Mini Ninja Online Pet Guide

Mini Ninja Online Pet Guide by Missing-Nin


Due to the update, there’s a lot of information can be found on  [ Pockie Ninja Official Site Pet Section ] ,so i’ll just talk about pet skills & pet evolution at this update. Okay, let’s start. First of all we need to know in Pockie Ninja, a pet without skills like a dog that doesn’t know how to bark or bite! In other words, Useless in battles. So you should start raising your ideal pet once you acquired them.
According to my experience in chinese version, most people would like to go for the one and only
Frostbore Dragon. They think that the attack skill have higher damage and of course it looks cooler than the other pets.
But for players who can’t afford that, there’s actually some other pets with useful special abilities [ skills that can only be acquired by pets listed below ]
Note : All these skills are on Aid slots.

Vulture Fledgling: [PECK] After the master attacks has 21% probability to attack and causes the enemy to bleed (decrease hp slowly)

Sweet Potato Demon Fledgling: [ GREAT PRESSURE/SUPPRESSION] After owners attack, 16% chance to attack and stun the enemies if succeded

Treant Fledgling: [ ROOTS ] After owner’s attack, pet has 16% chance to root the opponent for 1 round.

Sushi Monster Fledgling: [ CHAKRA RESTORE ] When owner is under attack, there’s 11% chance to restore chakra which equals to 10% of the owner’s max chakra

Bloodbat Fledgling: [ LIFE LEECH ] After owners attack, 19% chance to attack and absorb half of that damage as HP.

Corn Demon Fledgling: [ COMBO ] When owner is attacking, pet has 17% chance to attack the enemy twice.

Sunflower Fledgling: [ SOLAR STRIKE ] Activated on combat, reduces opponent’s Hit by 8.

Maneater Blossom Fledgling: [ POLLEN ] Reduces enemy’s attack by 12%

Riceball Monster Fledgling: [ HP RESTORE ]When owner is under attack, theres 11% to restore HP, which equals to 10% of the owner’s max HP.

Stinger Bee Fledgling: [ Bite ] After owner’s attack, 21% chance to attack and poison the opponent.

Bun Monster Fledgling:[ PURIFICATION ] Has a chance to remove opponent’s buff.

Frostbore Dragon:

  • [ DRAGON GREAT STRENGHT ] Increases owner’s Hp by 70
  • [ DRAGONSCALE ] Increases owner’s Defense by 100.
  • [ ATTACK ] Great chance to cast Icy Breath and freeze the opponent for 3 seconds.

Pets Without Special Abilities. [ 40 synth value pets ]

Soul Fledgling, Akamaru Young, Lily Young, Toadling.

[AID][ATTACK] 21% to attack the same time with the owner and causes 50% damage that the owner dealt.

[PASSIVE][BLOCK] 10% to block an attack for the master.

[PASSIVE][FIERCENESS] Increase 10% attack of the master and itself
[PASSIVE][CLAW] Increases 10% piercing of master and itself.

[PASSIVE][KEEN] Increases 5% speed of master and itself

[PASSIVE][VISION] Increases accuracy by 10 for the master and itself

[PASSIVE][WILD] Increases critical by 4

[PASSIVE][PIERCING] Increases Piercing by 68 for the master and itself
[PASSIVE][INTELLIGENT] Increases master’s chakra by 50

Pet Faqs

Q. How can i get a pet?
A. Outdoors exploration, buying pet egg from Item Mall, Pet tracing, Beginner’s task [ sunflower fledgling ], Trade Market.

Q. How do i equip a pet?
A. Same as equipping an equipment

Q. What is the uses of Pet?
A. Assiting in battles depending on the skills it learned.

Q. How to raise a pet?
A. Feed it at the Pet Kennel

Q. How Can my pet learn skills?
A. Feed them until they are satisfied, and click discover on your chosen skill type.

Q. Can i reset my Pet’s skills
A. Cant actually reset like Skill Reset, but new skills will take over the old skills if theres no slot left.

Q. How many skills can a pet learn?
A. A maximum of 7 before +3

Q. Can use pet for synth?
A. Yep
Wondering how your pet looks like after evolution? Heres an evolution chart to answer that question.

PS: Some of the rates may have changed. and i wil keep this thread updated if i find some info about the update. but the picture is kinda cool right?

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