Rohan Online Agility Avenger Guide

Rohan Online Agility Avenger Guide by Magix

Welcome. People are still asking a lot of questions about agi dhans and it can be hard to find a decent guide, so here’s some of my knowledge dumped into one thread. Knowledge that I’ve gotten from other dhans, my own experience, and the forums.

1. Agi dhan introduction. Pros and cons

Agi dhans are crit dependant. They get their damage from critical hits, which is boosted by your agility using the skill Deadly Blow. Your normal attacks won’t do any damage.

An agi dhan has with no doubt been the most fun class to play for me in this game. This is the absolute BEST class for pvp, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, and it’s hard to get bored of it. There are however downsides. You are useless for pve, since you can’t contribute to the PT in any way except very inconsistant damage (crit dependant). This means that at higher levels it will be very hard to find a party – you will have to buy IM scrolls to have any chance at entering one. This makes making money with farming almost impossible, since you get just enough back from monster drops to buy another ticket into the next party.

The other downside to playing an agi dhan is that it costs a lot to maintain. You need a good critical % weapon, and good armor to avoid dieing instantly. You also need to keep up IM gear (costumes, talismans, lvl 7s). This means that you almost have to keep paying real life money to enjoy this class, unless you have an alt that can solo well for money (wizard).

2. Stat build

Full agi or 1 vit every lvl. Personally I think that you will be squishy anyway and need to get AS MUCH agi as possible to kill your enemy. If you can’t kill them, you’ll die anyway. You’re a killer, not a tanker. So keeping that in mind, I would go full agi. Leveling can be especially hard at low levels though, and as you shouldn’t focus on pvp much at low lvls, you can definitely go 3 agi / 1 vit until level 50 when the game offers you a free stat reset (go to the newbie NPC at gathering hall bindstone).

3. Skill build

In the end, these are the most important skills to get (random order)

– Invenom
– Hide
– Parry
– Mortal Rising
– Avoid
– Boost
– Deadly Blow
– Mana Burn
– Silence
– Confusion Pouch
– Sealing Square
– Health Burn
– Death Call
– Mind Exchange

With the remaining points you will get suicide/sprint/duplication/secret hide/all the prereqs/quickness/agi trap.

Everything else is utterly pointless. I might have missed something, so here’s what is utterly pointless: projectile, pp, ms, sudden attack, potion value, pc, death blow, blind att, katar mastery, immobile trap, doom trap, stre trap, polluting blood, dpp.

This is around what you should have at lvl 71 (right click – view image to see full image)

This is around what you should have at lvl 99 (right click – view images to see full image)

4. What skills to make lvl 7

Order of relevance.

1. Silence (opponent stays silenced for 40 seconds)
2. Mortal rising (hidden 40% boost to critical damage. Lvl 6 is 20%)
3. Boost (higher critical rate)
4. Deadly blow (higher critical hits)
5. Avoid (higher agility boost. This is fifth because you can get it from outside as well)
6. Parry (more block rate)

As for lvl 6’s, everything mentioned here, after that you should probably get your stuns to lvl 6 as well.

5. How much money will I have to spend?

Agi dhans are by far the most expensive class to lvl up. If you don’t have a side char like a wiz, you WILL end up paying real life money. If you can’t, you should just dump the idea of getting a dhan out of your head. Not earning any RPs, to be successful, you will have to spend around 2,5k rp per month on IM gear to be competitive. 5k to be great.

6. What gear should I get?

WEAPON. Your weapon should always be either a katar or a dagger. There are rumors that a dagger has more critical chance, but that is just a rumor. All weapons have the same base critical rate, which is 0%. The default critical rate of the game for everyone is 5%, no matter what weapon you use. Daggers have the advantage that they require a lower level, which means you can get the next tier weapon at a lower lvl. That, however, also means that the max stat of that weapon is lower, meaning if you use a katar, you can get higher agility, though the difference is not that big. As weapon base dmg doesn’t matter to an agi dhan, I would recommend getting a high crit rate dagger at a low lvl and staying with that until you can get the endgame dagger or the one before that. Try to get as much critical % to your weapon as possible. 15% is max, good starts from around 12%. For your endgame weapon, try to get as much agility as possible. Everything else should just be a bonus. Max agility for an endgame unique ise 15x agi, which you can enchant to 19x agi.

