Buddy Rush Toxy Guide

Buddy Rush Toxy Guide by AAvyruz Thirteeny

Which Path To Go For Toxy?
New character wave 3 Toxy has arrived along with Skully and Toxy. This guide would be spot-lighted all to Toxy ! But whats her skills? These are her toxic power :

Leve 1 : I’m So Sorry

Creates her specialty dish. Adding poison damage on her weapon for 10seconds ( not so sure ) at level 1. Her main skill that can be spammed at “Why Didn’t You Ate My Dish?!” path.

Almost considered as a passive skill, for you can use it every cool time if you prefer “Why Didn’t You Ate My Dish” path, best fits with Poison Explosion.

Level 2 : Poison Explosion

Smashes a poor victim, dealing good damage but massive damage if the enemy is poisoned.

Mostly used only in poisoned bossess, to deal massive damage, spam on boss ( with proper -skill cooltime ) and killing would be easy. Can also be used on mini bossess for faster slaying. This is the key for boss busting aslong as used spammingly.

Level 3 : Dangerous Girl ( passive )

Increases poison damage and skill power.

Made to massively increases poison, specially Poison Explosion skill.

Level 4 : Infectious Poison

Sprays poison arround Toxy and can cause chain effect to add another spray from poisoning a monster.

Skill used for “Chain Poison” path. Good for killing big waves in second.


Time to decide how your Toxy would kill monsters, do you want the brawler attack speed monster, or the chain killer, that runs arround, stacks monsters and beat them with one skill. Time to choose, don’t waste 20chips to re-decide so this would be the start of how your immortal Toxy would grow !

Path 1 : “Why Didn’t You Ate My Dish?!”

This path would concentrate your items on attack speed, – skill cooltime items and some on crit/stun.

My favorite path for Toxy even though I don’t use her :]. kills bosses the fastest and fights little oblins one by one fast. Rush Poison Explosion to 15 and I’m So Sorry to level 10. You can level up those skills anyway you want.

Equip musts: at level 72 you must have atleast have 35+ hit speed, crit at 20%+ and stun must be atleast 15%+, dodge 15%+ and skill cooltime 8sec- . I recomend big black toy horse and toy horse and some Genzir stuffs ( not all only the ones with good stats written above ).

Pros    : Beats monsters easily with no problem aslong as done one by one. be careful in                          ..fighting lots of monsters at a time >:]l
Not mana problematic
If poison does not hit, stun hits. and crit all the time >:]
Beats boss the easiest

Cons :  Fighting waves of monsters may coz death due to defenseless equips
May not be good without proper equips

Path 2 : “Chain Poison”

Items concentrated on skill power and hp regen. Good in rushing missions by the tactic, run, run, run, infectious poison and done.

Good in doing missions fast but may be not good on raid mode and solo boss fights. The main goal is rush Infectious poison to level 10 and Dangerous Girl and Poison Explosion to level 5. You may adjust the other skill points to these 3 from which ever situation you are in to.

Equip musts: your equipment goal is to have atleast skill power 30%+, hp  100+, mp 50+, def 10+ and hp regen 20%+. Titanium set and other hp regen items would be perfect.

Pros    : Rushes missions in a wink
Kills up to indefinite waves instantly
If poison does not hit, stun hits. and crit all the time >:]
Beats boss the easiest
Has good survivability regardless of great waves of monsters

Cons :  May not be that useful is raid mode.
Infectious Poison’s full power may not be fully used on loner bossess


 Thats all hope it helps !

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