Brawl Busters Tricks, Tips and Strategies Guide

Brawl Busters Tricks, Tips and Strategies Guide by Nexci

General Tips

1. Stalking is important to fast classes don’t let up. If the target is running away keep running at him

2. Strength in numbers, even stronger if its a Blitzer Train. Its a dishonorable fighting game got to get those kills anyway possible.

3. Running heals. If you need to heal Run! But don’t take to long around 50-65 Hp is good.

4. Block off runners. If your Playing a FireFighters or you have some on teams use a wall to block off the Phone Booths from being used.

5. Stun is a Brawlers best friend. Stun the target or at least make him/her cant attack.

6. the game just came out. how can there be hackers? If you get good be expected to be kicked for winning to often.

7. Use the propain tanks or oil drums. Use the environment to your advantage.

8. Don’t spawn camp. why? the Resurrected gets a infinite heath boost for a short amount of time unless your in a party.

9. Kiosk camp. Get the boost from the kiosk. Extra speed means a get away or a kill, extra defense means a better chances of living, and health is self explanatory.

10. Get the loser with the very bad ping on the other team side. Don’t want lagers on your squad.

These tips are from Jacknubb’s Thread. All Credit goes to Jack for these tips.

1. If you’re getting stomped by a well stacked team alt+f4 is the only thing you can do;

2. When you see a boxer the only way to escape is to kill him;

3. You can easily bypass the firefighter’s wall with a simple doublejump. Dont try to destroy it or you’ll get riddled in the meantime.

4. The best way to approach a blitzer is to attack as second.

5. If a slaughter is focussing at you, make sure you’re surrounded by hittable parts of the scenario, his bullets will magically hit them instead of you.

6. If your character has the double jump feature, use it at your advantage, pretend to fall down and then come back from da hell and judge him!

7. Boxers can actually fly in the ”Brawl factory” map.

8. Rockers are lame only if they get directly approached, backstabbing them is the best thing you can do.

9. The propain tanks deal lot of damage, use them before your opponent does!

10. When you play glow rush think before chasing a low hp player, it’s not the team with more kills that wins, it’s the one with more glows!

11. When you have 0 glows in glow rush just go a kamikazeing aroud the map, your death is worthless.

12. When you see a low hp runner you better hit him at least once, you’ll reset his hp regen bar.

13. Someone is fleeing through the phone boot? Continue hitting also 0-1 secs after he got teleported, you’ll still deal damage to him!

14. Buy some clothes, being cool and pretty makes you unique! There’re customization features, use them!

15. Do not think that hiding behind the napalm fire is a good idea, if you’re low hp anyone can just go through it and finish you.

16. If the match is being unfair because one of your teammate got d/c just press ”Del” and select ”cancel match”.

17. Rockers can snipe.

General Single person Stratagy

On Your ***: Folow the singel target and wound him/her severly then leave him for dead aka your team mates kill him. Its fast and covers ground.
Difficulty; 3/5
Teamwork: 4/5
other:Team work is important. A Runner can be of use for quick in and out damage and Kiosk camping. One to two Runners can be used.

Ninja That!: Boxers and fast classes wait in the shadows and when u find a target with low health kill it!
TeamWork: 3/5
Other: Not just Fast classes any class can play the ninja role 

Unoffical team roles

These roles are not essential to a team but are important to know. Most games requires you to be adaptive to what is givin to you and your team. [/I]be like water. Don’t be the cup[/I]

Sparten: tank player. The first one to take all the major hits for the team. The very ****y or advanced player on the team. The most aggressive player.

Ninja: sniper player. The dirty and sneakiest player on your team. By waiting and looking for players who have low health and quicky kills them or chases them in a corner. Also a player who takes a few health out of a target and runs off.

Scout: runner player. Important to have in a glow game. This player hogs a good number of glow and just carries it the whole match. This guy can cause a lot of frustration on the other team and can make them disorganized.

Demo: the crowd controll player. A kiosk hog and the bomber player. A area of effect class recommended. Gets the buffs for your team and usually sends a crowd of enemy players flying.

Unofficial player roles for a pvp team… Feel free to add to this guide.

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