Domain of Heroes Beginner’s Guide

Domain of Heroes Beginner’s Guide by SomeoneDead

0 Basic hints and infos
0.0 Ask around. Players in this game are quite helpful. Ask in faction. Ask in main. And, when you’re in a guild, ask there. But be polite and do NOT beg.

0.1 BD is Base Damage (for weapon) or Base Defense (for armor). BD of weapon is particularly useful because it is added to your physical attack. At low level it is, practically, your raw attack power.

0.2 Give a look to the forum guides viewforum.php?f=5 they cover almost every aspect of the game.

0.3 Enable trade/yard chat and look there. In this way you can get yourself an idea about prices (and give a look to the last price guide viewtopic.php?f=5&t;=589).

0.4 Ask someone to show you a rune or two, so that you can know how they look and you can be sure that you DO NOT sell them to shop.

0.5 Try to write “/help”.

0.6 Use “/goto nameplace” to move quickly to a place.

0.7 Pay a visit to Furrier dePonte and Postmaster Gryffin (write “/goto Dohria Labor Stimulus Authority Bureau” and then talk to them).

0.8 You can get xp and drops (items and coins) from kills of mobs only if you’re in a land that is in a range [-5,+5] from your own level. Moreover the exp and the items you get are better if your faction controls the area.

0.9 Plugins. You can Enable them clicking on “Options”, there you’ll see a list of them. I suggest to newbies to activate these ones:
0.9.1: QuestPlaceLinks: a quick way to reach locations for quests.
0.9.2: GearSorter1: to quickly sort your invetory, mule, storage and guild stuff.
0.9.3: dwnQuestGoodies: to know how many Furrier and Postman quests you’ve done.
0.9.4: FactionControlInfo: once activated, click on “Level Stats” and you can see all areas around your level, know which ones are of your own faction and go there to grind. A must for weak magic finders.
0.9.5: JungleFixes: fixes (of course :) ) some little problems with the actual version of the game (for example: ghost items and referral points from voting).

Once you have selected the plugins, “Change Toon” to activate them.

1. How to pvp.
1.1 Use physical attack even if you’re a caster, but don’t level it up. This because at lower levels magic attacks are not strong enough. Keep in mind that to get the same damage you can deal with a 1hand 100bd weapon (see next point, too) you have to reach around 1000 mind with a maxed mind attack skill (this without taking in account anything else).

1.2 Get a starter weapon. Ask around if someone has a starter weapon to spare. Usually you’ll get something a lot better than your own. Keep in mind that 2hands weapons have their BD increased of 50%. So a 2hands with a BD=100 has a raw damage power of 150.

1.3 Put your stat points in resistances and not in stats . Stats should be increased using gear. (This doesn’t hold if you want to use your toon as Magic Finder).

This because the best stat enchantment gives you +37.5 points (=37.5 stat points), while the best res enchantment gives you only 15% res (=15 stat points). So using enchs to raise up resistances is a waste of gear slots if you can use your own stat points. Resistance cannot be raised over 50% using stat points (and 75% overall). So a good idea is to raise them with stat points up to 45%, using then gear to fill the gap.

1.4 It is common practice -and it is usually a good idea- to use your skill points to maximize as fast as possible your main attack (ie: Slit for Rogue, Holy Strike for Cleric…). There are exceptions, of course, for example the Human skill Quick Learner: maximize this one before everything else could be a good idea.

1.5 Get enchanted gear. Enchantments are divided in tiers: T1 (+12.5), T2(2xT1=+25) and T3(3xT1=+37.5). But the cost raises up very quickly (see the enchantment guide for a detailed analisys viewtopic.php?f=5&t;=12).
To enchant you need reagents. And to get them you need space (=wishes) and time. But at the start, if you’re here just to try the game, you would have not so much space… so ask ppl to enchant for you, paying a sum for it, of course.
A right sum for T1 ench is around 600 coin / slot (but some vets will do this for free, specially if you are in their guild).
For T2 a good deal is around 20.000/slot if you want pow or luck, 15.000/slot if you want something else.
For T3… well, if you need T3 likely you are now able to enchant them by yourself.
Enchant notables (yellow items) with T1 (T2 is wasted on them). T2 for rare (green) and epic (blue) with a level requirement of 25.

