Brawl Busters Fuse Costume A Information

Brawl Busters Fuse Costume A Information by iKeel

I am posting this thread so that I could help some peeps about whats coming at level 20, and not to waste BP on stuff they don’t really need. I will explain the FUSE COSTUME A and what stats it gives, it differs depanding on the type of costume.


  1. Light Weight +20% (+ Speed Boost Duration)
  2. Glow Coating +20% (+ Invulnerability Time)
  3. Bulletproof Vest +20% (+ Defense Buff Duration)

Chests + Legs:

  1. Flame Reducing Material +10% (+ Flame Resistance)
  2. Blast Reducing Material +10% (+ Bomb Resistance)
  3. Airbag +10% (+ Car Crash Resistance)

Gloves + Shoes:

  1. Weight Band +10% (+ dmg after critical)
  2. Rabbit’s Foot Patch +0.7% (+ Critical Chance)
  3. Reactive Material +6% (+ Recover Speed)

You can’t choose what stats you want, it is RANDOM, so sometimes when you use the fuse, you get the same stats which is a waste.

*Note: You can only add one stat on each type, just ONE, so you will need lots of BP to get the stat you need. (Not sure if this includes to all the classes costumes, let me know)

Well, that’s all I know about the FUSE COSTUME A, let me know if I forgot some info about this. Thanks

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