Domain of Heroes Beginner’s FAQ

Domain of Heroes Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions by Clement

1. Hi, I’m new here how do I play?
This is a text-based browser Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG for short). You basically kill monsters to level up and find better equipment, for an in-depth guide refer to Deline’s Guide.

2. How do I get quests?
Speak to Non-Player Characters (NPCs) from time to time, and they’ll give you directions on who to look for. There are also two sets of VERY long quests in Fauztopia: the Postmaster and Furrier quests.

3. Very long? How many Postmaster and Furrier quests are there?
There are 275 Postmaster and 150 Furrier quests. It is actually faster to do Postmaster’s, because you need to farm a bit doing Furrier’s.

4. Wow… that’s… a lot. What do I get for completing it?
For all that trouble, you get a nice notable rune/charm at the end of the quests.

5. How do I get to *location name*?
Use the Location List in the Great Codex, a link is conveniently located in the bottom left corner of the game window. You can also use “/goto [location]”

6. How do I whisper?
You can either click on someone’s name, which brings up “/w playername” automatically on the chat bar, or well, type “/w playername messagehere” yourself.

7. What are wishes?
Wishes are a sort of in-game currency, in conjunction with coins. Look at it this way: the wish is a dollar, while coins are the cents/pennies. Wishes are used for upgrading your account, character, buying master keys, creating additional characters and more under the Wishes tab, in-game. Of course, wishes can be traded for items or coins, since it’s a currency.

8. How can I earn wishes?
There are a few ways for wish procurement – you can either spend real money to buy it, or you can trade items you find for it, or buy it in-game with coins, and a few more other ways. Please refer to “How To Get Wishes Guide”. And, remember to vote daily for 15 referral points!

9. Huh? Referral points? What are they for?
Voting nets you 15 referral points each day – that is, if you vote for ALL 21 sites (make sure you don’t leave out the text links). Every 100 referral points will be automatically converted to 1 wish, so you can spend on upgrading your account! You can vote by clicking on the “Options” button to the left of the game window to open up an options tab.

10. Why does it say that I have 3 wishes (2 of which are tradable)?
There are two types of wishes in the game – tradable and non-tradable. Tradable wishes are obtained either by buying wishes using real money, or obtained from others through trade. Non-tradable wishes are obtained by winning in the login lottery, from gambling, or by obtaining 100 referral points. Of course, this means that non-tradable wishes can only be spent in the wishes tab.

11. Help! My wishes aren’t appearing in the Wishes tab!
Do not be alarmed – this occurs when your page isn’t fully or completely loaded. Just try to refresh your page, and it should be there.

12. What’s AFK Grind?
This game, as its slogan suggests – is a game that you can play at work. This is achieved by setting up your character and account for Away From Keyboard (AFK) grinding, a process in which your character automatically kills monsters to find items or level up.

13. How do I perform AFK grinding?
You’ll need to setup your character for AFK grinding first. You’ll need: a logout timer longer than your AFK period, an inventory large enough, or experience boost equipment. Regardless, you’ll need some equipment that helps you stay alive – either % or flat HP leech, or HP regeneration (this is not necessary for werewolves and clerics, of course). For casters, you’ll need MP regeneration as well – this is easily covered since MPRs are so damned cheap these days. Then, make sure you select an attack, and away, we go!

14. Where’s the best place to grind?
This depends on whether you’re looking for EXP, or items. Generally, you should grind in a place with monsters of your level +2, so that you can grind afk longer! However, for pure MFers, you should farm in either Witchmass Point or Burning Jungle when you’re level 75, as these are the easiest place for your naturally weak killing power. Orc warriors and casters should go for Nameless Isles > Nameless Caverns, as it has the best drops (as rumored).

15. Does faction control affect my AFK grind session?
Of course – faction control determines how much EXP you gain, as well as the quality of drops you gain from grinding in area. Some, including myself, will disprove to this; most of the nice items I get are obtained while grinding in alien lands. Experience is of course, another issue. Please refer to the Social FAQs section for FvF ethics.

16. Why am I not getting EXP from killing monsters above/below my level?
You only get EXP from monsters in an area +/- 5 of your level, which means, if you’re level 69 and farming in Nameless Cavern (Level 80), you will end up still at 69 after 10 years. Hence, I said it’s wise to choose somewhere your level +2, since the monsters are much tougher, and you can grind 7 levels AFK. Hooray!