ACCESSORY. Earrings and goggles = always as much agility as possible. Same with rings before 60. At lvl 60, you can get Dark Soulpiece Bracers, which give 20 agi dex vit. At lvl 70, you can get Artisan Green Mano IV Necklaces, which give 20 agi dex vit. You can upgrade those to give 32 32 32 (+3) or 41 41 41 stats (+5).
At 90 you will get Artisan Green Mano V Necklaces, which give 25 to agi, dex and vit. If you want to be any good as a high lvl dhan, you will need 51s, which means you have to upgrade them to +5.
With 51s, you can also choose to use 2 green manos and 2 topaz brooches (agi stre vit) for more stre, but I don’t recommend it with lower accessories because you will lack dexterity. If you have a full upgraded weapon, you can use all topaz brooches because you get enough accuracy and dex from the weapon.

ARMOR. Simple – just get the highest lvl unique armor that is within refine range (15 levels higher than your lvl). If you enchant it, ALWAYS get +hp. Decent edwin is +1xx pdef with +3xx hp, bedron I believe is +13x with +3xx hp, however +4xx hp would be good. If you can afford to refine more, items can be refined a max of 32 (29+3).

PET. If you can afford fused pets, get a lion. The attack speed is great and you get a bunch of survivability from it as well. If you can only afford IM pets, I’d say go for a molly. You’ll be resisting a bunch of attacks and the heal can get you out of some bad situations. If you can’t even afford IM pets, bear is really the only viable pet from the NPC ones, though if you can’t afford an IM pet, you prolly can’t afford any other good items either and your hp will be so crap that bear won’t make much of a difference.

7. Agi dhan vs strength dhan

The main difference between an agi dhan and a stre dhan is reliance of low pdef on opponent and damage consistancy. Agi dhans don’t have a consistant damage output – they can crit 5 in a row, but they can also go for 10 hits without critting. It’s all about chance. Stre dhans always have a higher base damage, and they have two main attack skills which they can control theirselfs for appropriate timing. Another thing to know is that strength gives pdef as well as melee attack, unlike agility. Which means that a strength dhan will have more pdef with the same gear.

The main thing that makes agi dhans better than strength dhans in pvp however, is the fact that an agility dhans damage isn’t dependant on the opponents pdef. Which means that your opponent may be a dex scout or a vit dekan, you will still do the same damage (provided they don’t have damage drop). Stre dhans on the other hand are only good vs low pdef chars, because their damage gets lowered by pdef. Which means that while you may make a DPP of 5k-5k to a ranger for example, that damage may turn into a 0-0 on a vit dekan. With good gear of course you won’t actually be hitting 0-0 on a vit dekan, but with decent, you might. Keep in mind also that when fighting a wizard, their critical immunity will completely block out a stre dhans damage, but agi dhans invenom will still get through. Stre dhans are also very buff reliant. Which means that you will be constantly looking for guards and defenders for rm/cs and empower. An agility dhan just needs almighty and they’ll be good. There are no outside agi buffs to ask for. Which means you can do just fine self buffed.

8. Upgradeds/epics

Since the introduction of these new overpowered items, class balances and priorities have gone totally out the window and the game is far from what it used to be. A dhan I play reached 45k hp, as full agi. This means you should absolutely not put any vit into your build, even if you did before. Here are the stats of my friends dhan as it was self buffed, yes, mind you self buffed, no mb, no almighty, etc.

So if you’re gonna get an upgraded weapon, what opts should you add? Well, I personally would go for full crit. As I said, you’re a killer, not a tanker. And 2x% crit rate truely is amazing. Some people will tell you to go 1crit/3dd for the tankability, I say those people are mentally unhealthy. But hey, that’s just my opinion.. one that is shared by this games top dhans. Anyway. More dd does add resale value because there are other builds that want dd daggers, but then you’re gonna have to go full dd. And then every time you don’t get a crit for a while, think about what I said. There’s no point in you being alive if you can’t kill anybody. Especially now that everybody is running around with 100k hp.

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