Rohan Online Level 40 SES Quest Complete Guide

Rohan Online Level 40 SES Quest Complete Guide For All Races by jariusrock


The Ruined Family [Solo]Start “Buddy Cassle” (He is found at the entrance of mid gate Einhoren): Lv 10 Quest [Solo]
Go inside the Einhoren (click M) to see all npc that you need to talk with.
Then go back to Nombre for the next quest

Lenghty Wait [Solo]
Start Grandma: lv 20 Quest [Solo]
Locate: Abundiant Plains [C-9]
Kill Drexter at near Akhma cave [I-7 or I-8]
After that, go to Grandma for next quest ( Find the chest around Grandma’s house ) [C-9] somewhere around there, after that back to Grandma.

The falsely accused her [Solo]
Start Buddy Castle: lv 25 quest [Solo]
Obtain Textbook on Theology 0/10
Locate: Trichia Seminary, Oreocnide Forest Human [C-5]
Just open the Chest to get all those Textbook on Theology *Hint: it is random gain*, After that go back to Benedicto at Church Einhoren

Link to the Past [Solo]
Benedicto: Lvl 30 quest [Solo]
Obtain the Torn Catalogue 0/1
Locate: Juba’s Waterclock [D-2]
Kill Ekzine Warrior *Hint random gain* Sometime it take 1 hours to get that annoying Torn Catalogue. Be careful of the Ekzine mage if you are low lvl..
After that go back to Benedicto

What the Brothers Saw [Solo]
Start Benedicto: lvl 35 Quest [Solo]
Talk to Lacriss at Lauke Monastery (Vena) [I-9]
Kill Specter it take time to get the key then find a box chest to open, go back to Larciss

The Beholder of the Forbidden book [Party]
Start Larciss: Lv 40 Quest [ Party ]
Obtain the Cruel Roha 0/1
To Kill Demon Hezwerd
Go to the Level 2 Sacturay on the next floor. It is specter room, and you will see the door. If you are only lv 40, I did suggest you to get a party with healer and high lvl player Boss do more than 800-2k damage, But if you are high level and think you can kill it.( Go for it ).
Go back to Larciss to complete.

Half Elf

Level 10 quest “The Fiance of Ka’el Dutton”
Arien(located at the entrance when you used townbind=>Kainon=>and run in to Kainon), talk to Turmel and Zhonat Rotus both locatted inside the town of Kainon, use M to your advantage here.

Level 20 quest “Recollect the past”
Quaid Berkins(Kainon General near Guide Office inside Kainon Town), talk to Joshua(Southward inside Kainon town), kills 20 Apir Noble that can be found mostly in D3 of Morrisen/Kainon.

Level 25 quest “Unforeseen Obstacles”
Start with Joshua. Involves talking to Turmel, Quaid Berkins, Zibrian and ends with delivery to Zibrian.Belonging of Ka-El are located right outside GH. They are like crates called “Waste Pile” lying around on the ground and spawns randomly, but everywhere just around outside GH at coord C6.

Level 30 quest, “Immortal Love”
Talk to Robdun at Orc Fortress, then killing some Dark Soul(within Ahkma).

Level 35 quest, “From Exile”
Luake Monastery (off Vena) from Lacriss. You have to first kill spectres to get the staff to drop then open some big bags from each of the room in Luake Monastery and you get those quest items randomly.

Level 40 quest, “What Happened in the Monastery”
(off Vena) from Lacriss. Kill the boss Demon Hezward from lvl2 of Luake Monastery. Best to have a good lvl6x+ pt to assist you, tough boss with magical ranged and stun.


