Lineage 2 Macro for Buffers Guide

Lineage 2 Macro for Buffers Guide by ANobody

Making a buffer macro is easy.

1. Reserve Shortcut Bar #1 for actual playing (healing, sleep/root etc.)
2. Reserve Shortcut Bar #2 for the macros: leave buttons 1 and 2 free, but add any other buffs that are useful for a particular hunting area or situation (holy weapon, resists, magic barrier etc.)
3. Shortcut Bar #3: melee buffs (might, shield, mental aegis, focus, guidance, deathwhisper, haste, windwalk, BtB)
4. Shortcut Bar #4: mage buffs (acumen, zerk, BtS, BtB, concentration, mental aegis, shield, windwalk, regeneration, magic barrier)

So now we’ve got bars set up, let’s make the macros.

5. Switch to Shortcut Bar #3. Open a new Macro and start dragging the buffs from your shortcut bar to the lines in the macro
6. When you’re done, give the macro an easy name to recognise (I call my macros MELE and MAGE) and save them
7. Drag the macro to Shortcut Bar #2

And you’ve made buff macros =) To use these new macros, target someone on your buffer computer and start the macro.

However I should point out something: while a macro is running, you cannot do ANYTHING on that computer or the macro will break. Well you can move the mouse around but you cannot rotate the view, click buttons, use chat, swap between Shortcut Bars, open Inventory… so don’t touch that computer while the macro is running.

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