Lineage II Subclass Guide

Lineage II Subclass Guide by JinAkanishi

In order to subclass you must do 4 quests. Below is the order of which you can and should take them. The first three are pre-requirements for the final one.

  1. 1.) Supplier of Reagants
    Level: 58
    Location: Ivory Tower sopping level Trader Wesley
    Purpose: to be able to collect the reagant pouches which have moonstone shards, volcanic ash, and quicksilver needed for Mimir’s elixir at 75. Hunt occasionally in Blazing Swamp and TOI to get reagant pouches as well as lava stones and stuff. DO NOT open the pouches unless you have room in warehouse for multiple components.
  1. 2.) An Arrogant Search
    Level: 63
    Location: Aden DE Guild Magister Hanellin
    Purpose: get your bloody fabrics. You use 1 fabric per time entering the vortex to see Baium.
  1. 3.) Fate’s Whisper
    Level: 75
    Location: Skyshadow Meadow Maestro Reorin
    Purpose: collect the orb from cabrio, and the scepters from the 3 TOI raid bosses, to receive your pipette knife and stab Baium. At completion you receive the Star to do Mimir’s Elixir
  1. 4.) Mimir’s Elixir
    Level: 75
    Location: Magister Ladd, 4th floor Ivory Tower
    Purpose: craft the elixir to subclass


Quest details

Arrogant Search (Magister Hanellin DE Guild Aden)
Quest will allow you to collect the bloody fabrics. In order to enter the vortex to see Baium, you use up one of your bloody fabrics.

Supplier of Reagants (Trader Wesley Ivory Tower shopping District)
Hunt occasionally in Blazing Swamp and TOI to get reagant pouches as well as lava stones and stuff. DO NOT open the pouches unless you have room in warehouse for multiple components. Kill platinuum tribe and orc shamans.

You want to collect/buy the following items:

  • 100 moonstone shards
  • 10 volcanic ash
  • 1 quicksilver

Fate’s Whisper 75 Skyshadow Meadow (Maestro Reorin)
Grab this quest immediately upon turning 75. Pay attention to any chat regarding Cabrio and TOI Raid Bosses. The order of events is:

PRE-Quest Tasks:

Craft top B Grade duals
Master Reorin at one point will ask that you offer up a top B grade weapon. He provides a list and wants to know what you will provide. THIS IS A ONE TIME CHOICE. If you tell him you will give him a Staff of Evil Spirits you had better have access to one. Best way to do this is go to Giran weapon store. Purchase 2 samurai long swords. Next you need 450 stones of purity (sop). Check your warehouse and friends. You can also buy these in Giran from player shops. Bring the two swords and sop and some adena to the blacksmith in Aden. Tell him ‘MAKE A GREAT SWORD’, have him craft Dual SLS ( top B duals). In the list they are 5th row, 2nd column, right before he starts showing you the common ones. Make sure you craft dual sls.

Reagants to Purchase or Acquire from Hunting:

100 moonstone shards
10 volcanic ash
1 quicksilver

Quest Tasks

  • Kill Cabrio
    You do not have to actually kill him, just get here in time for the box and open it. You will get the orb from the box.
  • Return to Maestro Reorin
    He will now ask you to take down the 3 TOI Raid bosses, to get their scepters.
  • Collect all three TOI raid boss scepters
    They can be done in any order. Tower of Insolence 3rd floor – Death Lord Hallate, Tower of Insolence 8th floor – Kernon, Tower of Insolence 11th floor – Golkonda Longhorn
  • Return to Maestro Reorin
    He will now ask you to get his infernium varnish from Cliff.
  • Meet with Cliff in the Warehouse of Oren. He will give you Infernium Varnish that Maestro Reorin needs.
  • Return to Maestro Reorin
    Return to Maestro Reorin with the Varnish. He takes it and asks you to meet Head Blacksmith Ferris in Aden and get his hammer for him.
  • Return to Maestro Reorin
    Return to Maestro Reorin with the hammer. He takes it and asks you to meet Trader Zenkin, weapons shop in Oren.
  • Meet Trader Zenkin, weapons shop Oren.
    Trader Zenkin is in Oren’s Weapons and Armor shop. He tells you to meet Magister Kasper at Hardin’s Private Academy.
  • Meet Magister Kasper Hardin’s Private Academy
    The magister will give you a pipette knife that you will use to stab Baium.