The Hidden Jewel [Solo] – Level 10
Start NPC : Larmiel (Near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2))
Reward : Boreal Wand or Cross Cane (Forgot stats)
Objective :
1) Deliver the Jewel Necklace to Phanacea. She is also in Vena town, (G,1) – right in the middle of 4 Coords…

The Longing Name [Solo] – Level 20
Start NPC : Phanacea (Vena town (G,1-ish)
Reward : Full Elemental armor set. (+8 pdef and +8 mdef on each piece, if I remember correctly.)
Objective :
1) Hunt Ursas. Can’t remember amount needed or which kind.
2) Talk with Larmiel. She can be found near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2).

People of the Past [Solo] – Level 25
Start NPC : Larmiel (Near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2))
Reward : Lesser Healing or Mana Remedies x5
Objective :
1) Talk with Vellarmino. Can be found at (F,1) in Vena town.
2) Talk with Arthelias. Can be found at (E,9) in Vena town.
3) Talk with Lilian. Can be found in Aevraury (C,6), she is at the Bindstone.
4) Hunt Amazon Soultrappers, some can be found at (K,7) in Via Marea, you can get there quickly if you go west from Lilian. (Forgot amount)
5) Report back to Arthelias to complete the quest

The Music of the Necklace [Solo] – Level 30
Start NPC : Arthelias (Found at (E,9) in Vena town)
Reward : Luna Wand or Simple Great Staff. (Forgot stats)
Objective :
1) After speaking with Arthelias, you will be told to see Rima Regenon.
2) Find and speak with Rima Regenon. She can be found in Vena town in the castle, (E,9).
3) Rima will tell you to collect Bowls of Spirit. These can be found (C,6) of Via Marea, at the Goddess’s Fountain. Just run around the area until you collect 30.
4) Deliver to Lacriss. Lacriss can be found inside Lauke Monastery

Resentful Spirit [Solo] – Level 35
Start NPC : Lacriss (Found in Lauke Monastery)
Reward : Full Darkness armor set (Forgot stats, +11mdef/+x pdef?)
Objective :
1) Collect Resentful Spirits. You need to kill 30 Spectres, these can be found inside Lauke Monastery near the very end. (I don’t remember if it was 30 Spectres or more/less)
2) Return to Lacriss to complete your quest.

Back to the Original State [Party] – Level 40
Start NPC : Lacriss (Found in Lauke Monastery)
Reward : 1 Skill Enhancement Stone
Objective :
1) Defeat the Demon Hezwerd. Demon Hezwerd is a boss and can be found right at the very end of Lauke Monastery, on floor 2. This quest is a party quest, but still part of the Solo quest chain. You will need a good party of at least 60+ to defeat this boss.
2) Return to Lacriss, he will send you to speak with Helena.
3) Talk to Helena to finish the quest. She can be found at Ezker Island Bindstone.

Dark Elf

Level 10 : Story of Past Love
Starting NPC: Arnor (Montt)
1) Talk to Kaltran Mauzelle (Inside Montt Royal Palace)
2) Talk to Beslodio (Inside Montt Royal Palace)
3) Talk to Arnor again to complete.
Reward: Boreal Wand or Cross Cane

Level 20: The Uncovered Truth
Start NPC: Arnor (Montt)
1) Collect Teeth of an Forlorn Knight from the Forlorn Cavalry. 2) Collect Weapons of Forlorn Cavalry (from the same monsters)
3) Talk to Arnor (Montt) and Beslodio (Montt Royal Castle) to complete the quest
Rewards: A set of elemental armour.

Level 25: Molten Stone Slab
Starting NPC: Beslodio (inside Montt Royal Castle)
1) Talk to Goteshark. (This NPC is not found on the map. He is located just west of the Temple of Flox bindstone)
2) Collect 10 Molten Stone Slabs. These are found on Armoured Union Worms, and Venomous Union Worms. Note that each piece of Molten Stone Slab will take up 1 slot in your inventory
3) Talk to Goteshark again.
Reward: 5x Lesser Healing Remedy, or 5x Lesser Mana Remedy.

