Castle Empire Online New Player’s FAQ

Castle Empire Online New Player’s Frequently Asked Questions by BB_Arad1

Who can I turn to when I have questions?

Contact Support

• There are many ways to answer your questions. On the one side Ubisoft has numerous people who are here to answer questions and help you further, for example the moderators, the community manager and the support, especially for technical problems. If you have general questions you can always make a thread in the questions forum and get answers from your fellow veteran players.

What is the point of this game?
Castle Empire online is a Strategy Building game. The point is to collect resources, and defeat bandits to take over new sectors of your Island. Building new structures will increase your productivity. You can also join guilds and invite friends to play the game and help you enjoy your time!

How do I use the store?
Coming soon! Check back when the store opens!

How do I occupy a new sector?
To occupy a new sector, you have to build a storage house in that sector. Once the storage house is built, you can then place other buildings inside the sector, and find new mines.

How do I recognize moderators or people from the Ubisoft team?
Usernames starting with BB_ and using the Blue Byte logo are part of the Ubisoft team, either community management or developers. Usernames starting with MOD_ are the moderators of the forum. If you are not sure if a user is part of the official Ubisoft or moderation team, you can always access the Forum Team List.

How do I get new settlers?
Every 15 minutes you will automatically get new settlers, providing you have enough housing.

I have completely deforested my sector and now there is no more wood. What should I do?
Lumberjacks process allot of wood, but you can always make sure there is enough there. The Forester can replenish depleted forest. Because trees need time to grow, you should always have about 1.5 – 2 Foresters per Lumberjack.

How many farms do I need to harvest the cornfields?
In this version you need 1 farm per cornfield.

Pretty cool that I can build streets, but I don’t see any difference?
At the moment the streets do not have any function yet. In general you should not build streets at the moment because due to a bug you cannot delete them.

How can I build more housing for additional settlers?
There are two possibilities: either you upgrade your housing, or you build more housing. Upgrading costs coins, and eventhough they look prettier, it’s up to you what is more important.

It seems there is no fish left on my map, does the fish population regenerate over time or will it stay that way?
The fish population has a set number, that means if you have depleted the fish population, it is gone. You can create Fish Food in your provisions house, and then use it on fishing areas to lure new fish!

What are those blue Z’s over my buildings?
Z’s are always there when the production has been stopped by you manually – it’s like a break.

Can I trade with other people?
Of course you can trade with other people. You will need to be level 17 though. To start the trade you can click on the trade guild symbol, the name of the user in the chat, or the name of your friend in the friends list. All you need to do then is to select what you want and what you want to trade, and confirm it. If your trade has been accepted, you will find your traded goods in your inbox as a message.

What are these question marks that pop up over my building?
Red question marks on your building indicates you do not have enough resources or settlers needed for the production. When you click on the building, you will get an overview of what is exactly missing.

Is there an advantage in having more than one storage room?
At the moment there is no advantage.

I need a quick break, where can I log out?
You do not need to log out specifically, you can simply close your browser or browsertab.

How do I save my game?
You do not need to save anything, the game saves itself automatically.

So what happens to my game when I close the tab?
In short: nothing. Time in the game carries on even when you are not there. Your settlers will work as long as there are resources and still place in your storage. Same goes for your settlers – they will only settle down in your sector if there is enough housing for them.

Great, but how do I save my progress?
You don’t need to, the game automatically saves your progress in regular intervals, so nothing gets lost.

Account Questions

How can I change my password?
Go to the Profile Page and Choose “Change Password”

How can I change my avatar?
At this moment it’s not possible, but it will be implemented in the future.

How can I change the language of the game?
It’s not possible to change the language of the game.

How do I add friends?
Simply double click on the name of a fellow player in the chat window and select ‘add friend’. Alternatively you can press ‘Add friend’ in the friends list and insert the name of the person you want to add. Your friend will then receive a message to confirm the friendship. After that you can visit, send things, or buff them.

Note: You can get 200 FREE gems for referring a friend. If you refer a friend and your friend purchases an item from the shop.

  • Go to My Profile
  • Click “Invite Friends”
  • Enter the relevant information
  • Click send

Chat Questions

How do I write in the chat?
Under the chat there is a bar with the various available chatrooms. Beneath that there is an empty box, simply click on it and start writing. When you are done typing, just press the ENTER button.

What can I do in the chat?
Type in the command /help, and you will get a list of available commands. Similarly /version will give you the current live version

Why is the text in the chat colored?
Every time your name is mentioned in a text, it will be shown as coloured (highlights). It also works when you type in your own name.

Are there special commands that I can use in the chat?

There are numerous commands, and you can learn more about them by entering them in the chat/help. Here is a short list of the most important commands:

  • /help = displays all the available commands
  • /join chat global-channel number = changes the global chat channel
  • /w username space = opens a whisper channel
  • /ignoreadd username = places a user on the Ignore list

User Arad1 is disrupting the chat and for this reason you would like to place him on your Ignore list.

To ignore his comments, the command should look like this: /ignoreadd Arad1

/ignoreremove username = = removes a user from the Ignore list

You have reconciled with user Arad1 via the whisper function and would now like to remove them from the Ignore list

In this case, the command will look like this: /ignoreremove Arad1

/report username reason = reports a user who is violating the rules

Arad1 is violating the rules by circulating spam messages in the chat and you would like to do something about it.

If you want to report the user to the administrators, the command in the chat should look like this: /report Arad1 circulating spam in the chat

What do I do if someone harasses me in the chat or forum?

If someone insults you in the chat, please contact the moderators via the “whisper” function or the report function in the chat to notify them (you can find more information on this under “Are there special commands that I can use in the chat?”).

if you are being harassed in the forum or discover a violation of the Rules of conduct or our Terms of Service, please Contact Support with all relevant details.