17. What is the best class/race combination or build?
I’ll say there is none – this question is too subjective. While there are certain builds that really shine at the moment, equipment is what really determines how powerful you are. Refer to Deline’s “A Noob’s Guide To Character Creation” for a hint on what builds to make. Refer to the following for a brief outline on the four common builds.

18. What does each of these stats do: Power, Agility, Mind, Endurance, Life and Luck?
Power determines your physical damage, physical defense and hit rate;
Agility determines your dodge, hit rate and initiative;
Mind determines your magic damage, magic defense, hit rate and MP;
Endurance determines your physical and magic defense;
Life determines your HP (DoH’);
Luck determines the quality/rarity/frequency of your item drops, and likelihood of doing a critical hit (crit).

19. How do I increase each of the aforementioned stats?
You either spend your stat points, use item enchants or spend points into skills that adds to stats, such as Core Strength, Precision, Lucky etc.

20. How can I know how much of each stat I gain per level, for my race/class combo?
There’s a nice table laid out for both racial and class per level gains. Please refer to Deline’s “A Noob’s Guide to Character Creation”, there’s two links on the bottom of the page.

21. What are the maximum / cap for my attribute stats?
Technically, there is none. The sky’s the limit! Some stats have diminishing returns, and there are plans to introduce more – however currently most players won’t reach the point at which these have much effect.

22. How can I increase my resistance stats?
Same as your attribute points, you can spend your gained points into it or use item enchantments. Some classes/races also immunity (100% resist) towards certain afflictions, as well as skills that increases damage resistance.

23. Should I increase my damage/affliction resistance?
Generally, the only damage resistance you should consider increasing is physical, until 45%. This is because you can easily add two 15% physical resist enchants to make it a full 75%. If you plan to do much FvF though, increasing other damage resists to 45% is also a good idea.

24. What is the cap for damage/affliction resistance?
The cap is 75% for damage, and 90% for afflictions. However, as mentioned previously, certain races/classes have 100% resistance as a bonus.

25. What do afflictions do?
Afflictions cause a myriad of effects on your character, as well as NOTHING! Yeah, that’s right. Charm, berserk and confuse are known to be bugged right now. Bleed and curse causes damage over time. Silence stops you from using spells. Mana drain causes mana loss over time – similar to bleed and curse. Slow causes your actions to fail 50% of the time. Freeze, sleep, paralyze, trap and the rest are all the same – they deny you of any actions for 2 turns.

26. What is the maximum percentage of afflictions I can do?
There’s no theoretical limit – and 100% is definitely not the cap. This also means that orc warriors, normally immune to panic and fear, can be instilled with fear and panic by Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick. Er, not really, I meant afflicted with fear and panic by someone with more than 100% in those afflictions. Therefore, if you manage to accumulate 200% of a particular affliction, you are guaranteed to afflict. Note: I believe this is incorrect, awaiting confirmation before edit

27. Wow, that sounds broken.
No, it’s not – to have 200% in one affliction – that would mean you need at least 27 Tier 3 enchantments of ONE affliction – that’s 27 million orbs there, in addition to 1.35 million coins in enchanting cost, and 5 and a half pieces of legendary equipment. Doing so costs you a great deal of resources, as well as weakens your character by a lot, since the slots could’ve been filled with stats. Also, you need to be able to hit in order to land afflictions, which in turn require lots of agility. Coupled together, they’ll probably cause you hit someone with 2,000 hp for 5 damage a turn.

28. What’s a good melee build?
There are several popular builds, including Insert builds here There are plenty of viable options – look for a good combination of race/class skills.

29. What’s a good agility/dodger build?
Jaguar assassins are very well balanced in terms of agility and dodging. There are plenty of other options though, again, look for complimentary skills.

30. What’s a good Magic Finder (MFer) build?
For POW users, Troll Jack/Pirate; for MND users, Gnome Pirate/Jack are good builds. Look for a combination of LUK and MF skills.

31. What’s a good magic/caster build?
This is the most versatile, by far. There are quite a few race/class combinations that work very well as casters. Many Races have skills that multiply a damage type, and so compliment the Classes that do that damage type. Half Elf is a very versatile Race, having skills that boost MND and AGI.

