Brawl Busters Boxer Beginner Guide

Brawl Busters Boxer Beginner Guide by Jealous

The Boxer is the fastest Class in Brawl Busters.

Abilitys :

+ Fast running Speed
+ Moderate damage

– Low HP
– No Stuns

Primary and Secondary Attacks :

Left Click :

Up to a 3 Hit Combo

Right Click :

Powerfull Dash with Destructive Force

Special Attack – Left Click and Right Click at same (no upgrade) :

Release a Storm of Fire Fist in Vertical Line towards your enemys

Evading (all Classes) :

Shift + Direction Key (Left,Down,Right)

You can Strike after Evading!

Shift + Direktion Key -> Left Click


If you get Hit by Bombs or Uppercuts, just Jump while you are in the Air.
You will land safely.

Combo and Tactics :

Up and Down!

Need good Timing.

This is a easy move to pull up.
First you have to Strike your Enemy with the 3 Hit Combo (Left Click Spam).
If the last hit connects your enemy will lift up to the air, in this Moment you have to press Right Click to Dash to your enemy and Pick him up in the air. And Start again 4 hit Combo.

+ High Damage Combo
+ use it behind an Enemy

Endless Fall!

Need good Evading Coordination.

First you have to Evade toward your Enemy.
If you are close your target aim at it and Press left Click.
The Strike will lift you enemy up to the Air.
now Evade again toward your Target and Left click again.
You can juggle your opponent up to 3 times or more.

+ Effective in near of walls ( enemy has no space to escape)
+ non effective to Classes with Double Jump Abilitys.


Surprise Your enemy with this Technic.

If you gets hit Away from Uppercuts or Bombs press Space to AirRecovery.
Then Press Right Click to Dash to your Enemy from Air.

+ Safe from Falling from Edges
+ Momentum of Surprise

General Tipps for Brawling :

Gas Cans

In every Map of Brawl Busters you can find those red Gas Cans wich Explode if they get Hit.
Use this to your Advance!

Examples :

If someone is near a Gas Can start to Hit the Can first. The Explosion will Hit your enemy and you can start your combo. This will bring more damage in your Combo.


Some one is trying to run away cause he’s on low HP. If he runs near a Gas can try to Dash to the Gas Can. The Explosion will finish him.

Items :

You can get Items if you Hit an Enemy or Destroy something in Maps.

The Items and Effects :

Bomb :

When you activate this Item your Character will Cast a Explosion.
Every Enemy around you will get Hit and pushed away.

Camelion :

Your Character will get Invisible while activated.
The duration is Unlimited until you Attack or get Hits by Enemy. (As far as i know)

Paper Box :
Metal Gear Solid?

Every Enemy around you will be unable to attack if activated.
But carefull, they can still Evade or Activate Items.
The Effect will last for 2 Seconds. ( As far is i know)

Blob : idk how to call that Item -__-*

This Item will stick your Enemy to the ground.
Your enemy will not be able to move.
But carefull, he is still able to Attack and use Items.

Matrix Phone Call :

This Item will Teleport you to Spawn Points when Activated.
Sometimes it saves Lifes. But nearly useless. (My Opinion)

This is my Guide for Beginner Boxer.

Hope you like it.

More will come.

If you have other Tricks and Guides just Post it here.

Regards, Jealous!

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