Level 30: Falmes of Desire
Starting NPC: Goteshark (This NPC is not visible on your minimap. He is located west of the Temple of Flox bindstone.) Deliver Molten Stone Slab to Matilda Pelini (inside Montt Royal Castle)
1) Talk to Latil (inside Montt Royal Castle)
2) Talk to the Woman in an Ironmask. (inside Montt)
3) Find the Mask Key. These can be found inside the ‘Shadow of Penance’, which are small grey statues located at Narkhant Mainport(C,6, Of Ignis Map). These statues blend into the background colour and are sometimes hard to find!
4) Give the key to the Woman in an Ironmask.
5) Deliver the necklace to Matilda.
Reward: Lunar Wand or Simple Great Staff.

Level 40: The Whereabouts of Pluion
Starting NPC: Lacriss (located inside Lauke Monastery, east of Vena. To reach him, you need to enter the monastery into the first antechamber, then walk through the blue glowing portal to your left.)
1) Hunt Demon Hezwerd. This boss is located at the very end of the lauke Monastery maze. He is quite tough, you will need a good party of probably at least level 55 members to kill it – get your guild to help you!
2) Report back to Lacriss
3) Speak to Helena, located at the Ezker Island Bindstone. You can simply teleport there with a portal stone purchasable from Ehres Harbour.
Rewards: Skill Enhancement Stone. Definitely worth the trip!


Quest – “Father’s Memo”[Solo]
NPC name: Heidenberg
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Talking with “Heidenberg” ( Besides the Level Refiner ) then he will lend his “Father’s Memo”
2)Click Here To View Their location
3) He wants you take it to Royal Guard name “Thor” (Back of Etton) [Complete!]

Quest – “Etton’s New Warrior” [Solo]
NPC name: Thor
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Talking with “Thor”.Then go to “Phyiop Quarry”. (Very East of Etton)
2) To hunt 20 of “Elemental Mutant’s” at H3 & H4. Click Here to view picture
3) After you’ve hunt 20 of “Elemental Mutant’s”, go return the Quest to “Thor” at Etton. [Complete!]

Quest – “Thor’s Scheme” [Solo
NPC name: Thor
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Talking to “Thor”
2) Talking to “Heidenberg”
3) Talking to “Comvatta”
4) Talking to “Jareeve”
5) Report it to “Heidenberg” [Complete!]
Click Here to view picture, Location of NPC.

Quest – “General Patterson” [Solo]
NPC name: Patterson
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Talk with “Patterson” at Back of Etton
2) Then go to “Warrior Counsel Garrison” at South of Etton. View to picture
3) Hunt the monsters called “Ice Elemental” 20 of them and 30 of “Ice Rayze”
4) After you’ve done, return to Etton and have talk with “Patterson” [Complete!]
Click Here view to picture Where the Monster’s located.

Quest – “Recommended Hero” [Solo
NPC name: Patterson
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Talking to Patterson then he asked to have chat with “Rhett Travarre”
2) Go to “Warrior Counsel Garrsion” and HUNT “Ice Rayze Master” like .
3) Return the QUEST to “Rhett Travarre”. [Complete!]

Quest – “Safety Of The Citizen’s” [Solo] [ORANGE]
NPC name: Rhett Travarre
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Starting Point : Etton.
1) Go talk with “Rhett Travarre” for this quest. Asked you to hunt 20 each of “Soild Golos, “Unbreakable Golos” & “Raging Golos” at Bottom of Etton.
2) Go Buy Portable Stone called “Temple of Gail Gate” Portable Stone then follow the road down. (Buy from Sundries of Etton or from Gathering Hall [GH])
3) Location of those Monster’s is at “Kowarre” MAP Region, C3 & C2. Click Here view to the picture
4) After you’ve done, go back and report to “Rhett Travarre” [Complete!]