32. I’m currently playing a Sprite, but it seems that my skill isn’t working at all!
Unfortunately, there are some race/class skills that aren’t working properly, or at all, right now. The developers are working very hard to repair this, and at the same time, introduce some new skills. Best thing to do now is to ask people about builds, or better yet, read Deline’s character creation guide to have a better idea. New Question needed!

33. What is the maximum number of points I can put into a skill?
Right now, all skills are capped at level 35. Therefore, all characters will have a chance to bring 4 of skills of their choice to level 35, and have some points left. Equipment and Runes can have enchants that increase Race/Class/All skills, and this increases the cap to 50.

34. What does “rest” do? Should I up it?
Rest is a basic or default skill/command that allows you to regenerate 2hp and 2mp per round. Increasing it does NOT give any bonuses, so please don’t. Basically, it’s useless at the moment, even when fighting monsters.

35. How can I have more characters?
You can create more characters for your account by using wishes. You can do so by clicking on the “Create a New Character with 1 Wish” in either the wishes tab or character selection page. These alter egos are often referred to as “toons” for simplicity.

36. How can I transfer items between my characters?
You can do so by first buying a mule with one wish (starts with 20 inventory space) in the wishes tab or items tab. Then, place the items you wish to share among your characters in the mule.

37. How can I increase my character/mule’s inventory space?
You can do so by spending wishes in the wish tab. Each wish increases either your character’s space by 10, or your mule’s space by 5. Of course, the character space upgrading is exclusive for that particular character only.

38. What’s the maximum capacity my character can hold?
Each and every of your created characters can be upgraded to hold a maximum of 60 inventory items. This is to limit the number of runes each character can hold to prevent what we called Over-Powered characters (OP’ed).

39. What is the maximum capacity my mule can hold?
The maximum your mule can hold is 500 items.

40. How do I level up?
EXP, or Environment Experience is increased by fighting and killing monsters. Each new level gives you a raise to your stats based on your character’s race/class combination, 5 stat points and 1 skill point. This is what we call PvE – player versus environment.

41. What is the maximum level in this game?
76 EXP and 76 VXP, as of 7th of April 2009. The previous cap was 75/75, which takes approximately 900,000 EXP and VXP points respectively. Level 76/76 takes 9 million experience each, so it’s highly unadvised for new players.

42. What happens if I die in PvE?
You lose some of the coins you were holding on your character, and respawn at the nearest inn/lodge.

43. How do I get VXP / What is VXP?
VXP is the abbreviation for Versus Experience, and is gained from killing other players in PvP or FvF, or by conquering territories.

44. What does VXP levels give me?
Every VXP level nets you another 5 stat points and 1 skil point to spend, but you do not get race/class per level gains.

45. What is PvP and FvF?
PvP and FvF are abbreviations for Player versus Player and Faction versus Faction respectively. PvP is initiated by a duel request, and FvF is initiated by someone trying to conquer an area. PvPs are solo fights, while FvFs are group fights.

46. How do I duel someone?
You can either click on someone’s duel icon (located beside their name in the name list), or type “/duel playername” (without the “s) in game chat to initiate a duel.

47. How does FvF work?
As mentioned, FvF is initiated by someone attempting to conquer an area. That person will automatically be the first target for opponents participating in the battle. Similarly, the first person to defend will be the automatic target for everyone challenging the area. Of course, you can switch targets by clicking on them after the first round.

48. What do the various battle positions do?
There are three different battle positions – FRONT, MID and REAR; the frontlines are of course, for melee characters that can tank damage. The MID row is for ranged characters or spell-casters – they (are supposed to) do more damage from this row, while taking less from melee attacks. The REAR row is for support characters, such as healers and afflicters – they receive minimum damage from both the FRONT and MID rows.

49. Why are there members from a third faction in this FvF battle?
Yes, this is possible – in the favor of the Challenger’s side. For instance, if a Legion is conquering an area from the Brotherhood, the Knights can help the Legion.

50. Why do I end up on the Defender’s lineup while trying to claim an area?
Sadly, this is a FvF bug that has existed for some time now. Only way to overcome this is to have someone from the third faction to claim it first, and you claim it 10 minutes thereafter.

