Mythos Stats List

Mythos Stats List by nalufei

I’m trying to make a complete list of stats ordered in 3 sections : Normals stats /Special stats and Set stats.
Normal stats = Green stats
Special stats = Blue stats
Set Stats = Stats bonus of Sets

Normal stats (Total = 35 stats)
x% improved chance of Critical Strike
x% Critical Damage Bonus
x% Melee Damage Bonus
x% Ranged Damage Bonus
x% Spell Damage Bonus
x% Projectile Speed Bonus
+x Weapon Damage Bonus
+x Weapon Ice Damage
+x Weapon Electrical Damage
+x Weapon Fire Damage
+x Weapon Poison Damage
+x Bonus to Mana Regeneration
+x Bonus to Life Regeneration
+x Dexterity
+x Wisdom
+x Strength
+x Vitality
+x Luck
Minion Armour : +x%
Minion Life : +x%
Minion Damage : +x%
x% Melee Attack speed
x% Ranged Attack speed
+x Maximum Life
+x Maximum Mana
+x To Attack Rating
x% Damage to Undead
x% Damage to Beasts
x% Damage to Insects
x% Fire Resistance
x% Poison Resistance
x% Ice Resistance
x% Electrical Resistance
x% Movement Speed
x% Damage Reflection

Special stats (Total = 18 stats)
x% Resistance to Life Draw
x% Resistance Against Mana Draw
x% chance to Poison for x second(s)
x% chance to Ignite for x second(s) when doing Fire Damage
x% chance to inflicting Bleed for x second(s)
x% Explosion Resistance
x% chance of Explosion on strike for x-x damage
x% chance to Stun for x second(s)
x% Resistance to Silence
x% Resistance to Bleed
x% Resistance to Slow
x% Resistance to Ignite
x% chance to draw x% life
x% chance to draw x% mana on strike
x% chance of Fireball Nova on Hit
x% chance of Fireball Nova when Hit
x% chance of Icebolt Nova on Hit
x% chance of Icebolt Nova when Hit

Sets stats (Total = x stats)
Need help on that.

Tip :
“on Hit” = when you hit a mob
“when Hit” = when a mob hits you

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