Second Life Shopping in the Marketplace Guide

Second Life Shopping in the Marketplace Guide by Jeremy Linden

Getting started

To start shopping in the Second Life Marketplace:

  1. Go to
  2. If you’re not already logged into, click Sign In in the upper-right, enter your Second Life name and password, and click Login.

Finding items and adding them to your cart

You can look for items you wish to purchase in several ways:

  • By using the search box at the top of the page.
  • By browsing the Categories on the left.
  • By scrolling through the Featured Items.

See Searching and browsing the Marketplace for more information.
To add an item to your cart:

  1. Click the item you would like to buy to see the item’s detailed description.
  2. Click Add to Cart or Buy Now.
Note: Add to Cart saves your purchase to your cart for later payment and delivery. You can keep shopping for more items.
Add to cart as gift saves your purchase to your cart as a gift for another Resident. For a more detailed explanation of how to give a gift, see Giving gifts from the Marketplace.
Buy Now takes you directly to the checkout screen.

Editing your cart and paying

When you’ve finished adding the items you want to buy, open your shopping cart:

    1. Click the Cartbutton in the upper-right.


  • For each item, you can choose to:
    • Remove it from your cart by clicking the Remove From Cart link below the item name.
    • Buy more or fewer of the same item by changing the number in the Qty box, then clicking Update quantities.
    • Change the gift message (if you added the item as a gift) by clicking the Edit gift message link.



  • Select your payment method on the right: Pay with L$, Pay with Credit Card, or Check out with PayPal.
    Tip: If you want to pay in Linden Dollars (L$) but don’t have enough, click Buy L$ in the upper-right to visit the LindeX™ Exchange.



  • Click Checkout, and enter payment information if applicable.



  • Click Place your order to confirm. The item will be delivered to your avatar inworld.



After you buy

After purchasing an item, log into Second Life. You will see a notification like this in your Second Life Viewer:


Click the Keep button to confirm you want the item.
If you purchased multiple items, you need to click each little box icon in the bottom bar to show its notification and click Keep for each item.

Using what you bought

If your purchase was packaged in a box for delivery, you need to open the box before you can use the item. Learn about opening boxes.
If you bought clothing or other items to attach to your avatar, see Avatar attachments to learn how to use them.

Viewing your order history

As a shopper, you can see what you’ve purchased in your order history:

    1. Log into the Marketplace.
    2. Click My Marketplace > My Account.
    3. On the left, select Order history. You can also check other account-specific information here.


Note: At this time, there is no standard format export for shoppers.

Writing a review

To write a review for an item you bought:

    1. Open your order history.
    2. Click Review Product in the order description for the item.
    3. Select the number of stars you want to give to that item, give your review a title, and write your review.
    4. Click Post your review.
Tips for writing relevant and helpful reviews can be found at Writing Item Reviews on the Marketplace.

Support for shoppers

Having problems while shopping? Please check below for a solution. If you can’t find a solution here, get help at the Support Portal.

Accessing Moderate or Adult content on the Marketplace

You must be age verified to view Adult content both inworld and on the Marketplace. In addition, you must adjust your maturity preferences to access both Moderate and Adult content. For more information, see Maturity ratings and Age verification.

Tip: If you are age verified, logged in, and cannot change your search settings to include Moderate or Adult content, you may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies and then relog into the Marketplace website.

What to do if you find an incorrectly rated item

Flag the item to alert our customer support team. Please see Flagging an item on the Marketplace for more details.

Accidentally discarded items

Unfortunately, items sent by scripted objects — like Marketplace deliveries — are completely discarded and can’t be retrieved from the Trash, unlike items sent manually from another avatar.
Contact the merchant, explain what happened, and politely request redelivery of the item. Often the merchant will understand and redeliver, especially if the item in question isn’t  “no-copy.”

Unreceived items

Has it been more than 24 hours since you ordered? If so, contact the merchant, explain what happened, and politely request redelivery of the item. If it has been less than 24 hours, please be patient and check again later. If the merchant doesn’t respond, you can submit a support case requesting redelivery. Make sure to include the order number and the exact name of the undelivered item(s).
Slow deliveries may currently be more noticeable because you now have a cart to which you can add multiple items. (This wasn’t the case with the old Xstreet, which closed for purchases in October 2010.) Unfortunately, we can only send so many items at a time.

Note: There are several interrelated causes that slow down delivery. We are hard at work on creating a faster and more reliable Marketplace system that will soon make Magic Boxes obsolete.

Purchases using PayPal or credit cards

When you use PayPal or a credit card to make a Marketplace purchase, your Transaction History shows a debit or credit originating from “Commerce Linden” or “Marketplace Linden.”
Marketplace transactions that use PayPal or a credit card actually contain two steps:

  1. A conversion of your USD payment into L$ (via Commerce Linden).
  2. The payment of those L$ to the merchant (via Marketplace Linden).

Commerce Linden

Commerce Linden is the account name used by Linden Lab to convert your payment into L$. If you see a reference to Commerce Linden as a “Quick Buy” of L$ on your Transaction History, your purchase has successfully converted into L$ via Quick Buy.

Marketplace Linden

Marketplace Linden is the account name used by Linden Lab to finalize payment in L$ to the merchant. If this appears on your Transaction History, the payment has been successfully transferred to the merchant in L$. On your Transaction History, you will see both Marketplace purchases made directly in L$ and purchases made with L$ gained from Quick Buy transactions (Marketplace purchases you paid for in USD) displayed as payments to Marketplace Linden.
If an item purchased on the Marketplace using PayPal or a credit card is not successfully delivered to you, you usually will not see that credit or debit appear in your Transaction History. Since no payment has been subtracted from your account, the merchant will have no record of your unsuccessful transaction. Please do not contact the merchant directly; simply try to purchase the item again from Marketplace.

Determining whether an item contains mesh content

Second Life Viewer 3.0 or higher is required in order to view mesh content.  Furthermore, any object that is partially or fully composed of mesh content has a land impact based on prim equivalents, which are determined by calculating the actual impact of the object on computing resources, rather than by simply counting the number of prims in an object.
You can determine whether an object on the Marketplace contains Mesh by checking the right side of the listing, undernneath Permissions.  If the object contains mesh, there is an indicator stating either Mesh: Partial Mesh or Mesh: 100% Mesh.  If the object does not contain mesh, this indicator does not appear.partial mesh.png

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