Brawl Busters Glow Bash Guide

Brawl Busters Glow Bash Guide by AceHart

Glow Rush
Objective: Be the first team to collect 43 Glow.
1. What in the world is Glow?!

  • a. Glow is some sort of magical energy (Haha, no not really. :3), that serves as the means of scoring. Everyone starts off with the same amount (The amount varies depending on the number of players in the brawl.)

2. WELL GOLLY GEE WILLIKURS!!! Now that I know what Glow is, how do I go about collecting (or losing) it?!

  • a. Oh, it’s easy! There’s a number floating above every other player’s head; it indicates how much Glow they have. If you look on the left side of your screen, you can see how much Glow you’re currently hoarding. At the top, you can see how much Glow each team has altogether.
  • b. Now, to collect it, you simply have to K.O. an opponent. Once you do that, their Glow is yours! However, if you get K.O.’ed, all of your Glow will belong to them.
  • c. A little note, though: 2/3 Glow goes to the Killer (The last person to deal the blow), while 1/3 will got to the Assist-er. If no Assist was involved, all the Glow goes to the Killer. (Thanks, Arianne! ♥)

3. Hey, what’s going on? A Glow indicator at the top is glowing!

  • a. Uh oh; time to put your game face on! Either your opponent or your team is one kill away one from gaining 43 Glow! Look around, someone else’s Glow indicator is glowing; put your focus on them!

4. So… what should I do?

  • a. Well, that all depends on the situation…
    • i. If you’re glowing, then high tail it out of there and try to recover HP! Your teammates should cover you at all cost, while trying to regain Glow from the other team.
    • ii. If you’re teammate(s) is glowing, start protecting them. Try to regain some Glow, if you can.
    • iii. If your opponent(s) is glowing, go into a hot pursuit! It’s best to go in a group, so they won’t have many chances to recover HP.
    • iv. Remember, if more than one indicator is glowing, give priority to the player with the lowest health.

I only made this because I didn’t see a guide on the website. It’s my first guide, so it’s rather… bad.
Seriously though, if you see any mistakes, or have a suggestion on what to be added, kindly tell me. :3

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