How can I add other users to my friends list?

To add someone to your friends list, please click the name of the other player in the chat and then click “Add friend”. Alternatively you can also click “Add friend” in your friends list and enter the relevant name there. Once you have sent the request, your friend will receive a message in the game which he/she must validate. They will then appear in your friends list shortly afterwards.

Game Questions

When can I trade with other players?
You trade from elvel 17 and onwards, since you will need a traders guild that can only be built at level 17.

How do I trade with other players?
You trade with other players as soon as you’ve build the traders guild. You will need to find a friend or someone in the chat for your trade. You can double click on the name in the chat (or the name in the friendslist ) and chose ‘trade’. You will now be prompted to input which resources you want to give and which resources you want to have. The button in the middle is the confirmation button for the trade. Now you’ll have to wait, until the other person accepts the trade.
It is advisable to sort out before the trading, which resources you will be trading with the other person.

How can I establish a guild?
At level 17 it is possible to establish a guild and build the guild building that accompanies it.

You can found your own guild as follows:

1. Build the branch office
2. Click the crest icon in the menu bar
3. Click “Found guild”
4. Enter the name, guild tag and (if required) additional information
5. Confirm your input

Congratulations! You have now founded your first guild and can now administer it by clicking the crest icon.

When do I get new settlers?
In the beginning you will receive new settlers through quests, but be sure to have enough housing for your reward settlers, or they will be lost in limbo. Normally you will receive new settlers every 15 minutes. You can find all the important information about your settlers through the mouse over of the settler pictogram in the taskbar at the top of the screen.

Can I change the rate at which I receive new settlers?
You can accelerate the new settler growth for a set amount of time with Cheese bread. You can also get new settlers when you create a travelling settler or by buying a foreign settler family.

Can I change the speed of the game?
You cannot change the speed of the game.

How do I save my game?
The game is automatically saved in the background, so you don’t have to look for the floppy disk symbol

How do I shut down the game?
You can simply exit your browser(tab)

What happens when I am not online?
Your settlers will continue to work when you are offline. You will have to make sure you have enough storage space, so that production won’t be stopped as soon as the storage is full.

Map Questions

How many players are on my island?
You are alone on your island, but there are passive bandit camps available.

Why can’t I build on the cleared forest lands?
That is to prevent building on the deforested lands, which means you won’t have any forests to cut down for resources.

What must I do when my mine is depleted?
Simply send your Geologist out scouting, he will find a new deposit.

What do I do when my fish population is depleted?
Produce fishfood in the storage house and use this on the fish deposit, or buy it at the Merchat.

Will the border markings stay?
Yes, the border markings will stay, they will just change their color when you conquer a new sector.

Do I have to build roads?
At the moment you will not need roads to play, because your settlers do not follow the roads anyways. They are there for decoration, but you will not be able to tear them down completely.

Military questions

How does the fog disappear and how do I find those bandit camps?
In the starmenu you can select your Explorer and use him to explore new sectors. The fog will then be lifted and the bandit camps will be visible.

When can I start attacking bandit camps?
At level 15 there will be a quest to unlock this feature.

What are the abbreviations for the military units?

r = recruit
b = bowman
m= militia
lb = long bowman
c = cavalry
s = soldier

What happens, when my General walks through the bandit camp territory (marked red)?
Your General will attack the bandit camp, unless the camp is already fighting with another General. You should take care, that when you send your General to fight a bandit camp, they do not encounter another bandit camp territory first.

Where do I get the General?
You can buy the General in the tavern with coins.

How can I spread my trained recruits to a specific garrison?
In the starmenu you can click on your General. A menu will pop up with available units and with the sliders you can select which units you want to distribute.

How do I attack those pesky bandits and win?
(wiki entry, not sure if its available for you yet )

Can I also just destroy the main bandit camp in a sector?
Theoretically you can. You will also receive the EXP for the other bandit camps in that area. You will not receive the bonus resources for the victory over that camp. And your General will still always attack the bandit camps that are on the way to the head bandit camp.

What happens, when I attack a bandit camp with multiple Generals?
The Generals are ‘queued’. That means, the General that arrives first, is the first to fight. The other Generals wait until the fight is over and then the second one will attack.

Can my General die?
At this moment your General can’t die. He can be hurt though, and will need 4 hours to recuperate.

Building Questions

How do I build in a newly captured sector?
To build you must fist place a Storage house into the sector. Once it’s completed you can build other buildings

Note: If you destroy your storage house ALL buildings in that sector will be destroyed!!!

What are Building Licenses?
Building Licenses are the building plots you have left. You should consider if you really need a building, because when they are gone, you can only purchase them through the Merchant (650 Gems for 10 pieces) or through defeating the main bandit camp (10 pieces). Wells, farm plots and buildings from the Merchant are not counted towards your Building Authorizations.

Do I get the resources back when I demolish a building?
Yes, you will get some of the resources back, but not the full resource cost of the building.

I have captured a sector but I have received no building licenses!
Building Licenses are sent via “mail”. You need to accept the message and the licenses will then be placed in your Star menu.

Do I get the Building Licenses back when I demolish a building or when a mine is depleted?
Yes, in both cases the Building Licenses will be added back to your stock.

What happens when my storage is full?
As soon as your storage is full, the production of the resources will stop. Always make sure, you have enough capacity.

What happens, when a farm plot has been depleted?
Simply build a new one.

What does it mean, when the loadingbar in a building menu is gone?
That means your settlers are on the way to the storage or on the way back from the storage.

Can I rotate the buildings?
At this moment that is not possible.

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