Congratulations you are now ready to stab Baium

  • To the 13th Floor! To Baium and Beyond!!

The Baium waiting room
Baium is asleep at the top of TOI. Go all the way up to Galaxial the angel near the top, there are stairs leading further up. A vortex is outside Baium’s door. You cannot target Baium from outside the door. You have to /target him from another the lower level floor I believe. You will know when he is up though. People start entering the vortex. And the vortex will finally allow you into his chamber.

This is the long and dreaded part of the whole event and probably the most dangerous. Step #1, do not respond to any untagged idiots, they are usually a high power messing with people. Equip your pippette knife and put your main weapon on hotkey incase you end up wanting to flag. I do not recommend it. Making your title something like ‘LF BAIUM’. Sit and wait for hours, pass time PM’ing people. Do not make yourself a target up there, you’re there for one task stab Baium.

Stab Baium

Once inside, you will need someone to be the guinea pig wake Baium up. DO NOT RUN AND STAB BAIUM YOURSELF YET. Once Baium is woken, he will start his rampage and the angels will appear. Run with all speed at his big toe and stab his ****!! Make sure your knife gets bloodied. I actually brought up a small amount of ngss for the occasion. Then get the hell out of there. I was able to just soe but you can bsoe if need be.

  • Return to Reorin

Tell him you will give him Samurai Long Sword duals (Remember those top B duals I asked you to craft…) for your top B weapon offering. From the low A grade weapon list choose whatever you want for your subclass.

Now listen up and listen good. Do not **** this part up. If you tell Master Reorin you will give him a flaming pile of poo, he will only accept that. DO NOT CHOOSE A WEAPON TO GIVE HIM THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. If you do you must wait til Mammon and convert something to that weapon delaying your subclass quest. I highly recommend crafting the B grade duals. You are recieving a crappy low grade A weapon in place of a top B. Price wise it is cheaper to make the B duals from the 2 C grade store bought samurai long swords than it is to hand him say an AOBA, or Lance.

Upon trading the top B weapon for a low A grade weapon, he will give you the star Mark and you have completed the quest. Yo
u now have the Star Mark which is a requirement for Mimir’s Elixir.


Mimir’s Elixir Magister Ladd 4th floor Ivory Tower
Mimir’s elixir requires you to make 2 things…pure silver and pure gold. The pure silver is made by using the magical urn on the floor with Trader Wesley for the Supplier of Reagants.

Use the urn and repeat the following 10 times

Make Moonstone dust

Moonstone shards(10)
volanic ash(1)
salamander Heat

You will create moonstone dust 10 times from that.

Now make Lunargent

Moonstone dust(10)
volacanic ash(1) (might be quicksilver i forget)
salamader heat

Now make Pure silver

Lunargent + quicksilver + salamandar heat

Ok now that the pure silver is made, return to Magister Ladd. He will send you to Magister Joan in Ivory Tower. You now need to kill 2 mobs in order to get the ingredients for pure gold.

First mob is chimera in silent Valley (aden–> silent valley). This is a community mob, fairly easy to do. Try not to attract the giant community mob while do them. Return to Ladd or Joan, they they send u to the next mob. Be sure to return first.

2nd mob is a bloody guardian. This mob is very very very hard to reach. It is deep in Antharas lair and a community mob that is tough to solo. I highly suggest you find friends/clannies or other people who just stabbed Baium to do this with. It is is vital to have a tank and a SD (spectral dancer with shadow step) to reach the deep part. Do not go it alone. As Kosh once told Captain Sheridan, “If you go to KhazaDum, you will DIE!”. While not mandatory, it is good to let one member only attack the Bloody Guardian while the others kill the other members of the community mob. It is confirmed though that you can get quest item without dealing the killing blow.

Return to Magister Ladd or Joan, they tell you how to make the elixir. At the urn mix pure silver + pure gold + in phoenix fire (HIGHEST LEVEL), make sure you choose QUEST–> Mimir’s Elixir at the urn and not Supplier of Reagants. This part will not fail. Once you have the item, go back and drink it completing the quest.

Congratulations you can now visit the subclass changers in towns to switch to a new level 40 subclass.

Go to the respective High Prefect (orc), Warehouse Chief (dwarf), etc to switch to one of that races classes. Go back to your main classes top guy to switch back to main class. If you have extra inventory slots they do not carryover between main and sub class.

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