Legacy of the Dragons DH Raids Guide

Legacy of the Dragons DH Raids Guide

Instance open for 12 hours (type /instinfo)
Accessible every 2 days.

Raid Requirements:

Party of 3 – 5 members (Pre-initiated or with medals)
Each w/ at least 10 -20 summons (tigers for level1 raid, iguarons for level2 raid)
Scroll of Healing 100 pcs. / party member
Food(s) to restore Hp
Amulet of resurrection 2 pcs. / party member

loot setting:
pre-set prior to the raid (leader distribute)

Raid Master’s Initiative (RMI)


HoU Initiate — with 660+ city rep.
HoU LC-1 — medal of Recognition
HoU LC-2 — medal of Friendship
HoU LC-3 — medal of Respect
HoU LC-4 — medal of Honour
HoU LC-5 — medal of Worship

Raid Levels:
lvl1 – Phantom Corpse, Revrat, & Galmakhar
lvl2 – Zermerkh and Lingraonts

*Originally from Devilsun’s Guide


Every location to Phatom corpse has 3 Resurrected Skeletons [ level 3 and 700 hp]. You do not need to kill them. Keep moving from 1 room to other as soon as possible, longer you stay more chance of an unnecessary fight.

1. To southern corridor. after clicking the gate, you will be attacked by 4 skeleton wraiths [level 3 and 568 hp]. Use 3 tigers, 1 igy or 1 bat.

As soon as you enter Southern corridor, game tells, which monster will give keys. For example: level 6 Players cannot get a key from Phantom Corpse.

2. to eastern tunnel. this time 5 skeletons wraiths on door. Use 4 tigers, 1 iggy or 1 bat.Next 3 doors to phantom corpse has 5 skeletons wraiths each. You need to go forward, Right , To Phantom Corpse.

Fighting Phantom Corpse[level 3 = 1818 hp] 4 Tigers will do the good work to dispose him. Play in block and keep healing yourself as needed.You get a small byal rune key. open either singing or silent chamber as you please.The cuisses from silent chamber will be 12/12.

TO REVRAT:Rather then going eastern tunnel, move forward. if you have already killed the mob at eastern tunnel gate, you will not get any door guards here.There are 7 gates to Revrat after entering southern corridor, each gate is guarded by 5 Skeletons Wraiths[level 3; hp = 568] Path is forward, forward , forward, Left, Ladder to southern tunnel, forward, right.

Fighting Revrat: [level 3 = 2018 hp] 4 tigers or 1 Iguraon will be great aid here.You will get a small ger rune key. In revrat chamber, there is a handle, it opens the gate to Zermakh and Lingraonts. Do not forget to click, if you want to hunt them.


After 2 gates from entrance, enter to Western tunnel. After this door area to Galmakhar have 3 Vampires[level 4= 700 hp] at locations and 5 Revrat Skeletons[ level 4= 648hp] guarding the doors.

Use 5 tigers or 2 iguraons or 1 bat or 1 Scorpion on each door and you clear the 3 doors to Galmakhar with ease. Even if a vampire joins the fight on door, you will not need 6th tiger.

If a vampire attacks on location, use a tiger.

The path is To western Tunnel —-> Forward > Left > To Galmakhar.

Fighting the GALMAKHAR[level 4 =2331 hp]Use 8 tigers or 1 Scorpion and 2 tigers or 4 iguraons or 2 bats to kill Galmakhar.

you recieve a Galmakhar helmet; anda small ing rune key.

Facts:1. You can get out of the house by disbanding the party or leaving the party.
2. There is 30% chance of getting a sparkling crystal on using a scroll of destruction on armor from Derelict Hosue or it will destroy the armor forever.
3. On a cross road, clearing Guards on 1 gate, will automatically clear the guards on other gate too.

Raider’s Manual: Rules and Policies

1. Raid party must consist of at least 3 players, the last two slots in the party is called Free Slots (slots 4 and 5), players in this slots are assumed raid volunteers; they may only get HoU reputations from the raid.

2. Raid Master’s Initiative (RMI) is a rule that implies —> full authority in a raid is vested on the party leader. A party leader or Raid Master (slot1) is given only to members with at least HoU LC-1 Rank and is endorsed by the raiding party. Raid Masters call the action inside DH and is responsible for loot setting.

3. A party member may bail-out of the raid anytime he/she wants. At this point it is the responsibility of the Raid Master to find a replacement.

4. During slot vacancy those in the free slot(s) moves to the priority slots.

5. Loot setting (pre-set prior to raid)

— for chess pieces: distribute chess item 1 pcs. each to the priority slot(s) starting with slot 1 then 2 and 3, then back to slot 1 and so on. Process continues until all chess pieces are distributed. (king to pawn)

— for green items: distribute items accordingly to player’s preference or thru RMI. on RMI mode, Party Leaders may set the loot to slots 1,2, and 3 as what the party has decided or the party leader may decide who gets what item(s).

6. A party leader may expel a party member on the grounds of:

a.) Inactivity of 7 minutes (minimum) to 15 minutes (maximum).
b.) Foul Play
c.) Uncalled Actions

Foul Plays:
— unable to procure right amount of prerequisite materials (summons ,foods to restore Hp, scrolls of healing,etc.) or playing dead and let others do the killing, and or any form of noncooperation.

Uncalled Actions:
— failure to follow the party leader’s instructions and does things uncalled of deliberately or repeatedly ignoring the Party leader.

7. Party leader’s during raids are responsible for their actions and the welfare of his/her members. Any problem during raids are addressed to the party Leader.

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