Crystal Saga Beginner Tips

Crystal Saga Beginner Tips by PigBbong

1. At early days of Crystal Saga, the fast way of upgrade is to finish the quest. Quest Tracking is under the Mini map.

2. You could obtain a Pet when you reach lv10, a Mount at lv15, a Wings at lv20. all of this items need you to finishe the quest. so b4 lv 40, just walk with Quest Tracking.

3. If you got som spare Crystal, buy “Shining Armor Set Pack” in shop, that woulbe nice equip, b4 lv30.

4. When you reach lv30, you are able to creat a Guild, which will cost you 20 gold, I think 20 gold is too much more, hope R2 could change that. On the other hand, you could collect gold wiht other ppl, then creat a guild.

5. Remember that killing monster with 3 lvl higher than you will make you get most Exp. Besides, join a party to make teamwork to farm exp, you will get more Exp. another way, if you are powerful enough, output higher damage, I advise you to upgrade solo.

6. Before lv20, you won’t be attacked, when you reach lv20, you could attack others and be attaked. When you are in AFK mode more than 1 mins, nobody could kill you, unless you open Evil mode.

7. 25 Dungeon is availabe after you reach lv25, but the boss and monster there are strong, you have to team up, would better take Priest there. If you wanna do the dungeon solo, you could creat a party, but does no invite ohter ppl, you could get in.

8. There is a certain chance to succeed, when you forge Wings, Pet, and Mount to high lvl, yes, they all call that certain chance. most of time, success depends on your luck, but you would see the lucky stars are increasing, when you re forging. the numbe of lucky stars reach or be close to the top. you will succeed.

9. The mount Mistical Scorption allows you to ride, when you re in battle, it will fight wiht you together, nor do the ohther ones which of lv are lower than Scorption.

10. When you killed a person in game, your name will become red, and PK lv1 increas 1,how to turn your name to norma, just wait for 1hr, which means 3 points need 3 hrs to wipe out.

11. You are able to open a shop when you reach lv30, open your Inventory(Press B), click open shop, so far oen shop around Valut and Battlemaster in Starglade.

12. Press Ctrl then click Items in your Invetory, it will be shown in Chat channel, when ohter ppl click, they will see what they are.

13. Honor decieds your Rank, how to increas honor
(1) Finish the quest of Guild Res event,increse 250 honor.
(2) State wish in Wishing Well to obtain gold apple that could increas 50 honor.
(3) Join PVP events. kill more ppl and win, you will get more.

14. Press B, click Items Synthesise, you could synthesize better set of equip, which need Shard. Pristine Dreamwalker shard for 20-30, Pristine Ethereal Shard for 30-40, but above lv40, I suggest you to exchange Honor fo PVP set, they would be best while you reach lv40.

15. After you reach lv40, you could join PvP events, Dragonspine, the winner will hold Dragonsword for 24 hrs. this is a amazing weapon, do the dungeon, farm Exp, fight with Dragonsword, Damn good.

16. when you are farming Exp, Bonfire will appear around you in random. you will obtain more Exp while you are around Bonfire, if you stand between double bonfires, you will get double Exp.

17. Pay attention to Game Event which is beside Mini Maps. takeing part in all events would get you Exp honor and Items.

Tips: I am PigBbong, the Guild Master of Warriors. I like this game.
I don’t speak English well, actually poor, hope you could understand.

Guide to Become Lv 30 Quickly by iCrisis

First of all , just follow the quests . Do quests and quests .
Do not get the needed quest materials on to the future quest .
The EXP you get for killing the mobs .
Like :
Plain Bowman – Soldier Emblem [Quest item]
There are quests that only needs you to kill the Bowmans. Do not pickup the soldier emblem. Theres also a quest that needs Soldier Emblem . Thats the time you pick it up.
Question :
Why not pick it up? Because the EXP you get from killing bowmans to get the soldier emblem will be wasted and that is the true meaning of that quest.

Second of all , Do not waste your 1.5 exp token. You will need it on lvl 29 .
Third of all , If you are in the 25 – 27 Lvl . Go to Indigo Blight . You need like 3 – 5 Party Members.
Fourth of all , If you feel bored . DO PK xD. You will earn Honor for it but it is risky. So i do not kind of recommend it. I recommend it for Alpha Test Only.

