World of Warcraft Warriors Guide

World of Warcraft Warriors Guide by Ayrton

General Advice 

How To Be Effective: 

I) Don’t Die- If you are getting owned you have: Defensive Stance, Shield Wall, Intervene, Intimidating Shout, Enraged Regeneration, Shield Block, Disarm, Spell Reflection, Hamstring, Piercing Howl, Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, and your allies spells to help you stay alive. 

II) Don’t Let Your Friends Die- Learn to be good at defending them. Charge/Intercept and Hamstring to keep enemies off of your healer/dpsers. And just your damage can force enemies to play defensively and temporarily reduce pressure. 

III) Don’t Let The Enemy Get Away- Between all of your charges and snares you should be able to keep a target within melee range. 

IV) Attack When Your Target Can’t Get Healed- This is pretty self explanatory. Don’t waste “cooldowns” on targets that you know won’t go down. When they are vulnerable pop everything and force some pressure. 

V) Do Damage When You Know You Can’t Burst Them To Death- Like said above continue attacking but don’t waste cooldowns on someone that won’t die. This stage in a fight can be when you gather Rage, wait on cooldowns to refresh, and refresh Rend. 

Gear To Aim For 

* Most warriors run with “5/5 PvP set.” 
* Some warriors run with “4/5 PvP set with a PvE in the 5th slot.” 
* Make sure you have the “PvP Gloves” 
* You can also be in some more PvE gear for higher damage. Just make sure you are comfortable with your level of resilience . 

Alliance – 
Draenei – Racial castable heal, awesome for leveling, PvP and PvE acceptable. Heroic Presence +1% Hit is also great. Good race for PvP and PvE. 
Dwarves – Stoneform, has it’s uses, but there aren’t a large amount of them. 
Gnomes – The PvP application of escape artist is great and useful, but you don’t get much else here. 
Humans – Every Man for Himself, pretty much a free trinket so you don’t need to have the PvP trinket in your build, but they also share CD. Best all-around Warrior race for alliance. 
Night Elves – Quickness, 2% to avoid an attack entirely is great, but not much else. Shadowmeld has a few uses but nothing big. 

Blood Elves – Not that great of a choice for a Warrior with Arcane Torrent 
Orcs – Best all around warrior, PvP and PvE. Blood Fury, hardiness and Axe spec are next to none. Probably the best PvE option for horde. 
Tauren – War Stomp has uses, especially in PvP and the small base stam increase is nice, but not giant. Best looking Warrior with Humans and Orcs right behind. 
Troll – Berserking is nice, Regeneration is hardly noticeable considering we have hardly any spirit. Voodoo Shuffle is great for PvP, but often impairment effects are spammed anyways. 
Undead – Will of the Forsaken is great for a secondary Fear break, as well as Sleep/Charm, but doesn’t have immunity like it used to. Cannibalize is great for leveling off of Humanoids/Undead. Mostly the ‘PvP’ class. 


Arms – This is the spec that is least gear dependant. Using a two-handed weapon and generally stocking up on strength and crit loaded stats are the best way to go. This doesn’t mean going out of your way to find it, it’s just an idea. For the lower levels, as with pretty much any warrior’s spec, “of the Bear” gear is what you want if you’re going to go out and buy gear, but it’s not necessarily recommended. A lot of questing gear and getting an instance in every few levels to pick up a new good pieces of rare gear and a weapon should do okay. Being the least gear dependent means less time waiting for groups and attempting to get better armor to level, and this is, in my opinion, the best level 10-60 talent spec to use. This is simply because it’s quick, efficient, and the downtime isn’t necessarily a lot longer than protection yet. This means pretty much all of the good and little to none of the bad up to this point. Also very efficient leveling method once you get Sweeping Strikes, taking on two mobs as though they were one with ease.

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