C21 Steel Battle Chronicles Online Tips

C21 Steel Battle Chronicles Online Tips by MickeyMous, MarsRover and steen

-Use the 2x multipliers with high level mission so you wont waste them and also get alot of C$

-If you do 10 or more Gacha in Manimo de Gacha SP, its easier to get Sturmbanor(or something like that)

-Never build heavy robots without good legs or good (rockets?) they will be very slow and painful to do mission

– Try not to make your overweight bots too overweight. A few tonnes higher than the limit is fine, but if its 20+ tonnes higher, the bot will consume more EN from dashing and moving while firing.

– Bots dont need too much weapons/armament. Try to balance out the number of main and sub attacks so that its easier to handle. Having 5+ different main/sub attacks is not a very good choice.

– Have 2 AMs with the same built in main attack attached to the same BD to make them fire at the same time. Like the boiledeck AMs for example.

– The sturbangor BD is infact, the best ever for long range missile spamming. Higher levels makes it do more dmg. But make sure to have close range weapons along with it just incase peeps gets too close.

– Try not to get your bots killed, switch to other bots if your bot have its health lower than 100. This is due to the simple fact that repairing your bots is WAY cheaper than reviving them.

-Like playing AIRs in CB, watch your EN. This applies to all bots (esp. those equipped with stronger and rapid-firing weapons). You don’t want to overheat, or waste your EN recovs (just because you didn’t notice it was still around 60%).

-Seek cover if possible, especially if you need to recover EN. Depending on the situation, this can give you a breather, and possibly save you an EN recov.

-Remember to keep one of those Gate/Jump items, especially if you’re going to those areas where you can’t use TAB to enlarge the map, or those areas where monsters are too strong for you (I remember getting one-shotted twice at Stormy Sea of Tarwin).

-Brickgale BS is probably the best BS when you need to get to some high elevation quickly. It has some problems with heavier bots, though.

-When it’s finally the official start, make sure you do all your businesses in danger zones ASAP (while everyone still has starter bots). After a couple of days, you might want to avoid those esp. on more populated dimensions, unless you have a super durable bot.

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