More Tips by senpai85

Hello everybody, its me senpai85. first of all, IM SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH XD

now is maintenance time @CS and i have a spare time, i would like to post a guide for BEGINNERS, how to play this game swiftly and nicely until u become on of the best player. please take a note that this guide is my version, if it is helpful then im glad, if you find this thread wasnt do any good for you then i hope u can share ur opinion here to make this guide better. to be the best is never been easy, in fact its very hard at start, but u will enjoy the fruit of your work later on.

if u’re new to crystal saga, what u need to do is :

1. make a knight tanker, healer, and a DPS (rogue or mage or ranger is ok), so you need 3 account. but first make the knight first since it wont cost you much at leveling.

the goal is so u can go to vault nightmare alone by using that all 3 character u have so the loot is all yours. you go vault nightmare alone is faster than to look for a party, also u can have all the loot.

to go nightmare alone, u need to lvlup ur tanker until 40 so he can have improved earth blessing skills. save ur skill point from lv 30-40 so u can maximize imp earth blessing skill at once when ur tanker reach 40. this tanker will play an important role on ur success

ur dps and healer dont have to be 40, 30-35 is good.

if ure doing good, u can have max of 45mut and 45heroic wings per day, not to mention the gems u got and also epic ethereal shard.

when u done doing this point no 1 on my guide, then i dont have to tell u the next step, i believe at this point u will have ur own plan about what u gonna do with this 3 character next.

2. make 2-3 extra lv 30 tanker to farm purified crystal so u can get 12-15PC to upgrade ur main character soul per day. guide for farming PC have been made by another person, just search it

3. u need all the money u have to buy a BAG EXPANDER. yes, bag expander.
a good way to maximize the use of bag expander is use it on ur DPS main character. when u reach page 4 inventory and lv 50, u can have 5-10gold per 1 hour. yes, per 1 hour.

why bag expander? eventually mut and heroic wings will drop on price, even if u got 45 hw and 45 mut per day, their price wont be the same day after day. when their price especially mut reach 15s, u cant sell them anymore.

so my advice is, get gold from hunting and maxed out ur inventory then sell it on NPC so u can use mut and HW for ur character. at first yeah maybe u have to sell some for making money so u can buy bag expander, but dont do it in long run after u have a char with 4 page of inventory

tips : lvl up ur tanker and ur DPS main character on the same place, but different layer. in this way u’ll find more torches on ur way, so when u find one just change the other char to that layer. me myself i usually found 10-20 torches for 2-4hr afk per day

4. never, NEVER, buy an egg, unless u have 2diamond/platinum or more. i tell u what, this is a waste of money. u can buy a pet when ur wings is reached dual angel wing and ur mount is battle bear and have 2diamond or more. better save ur money for buying 1hr afk card

5. buy things cheap, sell it for more. gems, afk card, briliance shard, morph crystal are some of items that u can buy in this occassion. u need to preserve amount of money, so when someone sell it cheap, u buy all of them, and sell them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with a higher price. u will never know what will happen with the price tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In addition if you need a guide for your character…well google,yahoo,bing,Baidu, ask jeeves,etc and just search "crystal saga (class here" guide" and chances are you will find it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "WHAT THE? This thing is for beginners, right? Well, we want help to REACH those higher levels, so HOW do you expect us to reach Lvl. 30 when we're BEGINNER!? >:("

    I just started yesterday, and you basically just follow the quest…that's'll even bring you to where you need to go by clicking the correct thing.. Eventually you will learn about some of these things. They mention making money to help you.

  3. obscurite says:

    30 is low level I started this yesterday or the day b4 made a char quested him to 30 in a day and got bored came back today deleted him and made another I'm currently doing a dungeon writing this
    like many rpgs early on just do the quests check for optional quests and get them all done you will be 30 basically with out trying hmm fighting boss clicks out

  4. Anonymous says:

    (pk lvl) what is this for/

  5. Anonymous says:

    WHAT THE? This thing is for beginners, right? Well, we want help to REACH those higher levels, so HOW do you expect us to reach Lvl. 30 when we're BEGINNER!? >:(

  6. Anonymous says:

    "When you are in AFK mode more than 1 mins, nobody could kill you, unless you open Evil mode."

    You need to be in PEACE mode, any other mode (Evil, Justice, Party, Guild) you will be attacked.

  7. Anonymous says:

    how do i make more item slots or use temp storage?

  8. saplobb says:

    after i reach lvl 30, and i dint online 2 day. when i log in again, i cant log in any more, even i put i correct username and password.

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