Facebook The Sims Social Weeds Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Weeds Guide by Katari12

So, I saw a post about weeds, and how annoying they are; While I was replying I thought “Man, I love weeds, but I guess others don’t. Maybe I should help some people out on the new idea of those tragic energy wasters.”

So without further a-do. Your easy way to think about weeds.


Horrible, ugly, wasteful. That’s what I’ve read about the weeds in the Sims. But to think about it like that is a horrible thing. Think about them as easy money, simple EXP, and even better, Tools.

Let me answer a few questions about these pesky visitors.

Why in the WORLD would you say they are good?
Well, think about it, they give you money, items to build potions, and it’s a fast way to get up your levels. And sadly, once it’s all gone, you’ll want them back.

They cost energy EW! But they are horrible?!
They do, but in some cases, they actually give you back the energy at a small chance.

Now let’s start with a way to get that energy back:

Build up friendships. Easy right? Go to a friends house, each friend gives you 5 bonus energy to waste on them. Once you use it you get 1 energy back, and 20 social points. Eventually the social points stop counting. BUT you continue to get energy, so you never have to worry.

Getting rid of all you energy first. The more you plant, and get rid of stuff, the better chance you have of getting one energy back. I recommend you get rid of all your energy getting rid of the plants behind your house first, then going to your friends.

Where to start first

Back of the house. Why? The back of the house is the hardest to reach once you build your house up. (if you didn’t know about the tip below) You have to store rooms to reach them once they grow back, so what do you do? You get rid of them, and move your house back.

-TIP: If you don’t know, you can click to get rid of the walls. It’s under the full-screen button in the top right of your screen. This makes it easier, but most people don’t realize that’s there.

But there’s so many right? That’s why you hold off on building your house too big. Get rid of the plants to get money and EXP, the more money you have, the more you can build room wise, and the more decorations you can add to increase house value. Once you clear out a space, move the house there. Plants don’t grow in the house so it’s an easy fix.

But I can’t move my rooms around because of that stuff!
Again, hold off, if it’s too late, take some time to think about where you need that room, and do like I do. I put the room in storage, use my energy to clean out the area I want it (let’s say 5 plants are blocking it, i clear those 5 instead of all the weeds i have around) and then place my room there.

But what about when they grow back? Yeah, it’s a little bit of a hassle, but if you move and build your house along the outlines of the yard, you don’t have to worry about hard to reach area’s, yes they grow back, but now you don’t have to store a room just to reach those weeds, you just send your person there to clean them up.
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Well thanks for reading, hope it helped, if i remember anything, or if you guys have questions you would like answered, or tips to be added, just post and i’ll edit it all in.


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I use many "Rock and hard place" to cover my yard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cut all my weeds and made tons of money off it.. but now i want more weed, will they/when will they grow back? Is there a way to make them grow back quicker?

  3. mmagic says:

    I have noticed that plants/grass spawn from the borders of your build area and from plants that are already grown up.
    To get rid of grass you must first clear the grass/plants then just place items like cheap chairs fences, flowers, along the edge of the area where you build and the grass will no longer spawn.

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