51. Why can’t I see/join a FvF or help others in FvF?
Chances are, you’re out of their EXP level range. You can only join FvF in areas +/- 7 levels of your current EXP level.

52. Why do I have to wait for xxx seconds before I can join a FvF battle?
You have either died or escaped from a FvF battle previously. If you die in FvF, you will be given a 2 minute countdown timer, but if you escape from FvF, you’ll be given a 10 minute timer. The former is to prevent someone from repeatedly defending an area, while the latter is to disencourage people to run from FvF battles.

53. What happens if I die in PvP/FvF?
As of a recent update, you’ll gain VXP from dying in FvF, as well as PvP. You will also respawn at the nearest inn/lodge. Therefore, there’s really nothing to lose. And NO, you don’t lose any experience, items, coins or anything for that matter.

54. Wow, it’s so hard to level up my VXP levels! How can I level it up faster?
Simple – we now introduce to you the Boost Dueling ™ technique! No diets, no exercises, and no pills! You and a partner of similar EXP level both buy an Experience Boost with a wish in the Wishes tab and start killing each other. This will net each of you 8x normal VXP – so even the loser will get a ton! Check out the Boost Dueling FAQ for more info on how to further enhance your Boost Dueling ™ experience! Call 1-300-BOOST today! >.<

55. How can someone level 1 kill me in a duel? I’m level 20!!!
Chances are, you’ve just crossed-swords with a veteran with elite (must… resist… saying 1337…) equipment. That person has probably just created a new character and transferred some powerful gear onto it, so of course you will lose. If you’re not very interesting in being beaten to a pulp by a level 1, do consider carefully who you duel by checking out their character first.

56. 35. How do I trade?
You can either click on someone’s trade icon (located beside their name in the name list), or type “/trade playername” (without the “s) in game chat to initiate a trade window.

57. Hi I’m new can someone give me a powerful sword?
Good luck – you’ll have two endings with this question: on better days you’ll encounter the nicer people of DoH, such as Vowel Dude (aka Liuts Seekret, Teacup Tempest, Little Teapot blah blah) who’ll probably give you one. The second one is a big group of people flaming you for begging for items. I’ll just say play the game, and you’ll earn it.

58. What is B>/S>/A>/PC>?
These are the wonderful abbreviations made by us lazy people of DoH trade. They represent Buying, Selilng, Auctioning and Price Checking respectively.

59. I found a Nameoflocation Treasure Key, what is it for?
Click on the little key icon next to the item to reveal 9 treasure chests to the left of the game window, and select one of them to get a free item. You can get either a rare, unique or legendary item, or even a rune. I get mostly rares though =( Here’s a note: Nameless Isle’s keys guarantees a T3POW enchant on your item, while Burning Jungle’s keys guarantees a T3MND enchant on your item. That’s how these veteran players hoard their orbs to p4wn you, you ub3r-n00b! (just kiddin’…)

60. What is a rune/charm?
Runes and charms are what we call items that give bonuses in inventory, much akin to the charms found in Diablo 2. The most common will appear in uncommon (ironic, huh?) rarity, and there are notable, rare, unique and legendary charms as well. A rune/charm is easily identified – their description says “Keep in inventory to gain bonus”, and have very interesting pictures.
Note: Runes/charms are expensive items; do not sell to strangers who whisper trade you.

61. What is whisper trade?
I guess this is quite a common practice in the world of DoH – people whisper you offers for the item you just advertised for sale. Be cautious of whisper trades unless you know what you are selling – there’s no telling who might offer you 100,000 coins for something that’s worth 10 million.

62. What’s the difference between selling to shop and recycling to shop, as compared to hobo?
Selling to hobo only gets you 20% of an item’s sell to shop value, while recycling to hobo costs you 100 coins, rather than 10 coins. The only real benefit of dealing with the hobo is the privilege of not needing to look for an inn, and returning.

63. Someone tried to sell me something for 100,000, but its shop value is only 5,914!
Please – items that go into the trade chat in-game are not valued based on its sell to shop or sell to hobo value. Items are valued in trade based on several factors, including: rarity and quality (unique, legendary, elite, heroic etc.), special enchantments (T3%POW, T2MF etc.) , and item location (eyes, neck, ammo, rune etc.).

