Domain of Heroes Gambler’s Guide

Domain of Heroes Gambler’s Guide by Jowlstar

Getting Started

Well like all good gamblers, you need to get money to start. Gambling costs 10,000 coins per if you do the gamble 50 items at a time option. However if you do the gamble 1 at a time option it is 15,000 coins, personally I’ve noticed zero difference between the two therefore I do the 50 items at a time option. When you click the button it gives you one random item, it might be a rune or it might be an uncommon item worth nothing. Whatever the case once you’ve clicked the button your money is gone and you’re stuck with the item you got.

What class should I be

While you might believe class is a huge factor, I’ve come to find it’s not that big a deal. Yes certain classes give %+ to luck and mf, while other classes don’t. But same with the inn thing, it’s all up to what you like. Also a few pieces of good MF/LUK gear can compensate for not having the skills that a toon built for gambling would have. Toons I’ve gambled with include Orc jacks * see gambling leaderboard*, this toon isn’t specifically built for gambling in that he isn’t like a halfling pirate but those two are my most predominantly used gamblers.

What should my MF/LUCK be?

This is one of those questions a lot of people tend to ask. The answer is there are about a dozen players who gamble insane amounts daily, all of them have widely different LUK/MF totals and they all do well. The one thing all these players have in common though is that they’re all above 1.2k LUK and they all have over 100% MF. After testing gambling thuroughly, I ran some tests on my 75 Dark Elf Shaman with 10mil coins. He had zero MF, but 1272 LUK, during my 10mil gambling experience with him I got exactly 1 unc rune and 1 legendary item drop. I then compared that to my character with 15,000 LUK and 200%+ MF, whom gets about 5+ legendaries and 1+ runes or more per 10mil spent. So what I’m getting at is this you need to have about 1.2k+ LUK and over 200%+ MF to gamble. I thought at first that LUK only effected gambling however I’m beginning to find I was dead wrong.

Is there anything I can do to increase the likelihood of getting something good gambling?

Well funny you should ask, if you’re in an INN controlled by your faction. Your gambles will be better, however that doesn’t mean you’re going to get more runes. I think its a common misconception about faction control, in no case whatsoever have I ever seen myself get more runes just because my faction controlled an area. But I do get lots more legends/myths which is always a plus because a good myth can sell quite well.

What does level have to do with it?

Gambling is also effected by player level, meaning if you’re a level 12 orc jack and are gambling at an inn. Your gambles will be worse than someone who’s lvl 79 and gambling somewhere. As far as what level you should start gambling, I’ve heard a lot of hearsay and many people believe that level 50+ is the start for most players. I wouldn’t recommend gambling until you’re 75 though. After further testing and retesting the inn thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that what inn you’re at really doesn’t matter. Find an inn you think is lucky and gamble there, your luck is how you perceive it.

What are the hot spots for gambling?

There are currently two inn’s that you can always find a gambler in and they are Vulcatown and Fauz’s Place. There’s really no difference between the two from what I’ve seen it’s basically a preference thing. A lot of gamblers tend to stay at Vulca because its easier to take control of and I’ve noticed that if a particular faction takes control of it they usually keep it for a lot longer than people keep Fauz’s Place. There’s other spots too but as I stated right above this, if you’re going to gamble find an inn that you like and stick with it.

I’ve got coin, but my LUK/MF suck, what can I do?

The question here really is this, I’d like to get rich gambling but I don’t have the LUK/MF gear to get there. Well the answer to that question is getting someone you trust to gamble for you, yes there are good trustworthy people out there with lots of gear and LUK/MF that are gambling not for profits but just because they enjoy it.

What are the key things I need to look for while gambling?

Well obviously anything that says “inventory”, because they’re runes and that means that you hit something nice. You also want to look for anything that’s useful to you, I highly suggest installing the inventory sorter for Firefox located at this link

This Addon is outdated! Please use the Gear Sorter instead which is updated by Lopez. You just need to enable plugins in the Options tab ingame

Using that you can sort by rarity, once you’ve hit sort by rarity do sort by charms. That will bring up all the runes you got during that gamble, the sorter also does lots of other awesome stuff but I’ll leave that to you to look into. Once you’ve sorted for charms, you need to do Control+F on the keyboard and then type paper, look for any paper items. Then you do the word dancing, and then stone. After that you do adds 3 and after that your final one is multiplies phys, make sure you only save the phys ones that are 6%+ as anything lower isn’t 100k Bottled Pain.

Is there anything else I need to gamble?

Well this is purely up to you but I 100% believe that a max reageant/materials storage is of the upmost importance as while you’re gambling you will be recycling a lot and that’s part of the way you will make your profits back so you can keep on gambling.

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