Ikariam Using Alliance Ranking Guide

Ikariam Using Alliance Ranking Guide by ittc_kid

Once in the embassy, click on “Edit Ranks” under the Action Menu (mid-left area). The “Edit Ranks” page has a top portion called the “Ranks” area and a bottom portion called the “Set new rank” area

Step 1 – Create Ranks by using the “Set new rank” area

Here, you can name the rank you create whatever you want. You can set the Total Score which will be the basis for promotion to the next higher rank. If you mark the Special rank check box, then the score will not matter, and the player will be placed at the top of the list. I used Special Ranks to create an “Inactive” and “On Vacation Mode” rank type. You can also set the permitted tasks of a rank by checking the particular box under the rights section.

By default, the “Entry rank” Member exists. This is the rank of everyone else in the alliance who is not a Leader, General, Diplomat, or Home Secretary. If you want to create ranks that can be promoted, make sure it is not checked as a “Special rank”. In the immediately following photo, I used Army ranks with promotions occurring once their Total score exceed the designated points.

Step 2 – Once you’ve finished setting up the ranks, you can rearrange the rank order using the “Ranks” area

Use the “up” or “down” triangles on the left side of the rank name. The larger a number, the lower it’s rank.

Step 3 – The tedious part, classifying each member in the “Member list” section of the Embassy. Go back to the Embassy’s initial view. (You can click on the “Back to Embassy” link)

Sadly, everyone (excluding Leader, General, Diplomat, or Home Secretary) will end up categorized under a “Special rank” (if you created one) or the “Entry rank”. You will have to go through each member and click on thier current rank link to access the “Assign rank” screen and change their rank.

What I like about this screen is that it recognizes the point category the player can be in and only places radio buttons on those particular ranks. Click on the Radio Button of the new rank you want to assign to the player.

Keep doing this for all other players in your alliance. After the initial setup, re-classification should be a breeze.

Hope this helps other Interior Ministers out there. ^_^

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