64. What the hell are vanilla items?!?
Vanilla is the term we creative DoHrians have created for items with no special enchants – for instance, a unique chest armor with 5% physical resist, 5% multiply fire damage, 20% freeze resist and +12.5 to POW is considered vanilla.

65. Wow, being able to enchant what you want on an item sounds cool. Are vanillas found as they are?
No, all items spawn with the maximum number of enchantments they can carry. Enchantments can be stripped off anytime to produce a vanilla.

66. How many enchantments can each item have?
That depends on its rarity – common items have no enchantment slots; uncommon items have one; notable items have two; rare items have 3; unique have four; and lastly legendary items have five.

67. What are special enchants?
Special enchants include Magic Find, Experience, T3%Stat bonus, HP Regeneration, MP Regeneration, +flat damage (elemental or physical), +flat HP or MP leech. These enchants cannot be created from reagents. For more details, please refer to Deline’s guide.

68. Why is there a price difference between two vanilla items?
Disregarding item quality (such as Heroic and High quality Lead ammos, or Ceramic hands), there’s a price gap between item slots because some slots are harder to find than others. Generally, necks are the rarest slot, followed by eyes, pocket, ammo, finger, hands, wrist, and everything else. Strong hands (SHs in short, or weapons) are basically the most common, but a HIGH damage may just be as rare as a neck piece.

69. What is BD, SH and OH?
BD is either Base Damage or Base Defense, and is normally well understood, unless it’s an OH. Well, SH stands for Strong Hand, or weapon, while OH stands for Off Hand, or shield (or secondary weapon). OH’s are the only items that can have either Damage OR Defense. Sometimes, OH with damage will be described by BDam or BDAM.

70. What’s a good/high BD for SHs?
The highest I’ve ever saw (personally) was a Unique 148bd, which is gotten from a Master Key. Only Master Keys can procure such high bd right now, I believe. The highest available from monster drops should be 118 – or an 80bd weapon at high quality. I might be wrong though, because notable 132bds are floating around, and Master Keys cannot possibly drop those.

71. What are Master Keys?
Master Keys are Treasure Keys which are purple in color (hence their nickname of “Legend Keys”), which can either be dropped from Nameless Cavern monsters (I’m not sure of this though), bought with 3 wishes each, or from either of the item packs. Master Keys are supposed to guarantee a 50/50 unique or legendary item drop, with at least 2 special enchants.

72. I heard that Master Keys can drop rare runes, is this true?
More real than this silly guide you’re reading in front of you. Master Keys with a prefix (Dusty, Shiny etc.) and a neck-piece picture guarantees at least a rare rune, or maybe even a unique! One comes with each Treasure Hunter pack, and the special item picture ensures that nobody can rename the keys and disguise them as rune-keys, as they’re called.

73. PC > Item name here, anyone please?!?
Please, when in Trade chat, use discretion. People in DoH are mostly interested in things unique or better, or rares with good enchants.

74. How can I show someone what I have for sale?
Two ways to do this as of 12/4/2009, first is of course by manually setting up a trade window and placing your item there. Second way, the new method, is to type “/show itemname” in the Trade chat to have your item displayed there. NOTE: Please do NOT spam show all your items, or gloat about nice items you have that you don’t intend to sell… unless you’re Liuts Seekret >.<

75. Hi, I’m a newb, can I offer you 1 wish for your rune/expensive item? I really need it…
NO! Please, learn to pay at least meagerly for items that people have found with so much hard work! Congrats if you find someone who sympathizes you, but some people will also find it insulting if you offer them peanuts for a good item.

76. What is MF?
Magic find – it is a skill (or stat, rather) which determines the quality of the enchants on the items that your character finds. MF is available as a skill on several races/classes, and as a special enchant on rare, unique or legendary items.

77. How much LUCK does my Magic Finder (MFer) character need?
Most would say 800 will suffice – because 800 is the magic number or break point that completely eliminates common items from monster drops. As of now, nobody I know (I know people with 9k and more LUK) have reached the second break point which eliminates uncommon items as well.

78. What are reagents/materials for?
Reagents are used for adding enchantments to your uncommon or better items, while materials are used for improving your item’s quality. Please refer to Deline’s “A Noob’s Guide To Enchanting” for more details.

