Exoplanet War General Game Guide

Exoplanet War General Game Guide by EPW Moderator

Exoplanet War is a totally free, browser-based MMORTS game which dosen’t require any downloads in order to enjoy the game, as a result you can play the game anywhere anytime with thousands of real players.

Your journey in Exoplanet War begins with a small, non-developed base colony on the Planet Xeno and you must use your unique strategy, diplomacy, and wisdom to strengthen your colony and compete against your opponents. Fight for honor, survival or sheer domination in an ever expanding experience!

Welcome to Exoplanet War, this handy guide will help you to get further in your search across the deadly planet Xeno.
Upon starting your game for the first time, your instructor will give you a brief but helpful tutorial where you will be introduced to some of the many features you’ll be coming across in Exoplanet War.

To help you in your journey we also have given you a welcome gift of 50 FREE Credits and a 3 Simultaneous Construction perk, which last for 3 days when you complete the tutorial.
After you complete the tutorial, there will be a multitude of missions that you can embark on that will reward you with extra resources by completing them.

The following paragraph is a list of important things about Exoplanet War that can help you understand the basics:

1. 72-hour combat protection period

As a way of protecting our new players, a 72-hour combat protection period will be automatically activated when you first create your account.

During this period of time, you cannot be attacked by other players, but at the same time this combat protection prevents you from launching an attack on rival players. If you wish, you can also cancel this protection by accessing the user settings page and clicking discard on the ‘Protection’ option. However, we STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND this unless you are seriously ready for the battles you will face.

2. Upgrading Buidlings

To upgrade a building, click the building you wish to upgrade and then click the upgrade button.
If there are building shadows on your map, it means the buildings are unlocked but have not been built yet. In order to access the building’s function you must build the structure first.

If you can’t find a building or building shadow on your map, it means that the particular building is still locked and you may need to upgrade the main base to unlock it.

3. Missions

When you have completed a mission, the mission button at the top of your screen will flash to indicate that the objective has been completed and that you can now claim your reward. Be sure to make use of these rewards to further develop your colony or to train units and recruit heroes.

4. Need more Energy?

The following actions can help you to obtain the energy you desperately need to be successful.

a. Upgrade your Geothermal Power and Radiation Reactor
b. Train more satellites (you can do this in the Air Fleet Core (For Gaians) / Aviation Hub (For Zubens) / Exos Spires (For Neckrons).
c. Research the Energy Technology under Colony Research in Research Lab

Note: Armies stationed outside your colony require more energy to sustain than those inside your colonies. Use your energy wisely and only have your army garrisoned in other colony when it is essential.

5. Running out of Energy already?

Then it’s time to use Xeno Assimilator!

6. Xeno Assimilator

The Assimilator consumes Xeno to produce Energy and like other structures you can increase its efficiency by upgrading it or researching the Xeno technology under the ‘Energy Technology’ menu in the Research Lab. However, be careful not to use up all your Xeno in the process. To counter this you can upgrade the Xeno Extractor to increase the Xeno Production.

7. Earning resources:

a. Build and upgrade your Metal Mines, Gem Miner, Aqueous Rig, and Xeno Extractor.
Upgrading these structures will increase their production rate and as a result will allow you to have much more resources at your disposal. These factories will keep operating even if you are not around and they will only stop their operations once the maximum storage has been reached.
b. You can also earn resources by sending your army to attack wildernesses or even by stealing from another player’s colony.

8. Lacking Research Points (RP)?

You can increase the RP production rate by upgrading the Research Lab or training more Research Ships.
You can do this within the Air Fleet Core (For Gaians) / Aviation Hub (For Zubens) / Exos Spires (For Neckrons).

9. You can train different units in three main buildings:

a. Barracks (For Gaians) / Combat Hungar (For Zubens) / Horde Port (For Neckrons)
b. Gaia Factory (For Gaians) / Warfare Bunker (For Zubens) / Hybrio Aptera (For Neckrons)
c. Air Fleet Core(For Gaians) / Aviation Hub (For Zubens) / Exos Spires (For Neckrons)

10. Commanders

Commanders are important to lead your army as well as command your colonies. You can manage your commander in the Barracks (For Gaians) / Combat Hungar (For Zubens) / Horde Port (For Neckrons).

Commander Type provides you with a general idea of their special ability and It is separated into the following two criteria:
a. Talent:

(Includes attack, defense, and influence.)
An extra bonus point will be added for each point that is assigned to their value stats.

b. Unit Type:

(Including Infantry, Vehicle, and Air Ship.)
Commander provides a boost to morale when leading a unit consisting of a particular unit type.

Note: Battle Commander must be assigned to be the army leader in order to boost the morale in the battle. You can do this when you are setting up or editing the army in the Core Control (For Gaian)/ Dictum Nave (For Zubens)/ Nerve Center (For Neckrons);

Influence Commander must be assigned to be the colony commander in order to boost the resources production. You can assign commander to be the colony commander in your main base.

11. Wish to build a new colony?

You need to satisfy the following criteria first:

a. If your current Colony Limit has been reached then you may increase this limit through upgrades under the Overall Research tab in the Research Lab.
b. The target location must be an empty colony.
c. You must have a formed army that contains a Tactical Port (For Gaians) / Crucio Pith (For Zubens) / Zatar (For Neckrons) station in the target location.

If you’re in any doubt about what you need to do during your time playing Exoplanet please refer to our wiki or forum which will give you a more in depth answer. Alternatively, feel free to ask in the chat room where fellow players and our GM’s will be on hand to answer your queries.

Go Get’em Commander!

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