1.6 Entering a fight. You can enter a fight starting it, that is clicking on the “Conquer a nearby area” link and then clicking on “Conquer this land” link. Or defending an area under attack, that you can do when you get the message “Help me, XXX is trying to steal AAA from your faction”; clicking on the area link (the “AAA” of the example) you will be moved there, where you must click the “Defend your land” link. (Look the in-game guides “How to play” and “Quickstart” for more details and some examples with a nice graphic).

1.7 Losing a fight has no negative consequences. If you are defending you could get some nice vxp even if you lose. Moreover if you leave a fight you are supposed to wait *10* minutes before joining another one. So even if you’re near to die, leaving a fight is not a good idea.

With a full notable suit T1 enchanted and a nice starter weapon you’ll be quite fine up to level 15 in pvp (and a lot more in pve).

1.8 PvP Builds (obscurity is not security :P)
1.8.1 Name: Walls
Description: they have high resistance to damage and can take a lot of it. But usually (at least from level 35+) they need help to complete the job.
Stats and skills: hp regen skills, life, endurance
Best combos: werewolf paladin, werewolf cleric
Notes: this build relies so much on hp regen that you should increase that skill even before than the attack one.
1.8.2 Name: Tanks
Description: they have high resistance to damage and can take a lot of it. But they have some decent damage too.
Stats and skills: hp regen skills, life, power or mind, endurance
Best combos: troll paladin, half giant paladin, elf (or half elf if you have some mana regenerating item) cleric
1.8.3 Name: Damage Dealers
Description: they can unleash a lot of damage, but are kinda weak on defence. So they rely a lot on high agility to dodge and on some enchanted gear to leech some life. Some endurance or life is anyway welcome.
Stats and skills: power or mind, agility, endurance or life + some regen, hp leech skill or equipment
Best combos: half orc gladiator, half giant gladiator, troll gladiator, half giant rogue, half giant ninja, half elf+some caster class.

2. Magic finding.
Your drops will be based on your level, your luck and (maybe) on your magic find stats.
At least these are the things you can work on.
The idea is, therefore, to create a build able to increase quickly your luck and magic find to find better drops and gear up itself (and maybe even your other toons, including the pvp ones).
You should point to reach at least 4k luck as fast as possible, to stop the commons drops (the very least valuable drops of the game).
You need also a timer long enough to grind afk (Away From Keyboard) and enough space to save your drops.
The afk time that you need is completely up to you, but keep in mind that for each hour afk you will need something around 100 slots to save your drops, so try to find a balance nice enough for you.
2.1 MF Builds
I will list here some of the most used combos from the luckiest (and weakest) to the less lucky (and strongest)
2.1.1 Gnome Pirate: the luckiest and weakest; not able to grind effectively at higher levels; no hp regen, you must enchant things with leech.
2.1.2 Gnome Jack: similar to the previous one.
2.1.3 Squirrel Bard: never tried it by myself, but only seen it; I can’t say how good it is.
2.1.4 Troll Pirate: less mf and a lot less luck, but has hp regen and a nice +%pow; able to grind effectively using only luck gear up to level 50 (then you’ll need some pow gear anyway)
2.1.5 Troll Jack: similar to the previous one. *Maybe* a little stronger but with a litte less mf.
2.1.4 Troll Rogue: the unluckiest and with less mf; I tried this and I don’t suggest this even if it is incredible good to grind quickly; almost a pvp toon with some MFer skills.

3. Scrapping
This section is kinda “advanced”… before you start to “scrap” items, be sure to have read the section on item tiers and to know which items are really “scrap” and which are not.
Or to find a trustworthy guy as scrapper (my scrapper of choice is trustworthy, but sadly I think I cannot put his name in a guide :))
******************END NOTE***************
After you will have geared a little yourself, you will notice that most of the drops are usually not so good to be used anymore. Even more hard to sell them to other players… if they are not “scrappers”. Scrappers are players with high %coins suits, that buy items for a higher price than their shop value reselling them to shop wearing their %coin suit.
3.1 Scrap prices
The scrap prices I’m aware of are around these values
* 2.5x or more for rares (greens) or epics (blues)
* 600K+ for legends
* 2.7M+ for myths
They can vary slightly between different scrappers.

Notice that prices are just approximations, ask around and find the best ones.

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