79. How do I get reagents/materials for forging?
You can do so by recycling items with the shop or hobo. As mentioned before, the only difference is the recycling cost – recycling with hobo does NOT give you less reagents/materials.

80. How do I add reagents or enchant my equipment?
Click on the little hammer icon next to an item – this will show you the “Forge” sub-window. Here you can add or remove enchantments by clicking on the little blue hammers. For more details, refer to Deline’s guide again.

81. What is needed for enchanting?
Reagents and gold coins. Tier 1 enchantments require 100 reagents and 500 gold coins; Tier 2 enchantments require 10,000 reagents and 5,000 gold coins; Tier 3 enchantments require 1,000,000 reagents and 50,000 gold coins. Don’t worry about what reagents for what enchants – they’re stated in the forge window.

82. What’s the difference between tiers?
The different tiers give different bonuses – the higher the tier, the better the bonus. Basically, Tier 1 gives the bare minimum bonus – Tier 2 gives 2x of what Tier 1 gives, and Tier 3 gives 3x of what Tier 1 gives. Different enchants give different bonuses, of course. Once again, for the particular bonus of what each tier gives, refer to Deline’s guide for enchanting.

83. How can I increase my reagent/material holding capacity?
You can do so by spending wishes in the wishes tab. Each wish spend grants you 10x more space than before – i.e. 100 to 1,000, 1,000 to 10,000 and so on and so forth.

84. What is the maximum reagent/material capacity that I can have?
The maximum you can hold is 1 billion of each reagent/material.

85. Why is there an “Unknown” item with the picture of a gem in my inventory?
It is a “ghost” item that represents one of the items you just sold/recycle, as how I understand the game mechanics. You can remove it simply by trying to move it or sell it.

While the Dohrian community is generally nice and kind at large, there are some things that you should never do or ask, to prevent being frowned upon.
86. Hi, can any kind person please give me 1 wish / 500,000 coins? I really need it…
Yet another begging question – who would simply GIVE to you what they earned with blood and sweat? Please, respect the game and play it like how everyone else does, and earn your own fortune. Makes the game sweeter to play, too.

87. Hi, can someone lend me their T3 EXP suit so that I can level up faster…?
T3 EXP items are expensive, and no one would lend you their suit unless they know you well enough. There has been occurrences of people “running away” with borrowed items, so don’t be expecting any favors.

88. Can someone help me open my Treasure Pack / Master Keys?
As you probably already know, the item you obtain from opening Master Keys are greatly affected by total Magic Find and your Luck stat. Therefore, some people actually ask others, such as MFers with a good amount of both stats, to help them open their keys. While this is not exactly frowned upon, you cannot be guaranteed that the key opener will give you what they actually obtained, or give you anything at all! If you must, I advice you that you only do so with trusted friends.

89. Can someone lend me their T3 MF / LUK suit to open my Treasure Pack / Master Keys then?
Again, refer to the previous FAQ on borrowing items. Not exactly a good idea.

90. What’s guild-worthy for? And why do I see people with [BOMB], [W] or [KOA] or others in front of their names?
People who are guild-worthy get to join guilds, or rather clans or groups. These are different from faction, as guildies (people with guilds) get to have an additional chat tab (Guild), additional tab (Guild) and the guild’s abbreviation/acronym with their names.

91. What do I get to do in a guild / what are the benefits of being in a guild?
Guilds are highly recommended for new players as most guilds who accepts new players are usually very willing to guide them in the ways of DoH. Besides advice, guilds have a vault of their own to store items, which can only be accessed by treasurers, officers and their superiors. These items are donated by other guild members for helping out newer members with their equipment.

92. What is the best guild to join?
A subjective question – but you can’t go wrong joining the largest guilds in the game: Knighted Order of Angels [KOA], Wanderers [W] and Wiseass Warriors of Apocalypse [WWoA]. These three are the largest guilds for the Knights, the Brotherhood and the Legion respectively. However, smaller guilds may be fun as well, for those who prefer a tighter circle. Other mentionable guilds include Knighted Order of Demons [KOD] and Rebirth of Eternal Legionnaires [BIRTH].

93. Can I join the [KOA] if I’m a Brotherhood member?
Yes, you CAN have your character join guilds from other factions, but this is highly not advisable unless you know what you’re doing. The major downside is that you won’t be able to participate in their FvF campaigns.

