PH community suggested a new SPOP character: “SPOP-X” and they got it.

So, it means if I request an existing map from another version and everyone agree with me, we will get it, right?
Yes and no. You don’t need to ask for maps, because we will get them anytime soon, they have a schedule of release. The fact you request it, will not make it come faster. Just be patient and enjoy the maps we get. Also stop crying about “too much MM/HM maps”, we GOT ALL OF THEM, so stop crying. We’ll get more S&D;/TD/GM/EM and Esc.

“We have a schedule for every release Sir. We will announce when it is reaching our islands.” Quoted from [GM]Ayla from CrossFire Philippines.

When is Laboratory-2 coming?

Can’t be more clear.

Laboratory-3 then?
Be patient, we will get it, as well for Tranquility GM.

Many people post hacker thread, should I make one, so G4Box would wake up?
Trust me, they are FULLY AWARE of the hacking situation, also, Wise Logic (X-Trap) do the patch, not G4. Of course, they have their anti-hack system, but it’s something THEY made, so it’s not as huge as X-Trap. But still block alot of hackers. If you ever need to complain to WiseLogic (X-Trap), you can learn Korean and complain on their official website:

So, people saying: “I want hack patch and no new content”, can you just stop already?

We want De_Dust2, D:
Dust2 (S&D;, TD, FFA, MM, HM), Inferno (S&D;), Aztec (S&D;) are the most known maps in CrossFire China, in fact, who doesn’t know Dust2? Are we going to get them? The answer is no. Unless a GM say the opposite, it’s not coming. Why? Because QQ Tencent and Smilegate probably bought the right for using these maps in CrossFire China. Of course, you might think: why Z8 don’t buy the rights? It’s kinda different and also hard to explain.

The only exception are CS_Estate and Fy_Iceworld, which are Stronghold and Crossroad but highly edited (textures) but 90% same layout.

How about Abandonned Warehouse?
Same thing, it’s a map from Sudden Attack.

Atleast Elite Mode?
Keep dreaming, (Miracle can still happen tho…)

When is Challenge Mode coming? (Zombie/AI/Mission Mode)?
Challenge Mode is now coming on September 15, 2011. Currently, that is all the moderators and players know about this September’s patch.
I want [insert weapon name here] silver for BP!
Why do you guys keep thinking it has to be silver? I mean, yes M4 and AK are silver, but BP =/= Silver necessarily. For some reason, it ticks me off a whole lot. Ask for K2 Camo, I don’t know, but can you just vary, please?

Barrett M82 anyone?
Many of you may ask why I’m against that sniper. Just because it’s overpowered? Well, yes. It’s an one shot sniper, very heavy, 100% wallbang, slow reload, etc. It’s pretty slow between the shot, but you can easily quick switch and gain alot of time to kill your enemy faster and not beeing disavantaged at all. Do we really need this?

Also, many already suggested to give it to the Hero (random between Fal or Barrett). I’m sorry to tell you this, but some of the HM players can’t handle the Fal Camo. Also, not everyone is good enough to snipe in MM/HM.

Even if it was restricted for MM/HM only, it’s too powerful. You may think: SO? MUTANTS ARE TOO OP ANYWAY. That’s false (more info below AN94). Mutants die way to fast, they don’t even try to come close to you and just run away. Finally, they get killed through the wooden crates where they were hiding. So nerf it to 100hp/Headshot like in CrossFire Japan? What would be the point of adding it then?

Just stop asking for it, I mean, I think Saidin and all the others were clear enough about this. However, if we ever get it, you may laugh at me as much as you want, I will not care, I have my opinion, that’s all.

Come on, add AN94 already,
I’m not against that weapon at all, but there’s still one thing that bother me with that gun. You guys always beg for weapons and once you get them, you call them “Noob Cannon” most of time. Explain pl0x? I mean, yes, it’s like a better AK47, low recoil, very accurate, good power, etc. It will come eventually, but for god sake, please, DO NOT CRY ABOUT IT.

Mutants are too much overpowered.
That’s completly false. There’s a huge difference between overpowered mutants and lack of teamwork. Of course, lack of teamwork is only 50% of the problem. Which means if most of the players would teamwork, they would have 50% more chance of surviving. Even if you fail, who cares? You tried, that’s the most important thing, well for me. If I know I did good, what should I be mad? Just try, test, fail, and try again with your friends.

But the major problem that can be behind that “overpowered mutants” fact, which is the other 50%: the lagg. We’re all aware of that problem. Even for myself I hate this, but we need to deal with it, there’s nothing else we can do about it. It’s up to the Dev to solve this. Either by caping the Ping or giving license to G4Box/Z8games to make a new server, etc.

I’ve already talked a little bit about X-Trap above, but I decided to make a little board to see a few improvements:


That beeing said, I will leave some questions (some personal and some general) to the GMs/MODs. They are free to edit my post to answer in red under the questions, if possible, to make it clear to everyone,

#1: Is everything Simrock said is true? If not, edit and add additional info in red.
[Insert Answer here]

#2: Is the gatling sound effect going to be changed for the one in CrossFire china? Video:
[Insert Answer here]

#3: Why is the Mutation background music has been removed? It adds a great ambience to the mode,
[Insert Answer here]

#4: Is Merida going to be in Mutation soon? Same for Sewers TD into Elimination, like in CrossFire China?
[Insert Answer here]

#5: Anything you can say regarding blockers in Mutation/Hero Mode. Also for the Flash/Smoke abuse inside every spot in the maps.
[Insert Answer here]

#6: Regarding lagging/low FPS peoples in Mutation/Hero Mode, it makes the mutants impossible to hold. Anything to say?
[Insert Answer here]

#7: Always about FPS, I know you are aware of the ladder problem with people having high FPS. Any update/info you can share?
[Insert Answer here]

#8: It is possible to block ATLEAST 500+ ping? It would cut half of the problem. I’ve seen many stable 1k and people spiking up into the 10K+…
[Insert Answer here]

#9: Why our Type89 sound like there’s a silencer? It should sounds like the 2nd one in this video:
[Insert Answer here]


That’ll be all for now, if any questions that is impossible to answer for any reason, either delete it or write: “Can’t be answered” or whatever. Thank you in advance, sorry for speaking about other CrossFire versions, but few thing needed to be clear. If there’s any spelling mistake or whatever, just stay calm and let me know.

Sincerly, Simrock007.

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