LVL: 10
Guide: he will just ask you to talk to npc’s

Quest: Guilty or innocent
NPC: Bishal
LVL: 20
Guide: all you have to do is keep killing pirate captains until you get 10 “slippery herbs”. Pirate captains can be found on the dragons sacred ground and D9 of the dekan land map.

Quest: Meaningless
NPC: Masruth
LVL: 25
Guide: Dont bother trying this quest before lvl 40, since it is impossible at lvl 25. You have to get sand sample’s from the infernal tower, which means u actually have to go inside the tower walls (where all mobs are lvl 40+), find piles of boxes and double click them. Once you get 10 you are done.

Quest: The flower that induces hallunication
NPC: Haem
LVL: 30
Guide: You have to keep killing Wraith Warlock’s until you get 20 petal’s. They can be found either on G2/H2 of the Liom map (map below dekan land) or if you have a portal stone to Pine Plateau (buy at gathering hall) on J7 of the Varvylon map.

Quest: According to rumors
NPC: Haem
LVL: 35
Guide: Just go to the lauke monastary in Via Marea (buy portal stone to vena and go to the south east of the map) and talk to the npc in there; Lacriss.

Quest: The person that knew Kish
NPC: Lacriss
LVL: 40
Guide: This is the really hard part. You have to go to the 2nd level of the lauke monastary and kill the boss there, Demon Hezward. This boss is extremely hard, its better to grab higher level friends if you can and have them tank it for you.


Lv.10 – The Foolish Flee [solo]
Start NPC: Kino (entrance of Par’Talucca)
Talk to Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)
Talk to Azma (south east Par’Talucca)

Lv.20 – Doshizo Sect’s Disgrace [solo]
Start NPC: Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)
Obtain the Rusty Katar (2)
Obtain these by killing Skeletal Guardsman(Lv.20) at Hailloks Memorial (C7, East Bahran Island)
You don’t get them every time, about a 1/3 chance.
Report to Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)
Deliver to Hizino (Melee Weapon Merchant in Par’Talucca)

Lv.25 – Reflection on the Past [solo]
Start NPC: Hizino (Melee Weapon Merchant in Par’Talucca)
Talk to Otto (south Par’talucca)
Collect Iron-cast Weapons (30)
Obtain these by killing Risen Paladin(Lv.28-30) around Wailing Battlefield (D3, East Bahran Island)
Every time you kill 1 Risen Paladin you obtain 1 Iron-cast Weapon.
Watch out for Wraith Warlocks, they’re magic mobs and they hurt.
Deliver to Otto (south Par’Talucca)
Deliver to Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)

Lv.30 – The Jealousy of the Right-hand Man [solo]
Start NPC: Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)
Collect Worn Musk Pouches (5)
Obtain these by opening Doyhen’s Box which are scattered within Hermit’s Hideout (F8, East Bahran Island)
You don’t always get a Worn Musk Pouch when you open Doyhen’s Box, this can potentially take a long time if you’re unlucky.
Deliver to Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)

Lv.35 – To the Monastery [solo]
Start NPC: Doyhen (north east Par’Talucca)
Obtain the Tunic of an Elf (1)
Obtain this by killing Elder Amazon(Lv.42) at H5 in Geizan map.
The drop rate for this is low, so expect to kill a few mobs before getting it.
Obtain the Tasset of an Elf (1)
Obtain this by killing Elder Amazon(Lv.42) at H5 in Geizan map.
The drop rate for this is low, so expect to kill a few mobs before getting it.
Talk to Lacriss (entrance of Lauke Monastery, J9 Via Marea map)

Lv.40 – Haillok’s Disciple Ellitia [Party]
Start NPC : Lacriss Location : Entrance of Lauke Monastery
Objective : Kill Demon Hezwerd boss in Lauke Monastery Second floor.
Tips: You should have a high level go with you. It will be really hard and take a while for level 40s to kill the boss.

Once Demon Hezwerd is dead return to the entrance of Lauke Monsatary and talk to Lacriss.
Port to Ezker Island talk with Helena.

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