94. What are the various ranks in a guild, and what do they do?
The ranks are: recruit, member, treasurer, recruiter, officer, commander, leader and founder. Recruits are basically unconfirmed members; members are, well, members (again, DoH’); recruiters are people who can recruit others into a guild; treasurers are people with vault access; officers are a combination of treasurer and recruiter; commanders are officers with ability to modify guild news; leaders are able to modify guild member ranks in addition to commander powers; and founders are basically leaders who paid the 5 wishes to start a guild.

95. How can I climb up the rank ladder in a guild?
As mentioned before, only leaders and founders can modify guild member rankings. These people will, of course, promote those who contribute to the guild. And of course, being an apple polisher sometimes helps… =P

96. Can you please stop harassing me and killing me in FvF? I’m just trying to grind in this area!!!
This is another frowned-upon act that you should NOT pull in the Main chat, or any chat, for that matter. If you really must grind in your own lands, either: a) ask politely for the area after someone kills you once, or b) gang up your faction/guild mates on the defender. Ranting or whining in Main about that person spoiling your gaming experience, taking it personal on you etc. whatsoever reason will only result in a heated argument, with everyone AGAINST you.

97. Can you stop grind-blocking me then, please???
The term “grind-blocker” is used for referring to those whom repeatedly defend and leave. Chances are if you ask this is way is, NO! This term should be used with discretion, as it often offends those who do not grind-block on purpose (those are people who defend to seek VXP, that’s all). Again, ask politely first.

98. Someone from the defender’s side is repeatedly entering and leaving the battle, causing me unable to claim lands! Why is this possible, even with the leave timer?
That’s still a bug to be fixed, and also a bug which annoys some people to hell. The only way you can overcome this at the moment is to have an afflicter on your side, and land a turn-denying affliction on him, such as Freeze or Petrify. Die, grind-blocker!

99. Someone’s whispering me profanities, and is bugging me throughout the game!
I don’t believe there’s a reason why some stranger would do that to you, but regardless, try to ignore them. If he or she continues to disturb you, you can report them to a Moderator by using typing “/report playername”. Warning – DO NOT ABUSE THIS – or you’ll probably face a temporary ban.

100. Geez, I didn’t know that. What else is considered bad-mannered (BM) in the game?
Basically, here’s what should avoid doing:
a) Being rude to others/abusive language (read the ToS)
b) Spamming/talking excessively in any chat
c) Talking about non-trade topics in Trade chat, or trying to sell/buy something in Main chat
e) Begging for items – me new plyr cn sum1 pls gimme a pwrful w3pn plsz?!?
f) Selling Guild Vault gear (unless it’s with the consent of your guild)
g) Scamming others of their items/wishes using any method
h) Disrupting trade (trade-teasing, item-bragging, disrupting auctions/false bidding etc.)
Yes yes, I know, a lot of Trade-related taboos. That’s because I’m mainly a trader, and I see too much nonsense that shouldn’t be seen, everyday.

101. Well, *&^% you, and !@#$ you too!
Well, congrats! I do believe a moderator is now on his way to send you a warning or mute for saying that to me out loud in main/trade chat! Well, not really, but the point is – this game is rated E-10, so continuously and deliberately cursing or speaking profanities is a violation of the Terms of Service (ToS). Please, carry yourself, and control yourself. Respect others, and others will respect you. And if you MUST curse (crap I just accidentally sold a Notable rune %^&*!), either say it in Local, Guild or Faction chat, or whisper it. These will greatly reduce your chances of a ban/mute.

And that’s all, have a nice day!
*phew* that was long! Hope that you found this most useful =)

Special Thanks To:
Aaron – for making this wonderful game that we’re all sharing. Thank you very much =)
Mr. Lurkily – The Mr. Knowitall and overall big boss of BOMB, trade,… everything. He owns you.
Roo / Deline – The moderator who put my FAQs in the guide section, and who wrote most of the in-depth guides. Kudos to you, great job there =)
King Harrison aka Harry – my best customer ^^ helped me add quite a few FAQs
Samus / IFindRares – for being a constant source of entertainment – Just kidding =P I got a few ideas from him as well

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