Rohan Online R5 Miniboss Hunt Guide

Rohan Online R5 Miniboss Hunt Guide by Iceyy

Note: All pictures in this thread are from this guide on the PH forums
In r5 there are 3 different sections; Red, Blue and Purple. Each of which has a portal somewhere inside which leads to the miniboss room. But before you can go to the miniboss room you must get the perfume to summon the boss, I will teach you how to do all of that and earn these nice drops.

Alright so now that you know what goodies your after lets go over the map and tell you how to get them.

EDIT: I appologise I forgot to add A/B/C to the legend on the side those are the chests for the keys you get from the miniboss. (Chance u get perfume in there also)

What you are looking for when hunting these bosses is the Empty treasure boxes and the perfumes. (They have different names based on the boss)

Perfume: Perfume of vain
Treasure box: Celia’s Empty treasure box

Freed slave (Location: 1 on the map)

Corpse Nail (Location: 1.1 on the map)

Celia boss (Location: 1.2 on the map)

Perfume: Perfume of despair
Treasure box: Syrephis empty treasure box

Ventumotess (Location: 2 on the map)

Funeral Conductor (Location: 2.1 on the map)

Syrephis boss (Location: 2.2 on the map)

Perfume: Perfume of Dazzlement
Treasure box: Shuriel’s empty treasure box

King swirl (Location: 3 on the map)

Yama Stormrod (Location: 3.1 on the map)

Shuriel boss (Location: 3.2 on the map)

~~~Basic Strategy~~~
1: Minibosses Respawn every 6 hours so what your going to want to do is have your guild members help you and check up on every room periodically until you find one up. (You should keep doing this until you know when every boss is going to spawn and keep note of it so you can grab it whenever its up)
2: Delgate who is in charge of their section of r5 (Red/Blue/Purple) and keep going after the minibosses until you get the perfume. (Should be almost 100% that u get it from each one because of the pserver drop rate but Stimpz suggest a lucky stone so go buy one. )
3: Wait for a time when you do not think there will be many people on (Unless you want to have to fight for a boss you summoned with another guild should they show up) and summon the boss and begin to kill. The main bosses are about the same difficulty as a silva protector euphoria does not work you will probably need defending nature or a priest to get it done.

NOTE: The minibosses respawn every 6 hours but the celia/syrephis/shuriel boss do not spawn for 48 hours so you will have to periodically check in the boss room if the summoner is there to use your perfume.

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