Brawl Busters Classes Guide

Brawl Busters Classes Guide by xColdxFusionx

I noticed there wasn’t a class guide already up, so I figured I’d put one up.

Things marked with a (?) are unknown. I will update them as I figure them out.

HP is question-marked because every class has 100 HP. I don’t know if the “HP” modifiers are regeneration rates or damage buffers, but I will update this when I figure this out.

HP (Highest to Lowest)

1. Blitzer
2. Firefighter
3. Rocker
4. Slugger
5. Boxer

Speed (Highest to Lowest)

1. Boxer
2. Blitzer
3. Rocker
4. Slugger
5. Firefighter

HP: Low (?)
Speed: Low
Role: Ranged Harassment

The Slugger is your designated “sniper” class. He’s based around his homing Abilities, taking potshots at anyone he can see. And sometimes people he can’t.

Basic Attack: Bat
Combo: 2x (?)
Angle: Wide
Speed: Slow
Damage: Low (?)

The Bat is… well… a bat. He doesn’t get much power out of this, so it’s best to use is to knock people away. You don’t usually use it in most fights.

Basic Ability: Triple Shot
Damage: Low/Medium (?)
Range: Very Far

The Slugger shoots 3 baseballs that arc towards whatever or whoever is nearby. I haven’t found a reliable way to make them home in on a specific target, but aiming in the target’s general direction generally helps. This is your main form of harassment when the target’s far away, and does decent damage to structures as well. Getting up close to a kiosk and hitting it with this ability fills up your team’s bar pretty fast.

Special Ability: Power Shot
Damage: Medium/High(?)
Range: Far

The Slugger fires a single, large baseball that explodes on contact. Good power, good knockback, but has a bit of a wonkier aiming system. Hitting your target may take a couple attempts, but when you do, it deals pretty good damage.

HP: High (?)
Speed: Very Low
Role: Crowd Control/Support

The firefighter is a supportive class. All of his attacks and abilities have delaying properties, whether it be knockback or blocking. When applied correctly, he can keep his allies alive and his enemies in the line of fire.

Basic Attack: Fire Hose
Combo: 1x
Angle: Narrow
Speed: Very Fast
Damage: Low

The Fire Hose is similar to the Bat in that it doesn’t do much damage, but it has a nasty knockback. Pushing foes away with this can by you and your teammates time to set up other abilities.

Basic Ability: Water Bomb
Damage: Medium (?)
Range: Far

The Firefighter launches a team-colored water balloon of some sort. It has decent damage and a good knockback on it. You can use it to pester foes from afar, or to hold back enemies to get more time.

Another note: When you’re using this ability, a yellow line extends out from your gun. This is the trajectory of the balloons, so use it to help you aim your shots. It makes for some pretty easy Kiosks and Propane/Gasoline shots.

Special Ability: Buster Wall
Damage: None(?)
Range: Close

The Firefighter drops a wall of energy. It doesn’t do any damage (supposedly it does, but I can’t seem to get it to) or take damage well from Abilities (most can break it in one hit), but it delays opponents who are chasing you or your teammates.

HP: Medium (?)
Speed: Medium
Role: Mid-Range Brawler

A jack of all trades and a master of none, the Rocker combines the AoE and knockback of the Blitzer with the melee prowess of the Boxer and the ranged harrassment of the Firefighter, all while adding his own unique riffs.

Basic Attack: Guitar
Combo: 5x
Angle: Very Wide
Speed: Medium
Damage: Medium

The Guitar is a fun little axe to grind… into your opponents’ faces. It combines a long combo with a wide swing to create one of the better melee attacks in the game.

Basic Ability: Power Chord
Damage: Medium (?)
Range: Medium

The Rocker plays a chord and zaps whoever happens to be in front of him. It’s a great harrassment tool against anyone who underestimates its range.

Special Ability: Sonic Bomb
Damage: Medium/High(?)
Range: Close

The Rocker charges up and plays a chord that creates an explosion around him. This is a great recovery tool if you notice several opponents trying to rush you at the same time. When they get too close, however, you’re better off hitting them in the face with your guitar.

HP: Very Low (?)
Speed: Very Fast
Role: Melee Rush/Damage

The Boxer is your Scout/melee rush class. Letting a boxer into close range is just asking for a beating. He’s especially nasty if you can get behind someone and catch them off-guard.

Basic Attack: Punch
Combo: 3x
Angle: Medium
Speed: Fast
Damage: Medium/High (?)

JAB! HOOK! UPPERCUT! The one-two-three punch that is the Boxer’s melee is one of the more effective ones in the game. Beating people down is one of your better options.

Basic Ability: Rocket Punch
Damage: Medium
Range: Close

The Boxer activates his glove-jets and rushes forward. Tagging someone with this is a great way to set up for a combo or sneak in a kill on someone trying to escape. It moves about the same speed as a normal run, so it’s handy in a chase. If you don’t hit with it, though, you’ll stop in place, giving your prey a little more breathing room, so make sure you judge your distances right.

Special Ability: Rush Down (I know this isn’t the official name, but I can’t remember it. Sorry.)
Damage: Medium(?)
Range: Close

The Boxer winds up and creates 7 waves of energy in a spread pattern. If you can hit with all 7 shots, this is one of the most effective attacks in the game. If you can hit with at least one or two, it still has the knockback to drop an opponent on their back, after which you can follow up with a Rocket Punch or a combo.

HP: Very High (?)
Speed: High
Role: Tank/Support

The Blitzer is the silliest class, but (ironically) one of the most versatile. He doesn’t have the range of the Rocker or the speed of the Boxer, but he sits in the middle zone where he is pretty effective at either job.

Basic Attack: Bash
Combo: 3x
Angle: Narrow
Speed: Very Low
Damage: High (?)

The Blitzer is stuck with one of the less-effective basic attacks in the game. It’s good for bopping unsuspecting foes (punting them with his Dash Attack is surprisingly satisfying), but you’re better off using his Abilities in most situations.

Basic Ability: Slam
Damage: High (?)
Range: Close

The Blitzer pounds the ground near himself, pushing foes back with seismic force. It’s a great way to start combat, and following it up with an item or a Touchdown can net you some good damage fast.

Special Ability: Touchdown
Damage: High/Very High(?)
Range: Close/Medium

The Blitzer leaps forward before giving the ground a good thump. This has a bigger AoE than Slam, and can be used to pick off unsuspecting targets because the Blitzer takes a massive leap before using it. It’s one of his more effective abilities; don’t be afraid to spam it on occasion.

Anything I missed? Feel free to leave a comment!

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    There are even more ability that you can get using certain weapon.

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