Ikariam Alliances Guide

Ikariam Alliances Guide by Lunar


Yup this should cover everything.. from embassy creation to administration options :)


  1. The Beginning
  2. Diplomatic points basics
  3. Joining an alliance
  4. Make your own alliance
  5. Alliance administration
  6. Alliance ranks
  7. Alliance FAQ

1. The Beginning

At the start, before even thinking about alliances or other treaties you must first construct an Embassy. You just need to research “Foreign Cultures” from the “Seafaring” research tree. When your research is completed choose one “free building spot” in your town and create an embassy (just like any other building).

2. Diplomatic points basics

When your embassy is constructed you can start making treaties or become part of alliance. For creation of an alliance you need 3 diplomatic points, other treaties (also joining an alliance) costs 1 diplomatic point.

When your treaty is broken you receive all the points which you used back again.

3. Joining an Alliance

When you become bored of playing alone you can decide to become part of alliance. First you must find alliance which suits your needs. There are alliances which focus on combat, training allies for larger ones and combat focussed allies. To find one to your taste visit the ally introduction boards for your world or view an alliance external page.
To do this you must click on your embassy, than click “Search for alliance” on the bottom of page. Now you see nice tool for searching alliances. You can use “Suggest Alliance” button and game will automatically show alliances which members have similar points. Or you can manually enter name/tag/alliance points/average points/number of members values and click “Search”, after a while you will see list of alliances which have properties you entered.

Now when you choose alliance you can send application -> click on alliance name and you will see it page with some statistics. You can join to alliance by clicking on “shaking hands” icon and sending message. This will give the alliance leader a request to accept / reject you.

!! Joining to alliance operation take 1 diplomacy point (from you) and 1 alliance diplomacy point (from that alliance) !!

4. Make your own Alliance

If you are not a part of any alliance than you can CREATE your own. To do this you must enter your Embassy and then write tag/token and alliance name and click “Create Alliance”. Be aware that tag and name have limited number of letters available -> 3 to 5 for tag and 3 to 15 for alliance name. Alliance tag and name can’t contain ‘special’ characters and must be unique.

!! You need 3 free diplomacy points to create an alliance !!

Each new member will require 1 alliance point. An alliance point is NOT the same as a diplomacy point. Go to your embassy and click on convert to alliance point. Then you will be able to accept new members.

VoilĂ  you just created new alliance!

5. Alliance Administration

When you are a part of alliance you will see some more options which will show at the left side of screen while staying in embassy. (Some options are available only for leader and/or other ministers).

  • Member options
    Send circular message – You send message to everyone in you alliance
    Quit – You leave your alliance
  • General option
    Overview of the troops – you will see detailed information about who have how many and what kind of troops and ships (not divided to colonies)
  • Home Secretary/Interior Minister options
    View resources – you will see info about how many resources member have currently in his/her warehouses (resources in trade post and being already transferred are not counted; Not divided to colonies)
    Edit internal alliance page – enables editing internal alliance page (internal page is visible only for alliance members)
  • Diplomat option
    Edit external alliance page – enables editing external alliance page and sets homepage http address (external page is visible to everyone – people who are not members of your alliance will see it too :) )
  • Leader options
    Edit alliance – here you can change alliance name, tag/token and edit your alliance short description
    Distribute posts – here you can appoint Diplomat, General and Home Secretary (alliance founder have all those functions by default when create alliance)
    Hand over the alliance leadership – here you can give leadership to someone else
    Break up alliance – Erase your alliance form history -> everyone will lose alliance membership and alliance will disappear from existence
    Transfer diplomacy points – here you can sacrifice your diplomatic points and turn them into “Alliance diplomatic points” (here you can also turn unused alliance diplomatic points into your diplomatic points)
    Bonus resources – list with resources which each alliance members send to leader.. currently not implemented

6. Alliance Ranks


  • Receives a small amount of bonus resources every day, dependent on the number and strength of the individual alliance members (not yet implemented).
  • Can change the name and tag of the alliance.
  • Can assign the important posts (diplomat, general and interior minister)
  • Can disband the alliance.
  • Can appoint a new leader, provided they have enough free diplomat points to assume leadership of the alliance.

Home Secretary/Interior Minister

  • Responsible for the admission of new members and the dismissal of old members from the alliance.
  • Can see the resources of all alliance members.
  • Can determine and assign the ranks within the alliance.
  • Can edit the internal alliance site. This is only viewable to alliance members.


  • Can see all the troops and war ships of members.
  • Can see all attacks from or on members of the alliance.
  • Can call back attacks from alliance members.


  • Can edit external alliance site. This is the site that non-members see when they want to look at the alliance.
  • Can manage alliance agreement.
  • Can see the alliance partners of all alliance members.
  • Receives messages sent to the alliance.


  • Can send circular messages :)

8. Alliance FAQ

  • Why I can’t create an alliance?
    Remember than alliance name and alliance tag must be unique (you can’t create alliance with the same name as an alliance which already exists). Also tag must consist from 3 to 5 letters, and can’t use special characters. The same rules apply to alliance name, but here you can use 3 to 15 characters.
  • Who can transfer diplomacy points? Why I can’t transfer diplomacy points? Can members transfer diplomacy points?
    Only alliance leader can transfer own diplomacy points into alliance diplomacy points. If you haven’t option to transfer diplomacy points than you are not a leader of alliance leader. Common members, generals, diplomats and interior ministers CAN’T transfer own diplomacy points into alliance diplomacy points.

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